A now for something a little different….

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Phillipa Charlotte, just married this past weekend.


That’s Kate’s sister - Pippa to you and me.

I’ll admit I didn’t realize Pippa was short for Phillipa, but it makes sense.  At least now we know where Princess Charlotte got her name from – her aunt Pippa!


The Three Middleton Ladies:  Pippa, Kate and their mother Carole.  Carole was a flight attendant who started a mail order company called “Party Pieces” which over time became the huge success it is today.  


A disclaimer:

I was a huge fan of Princess Diana – she was a few years younger than me and when she became the future Queen of England (sob!) – I thought she was the most fabulous woman who had ever lived.  She was my Jackie Kennedy.  I loved her clothes, her sense of style, her hair do!, her houses, her empathy, her heart – there wasn’t much I didn’t love about her. 

I always thought, and still do, that she was terribly mistreated by the Royal Family and that she was used by Charles and Camilla - who should have married when they were both young and single.  When Diana died, I thought it was such a waste and so tragic that I never wanted to hear about the Royal Family again.  Done with them!!!



But,  slowly over time, when the boys were grown and Diana’s grandchildren were born, I was lured back in the fold, until here I am this weekend, obsessing over every aspect of Pippa’s wedding.

Well….Diana’s grandchildren are in it!!  Do you blame me?

So here in a nutshell is everything you need to know about the “Wedding of the Year” as the British press is calling it.


Pippa sprang on the scene when she was her sister’s maid of honor at the Wedding of the Decade – William and Kate’s:


Pippa became famous for standing behind her sister Kate, in her own white dress, holding Kate’s long train.

Many thought Pippa was more beautiful than Kate and some thought Pippa’s dress was prettier than Kate’s (I did, I hate to say!)

To everyone outside of England, Pippa was a total unknown, but she and her derriere became a social-media star that day.

Later, Pippa confessed that she was confused by all the attention she received at Kate’s wedding.  Pippa said that her dress was specifically designed to be plain and to not outshine Kate’s.  In the end, it was the dress’ simple elegance and Pippa’s slim figure that together made Pippa a household name.


After the Cambridge wedding, the race to marry off Pippa was on.  There were a few fits and starts with different, very eligible boyfriends.  But, it all came to an end when Pippa, 33, became engaged to the handsome and very successful (of course – you didn’t think she would be marrying someone unemployed!)  James Spencer Matthews, 41.


  Here are the young Kate on the left and Pippa, bridesmaids at their uncle Gary Goldsmith’s wedding.  Gary is Carole’s brother and a black sheep of the family.  He was at Pippa’s wedding, but was not invited to the reception afterwards.  He was later seen eating lunch in a restaurant after Pippa’s wedding.


Pippa attended private day schools, then boarded away at Marlborough College.  She graduated from the University of  Edinburgh with a decree in English literature.  After college she worked in PR and later wrote for  magazines such as Vanity Fair and several newspapers. A few years ago she set up a company, but what it is for or does is a complete mystery.


Pippa and James dated a few years before they became engaged.   They were seen on winter vacations at James’ family owned St. Barts resort Eden Rock, joined there by Pippa’s family.  It was obvious both  families approved of the match.


Pippa’s ring is an Asscher cut surrounded by a row of diamonds which makes it appear even larger than it already is.   The center stone has been estimated to be 3.5 carats.


The happy couple married this Saturday!

While the couple are not royal, everyone is quite excited over the festivities, to say the least. It’s not everyday that two future Kings of England attend a wedding.



  Prince George and Princess Charlotte, nephew and niece of Pippa were attendants at the wedding.   


The Middletons have been accepted into some aspects of the Royal Family.  Here, they were welcomed to Sandringham for the christening of Princess Charlotte.  Pippa stands between her father and her handsome brother, also named James.  The tabloids go from loving the Middletons to not quite loving them.  Some tabloids think that Prince William is too close to his in-laws and he and Kate don’t do enough royal duties.  That all seems to be changing now, as they both seem very busy working for the “Royal Firm.”   While Carole and Michael Middleton seem to get along well with the Royal Family, there does appear to be a cooling-off in the relationship.   Pippa works part-time for her parents business and even wrote a book about party planning and entertaining, though it was considered a flop when sales were below expectations.  She even penned a mea-culpa about the failure of the book, claiming she is indeed a capable and trained chef. 

Pippa will have a lot of chances to show off her entertaining skills when she marries into her new family.  Her in-laws, Jane and Dave Matthews, are  quite a colorful bunch and by marrying into the family, Pippa will gain a title!  Her husband, as the eldest son, will one day inherit the Scottish title “Lord Glen Affric” and as his wife, Pippa will be “Lady Glen Affric.”  The title comes along with the 10,000 acre estate in Scotland that James’ parents bought in 2008. 


When he bought the property, James’ father became the Laird of Glen Affric, the gorgeous Highlands estate seen above.  The estate has another royal connection as Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mary, stayed at Glen Affric in the late 19th century.   The Matthews developed the estate into an exclusive Highlands vacation spot for traditional shooting and fly fishing and other Scottish pursuits. 


Hidden in the hills is the main lodge of Glen Affic where guests stay.   It is gorgeous.  Recently it was rumored that Pippa and James would honeymoon at Glen Affic, but now there is another destination rumor.


Besides their Highlands estate, James parents, Jane and David Matthews, also own a resort in St. Barts.  In 1995, Dave moved the family to the ritzy island when they bought the iconic resort Eden Rock, considered one of the most exclusive resorts in the region.   In its heyday, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, the Rothschilds  and the Rockefellers would come to stay.  The Matthews have renovated the resort, luring a new generation of young stars.  Pippa has quite her pick of vacation spots now – either St. Barts or the Scottish Highlands.  Hmmm….such a dilemma! 

David Matthews, James father, wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He started out as a car mechanic for his father and then became a successful race car driver.  When he retired from racing, he started a used car business which he turned into a highly successful business.   He later moved to St. Barts to renovate Eden Rock. 

The Matthews have a similar background to the Middletons, as Pippa’s father is also self made, starting out as a airline manager, while his wife Carole was a flight attendant.  But the Middleton’s have royal ties besides their daughter being the future Queen of England.   Michael Middleton’s grandmother Olive grew up on her family’s estate Potternewton Hall with her cousins who lived next door.   The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, was a visitor to their home.   Olive passed on a large inheritance to the family, which greatly added to the Middletons coffers.  But, the Middletons business, started by Carole, is the mail order “Party Pieces” that sells party planning items.



From the Middletons’ company “Party Pieces”  line of goods.  Judging by the merchandise on their web site, it’s hard to see how they became multi-millionaires from this business, but – they did.

I’m in the wrong business is all I can say!!


The Handsome Couple:  Pippa and James Spencer Matthews

Pippa and James’ Wedding Ceremony took place at St. Mark’s Church located on the beautiful Englefield Estate in Berkshire.  You might remember Englefield from when I wrote about it last year  HERE.  Englefield Estate was used as a location for the series “The Crown” when it stood in for the royal estate Sandringham.


Englefield Estate – the wedding ceremony took place at the church on the estate.  Englefield is owned by the Tory MP Richard Benyon who is thought to be friendly with the family.  After the ceremony, there was a champagne reception held on the estate, though the exact location was not disclosed.  Later on Saturday night, there was a dinner dance held at the Middleton’s estate “The Manor.” 


From “The Crown” – paparazzi take pictures of the church, which is playing the part of “Sandringham.”    I had no idea at the time I watched this scene on television that Pippa was going to be married right here a few months later!!  


The 12th century church in Berkshire on the Englefield Estate is quite beautiful and romantic.


Days before the wedding, the grounds were seen been readied for the big event. 


Before the wedding, scores of gold chairs were delivered to the church signaling that more people were invited than there are pews for.   But, perhaps these chairs are actually for the champagne reception after the wedding. 


The church is not that large, but it’s assumed there won’t be an empty pew. 


A close up of the altar.  It’s so beautiful.  Most likely this church was chosen because it’s a few minutes from the Middleton’s house where the evening party was held.


The big question was about Prince Harry’s girlfriend, U.S. Actress Meghan Markle.  Since they are not engaged, it was said she would not be at the ceremony but might be at the reception. There was a rule – no ring, no invitation.   Later, the Church of England decreed that any citizen could attend any wedding that was held at a public church.  So, Meghan’s appearance was a last minute question mark.  Would she attend?  In the end, Meghan did not go to the ceremony.  After the reception, Prince Harry drove all the way back to London to pick up Meghan and they went together to the evening party.  This was a smart move on Meghan’s part.  Had she attended the ceremony, she would have garnered all the press attention instead of Pippa.  By staying away, she made  the more mature decision.  Point/game to Meghan!!


The road to Bucklebury where the Middletons live was being guarded all week before the wedding.

The evening party/dinner-dance was held at the Middletons house located a few miles away from the church.   Their Georgian style house is Grade II Listed and has five living areas, 7 bedrooms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and is located on 18 acres.  The Middletons bought the house just after Kate and William married and the rumor was that Prince William had helped pay for the 5,000,000 pound estate with money he inherited from his mother Princess Diana.  When William turned 30,  he had inherited over 15 million pounds from Diana’s estate and the thought was that since they would be staying with their inlaws, special security buildings would be needed and William wanted to pay for the inconvenience of being a “Royal.”  Who knows if this is true or not, but the Middletons are certainly well off enough to afford the house themselves, without William’s help.

When the Middleton’s bought the house, they requested planning permission to build a garage with an apartment above it, along with storage and a workshop.  Most likely this was for staff or security.

The Middleton’s Bucklebury estate has Royal roots.  King Henry I gave the land to monks who created fishponds on it, three of which still exist today.  In 1540 after the monks left, Henry VIII gave the land to John Winchcombe who pasted it onto the Hartleys who lived on the estate until recently.  The Hartleys kept the title of Lord and Lady that came with the house so unfortunately the Middletons did not get the title.  


  The gate to the Middleton’s house provides privacy as does the tall hedge that surrounds the estate.


The swimming pool and tennis court are located at the front by the street.  There is an addition to the side of the main house that creates a courtyard.


The house is known as “The Manor.”  It was built in 1830 and is listed Grade II.   The main house has had several additions over the years.  The beautiful large entry was built as a later addition and at the rear of the house is another addition.  To the right of the main house is a large addition that is a garden/sitting room.  Between the original house and the addition is the courtyard with pavers and gravel and topiaries.    Parking is behind the house.  Today, for the wedding, the courtyards have been cleaned and the terraces look much brighter, as if it is new stone.


From Real Estate photos – the front facade with the front door addition is very beautiful.


Real Estate Photos:  The living room is noted for its large antique mantel from the 17th century, along with its Delft tile surround. This is NOT the Middletons furniture – but this is how the house looked when they bought it!   This view looks out to the side courtyard.



Real Estate View:  The kitchen runs the width of the main house.  Behind the blue chair is a French door that opens to the courtyard on the left side of the house.  On the other side of this room is a sitting area  (see below) which opens to the large courtyard.


Real Estate View:   The sitting room as seen above – on the opposite side of the kitchen.  This opens up to the courtyard.


Real Estate:  The large, side addition – with sliding doors that open to the courtyard.


Another aerial view.  On the left side of the house is the small courtyard off the kitchen.


The side courtyard of The Manor.


The left side and back of the house.   The kitchen is through those French doors.



And that same left side view as above.  The French door leads to the small courtyard off the kitchen.  This courtyard has recently been completely redone with new or cleaned stone and new furniture.


The same view of the kitchen’s French door.

And the same left back side of The Manor.  There is an old swing set.  I’m sure that’s been updated for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.   At the very back is the garage.  


Aerial view of the garden/sitting addition.


The courtyard and the addition.   I love those topiaries.  From this view you can see the additions – the large one at the back of the main house and the one at the side of the main house.


The courtyard with the gravel garden.  I love this garden.  It’s so beautiful!!!  Apparently the woman who owned this house before the Middletons was a garden designer which is why the courtyard looks so pretty.


The view past the gravel garden.   This is where the Marque was set up for the wedding’s dinner/dance.


And from the real estate photos – an even further view of the property.  Lovely!!!   No wonder why the Middletons wanted to have the party here!


This shows how the estate was set up for the dinner/dance.  There is the main marque – the 140’ glass “tent.”   Next to it is the white tent for the reception.   The kitchen was probably set up in the smaller white tent or that is the “loo tent.”  At the very back is the security. 


Today:   The reception was held in the glass marquee.  It was set up so that the garden courtyard faces the front of the marquee – and the guests could enjoy the garden view.  

To control traffic, guests arrived at another location where they parked their cars and were then driven in Range Rovers to the Middleton’s house.  There were no cell phones allowed which is why there was not one photo of the party leaked on social media! 


The view from the left side/back of the house.  Notice the side courtyard is now decorated with a new table & umbrella and newly refreshened stone.  Eagle eyes can spot the truck that James Middleton drives!  Hint:  it’s green.


This view shows the gentle rolling terrain of the estate. Located across from the house is Bucklebury Safari Park.  You can see its parking lot in this photo.  I wonder if that is where the party guests parked their cars????


Very busy!!!  It took days for the marquee to be set up and decorated.


Tall pink flowering trees were seen in the marquee days before the party.  It had been rumored that there would be a Scottish theme to the wedding since the groom will be a titled Laird one day.  The wedding was NOT Scottish themed and I doubt the party was either. although the did serve some Scottish food!


Hard to believe this is a temporary building.  It was said in the press that rental of the marquee costs over $200,000. 


At the side of the marquee, on the bottom part – they applied netting to hide the ground.  Inside you can see there curtains in the marquee.  ALSO - notice there are spotlights on the ground.  These were used to keep photographers from seeing inside during the party and taking photos.  It worked!


Here you can see navy velvet sofas and green velvet pillows.  They also had heaters set up in the marquee.  This was taken the morning after the party!!  It looks like they had a good time.


The marquee set up for another wedding.  This gives an idea of how it might have looked inside for supper.


The first class outhouses!!!   The “loos” were really special. 



  Where did the Middletons live before they moved to their new house?


Before the Middleton’s bought their current house, they lived here for a few years.  This is where Kate spent her later teenage and college years.  So charming behind the wood fence.


A view of the cottage.


The house looks a bit bigger from the air.  While it wasn’t small, the house was not large enough for Kate and William and their two children to come and stay.  A new house was needed after she married William.


And here is where Kate spent her youth – in this classic English two story house.



Inside:  The living room.  Pretty fireplace.  It’s hard to believe that the future Queen of England lived here during her childhood!


This is the shed where Carole Middleton started her now-multimillion $ party planning mail order business. 

  And what about Pippa and James Matthews?  Where will they live now that they are married?

  Since the couple already have two dogs and they already live together – they probably will just stay where they are now.


The townhouse where Pippa and James live today.   He bought the townhouse in 2014 for 17 Million Pounds.

James bought this house in 2014 and he has submitted an extension for the second floor.  He wants to add a bathroom with two sinks and a dressing room that leads off the master bedroom.  Sounds like he wants to add this space for Pippa.


There are Real Estate photos that show the front living room.  This is not James’ furniture – this is how it looked when he bought the townhouse.


Past the living room is the dining room and kitchen. A row of doors completely close off the kitchen from the dining room.  

Kate and William have decorated their houses in the classic English style.  I’m so curious to know how Pippa will decorate this townhouse?   


The kitchen overlooks the back garden.  Look at the island!! Those countertops!!!   Since the living and dining room are open to the kitchen – the kitchen is very streamlined.

The townhouse is so contemporary.  Hard to imagine they will decorate it traditionally.


The stairs wrap around a stone pillar and are contemporary, with open treads!!


The basement family room opens to the courtyard.


The basement family room opens to the garden, which is a floor below ground level.  In London, there is a scandal surrounding these huge basements which are dug out and reach out past the footprints of the house above it.  These are called “Iceberg Homes” – and the large basements hold kitchens, swimming pools, workout rooms, etc. and often include elevators.  The more luxe, the better.  Some basements encroach into the street, past the house above it and their neighbors are having serious foundation problems.  If the house your house is too small, just dig out a few floors underground!!! 


Another view.  The basement room opens to the courtyard and the stairs lead up to the garden level.  The stairs on the right lead from the ground floor to the garden.


  Real Estate Photos:  The master bedroom floor. 


The townhouse where Pippa and James will continue to live with their two dogs.



Before James bought the white townhouse that he lives in now, he lived in another townhouse, shown above.   Prior to dating Pippa, James was considered one of London’s most eligible bachelors.   Needless to say, James is a very successful businessman. He graduated from private school but skipped college in to order to become a hedge fund trader.   When Pippa and James became engaged, an old magazine spread of his former house was republished, in part probably to impress and embarrass at the same time.

The old magazine story about James said that in 1998, when James was 22 years old,  he and his brother (now deceased) bought this 1908 Grade II Listed house (pictured above) for just 1.75 million pounds.  In 2006 when he decided to sell the townhouse, he elected to put it in the magazine in order to assure a quick sale – and it sold for 12.5 million pounds, quite a profit for a young, single man.  Today, that 7 story, five bedroom house is worth much, much more than James sold it for.  It recently sold for over 40 million pounds, which means about $55,000,000!   



When James bought the 21 room, 9,000+ sq ft house, it had been used as a business and had no bathrooms.  It was in need of a total renovation which James accomplished with the help of his parents who took over the task completely. 

The living room is the most classically decorated room in the townhouse and gives you an idea of how his new house might be furnished.  This room is very pretty in soft yellows and floral curtains.  The bay window overlooks Park Street which is parallel to Park Lane.  This exclusive location is one of the reasons for its price tag.  It’s hard to believe a 22 year old lived in this house!!!

  I have to say I like this house better than the one they live in now.  It’s not as contemporary.

  Here is James in the living room.  Time has been kind to him – he is better looking today than he was 10 years ago, I hate to say it!!!   Only men get better looking with age!  


The dining room has marble floors and has elaborate moldings.  Notice the architraves above the doors.  The foyer seen through the open door has checkerboard floors and a fancy staircase.


  This bedroom is my least favorite room.  The art work is awful and the decor needs help.  I wonder he moved this bed to his new townhouse?


  This bedroom has an odd hole in the wall that opens to the adjoining bathroom, kitchenette and study.  A photo of his family is on the wall.  From this floor you can go up to the roof terrace via the spiral staircase that you can see through the hole.


The spiral staircase is behind the glass doors.  The rooftop garden comes complete with a hot tub.  Of course James installed a hot tub – he was a 22 year old bachelor!!!

Can’t you tell from these photos of then young James that he would one day be even more successful and would marry one of England’s prettiest single girls?

Their wedding went off without a hitch and nobody leaked anything on social media, except for the invitation that is! 


Here is an invitation to the dinner party/dance at The Manor – the Middletons estate in Bucklebury.   I’m not sure who William and Clemence is – but their invitation was shown on Instagram!!!


The Wedding, May 20th:


Locals lined up early to get a view of the festivities.  The wedding was scheduled to start at 12:00 noon.


The Cambridges drove up that morning from London, about an hour’s drive.



St. Mark’s Church.  At the gate are the floral decorations for the wedding.




A close up view of the floral decorations at the gate.  The birds were chirping outside – and in the video, it sounded so pretty, exactly what you would think a quiet, small village in the English countryside would sound like.


A close up of the flowers with the beautiful David Austin looking roses.


Prince William and Prince Harry walking up to the church in their morning suits.  They were chatting the entire time!


Princess Eugenie, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s youngest daughter came to the wedding with her boyfriend.  Her older sister Princess Beatrice was not at the wedding.

Next came the Parents of the Groom, Dave and Jane Matthews.  She wore a mint green coat and dress with dark green shoes and purse.

She wore a Fascinator, which is a tiny hat that sits on the crown of the head.  Many of the younger set wear Fascinators today instead of full hats.


The mother of the bride was walked to the church by her youngest, handsome son James.  Carole wore a pink hat and a Catherine Walker dress.  Walker was a favorite designer of Princess Diana.  I preferred what Jane Matthews wore, I liked the longer length.  But I thought that Carole looked very pretty in pink. 


The bride and her father were driven up in a vintage Jaguar.


The arch around the door was decorated with roses.  The roses were just gorgeous!!!



Kate wore Alexander McQueen, in a peachy pink that matched the bridesmaids sashes.  She also chose a Fascinator.  Shh!!!


Kate and Princess Charlotte share a huge laugh.  But notice the page at front – he’s holding up two fingers to the other kids, he’s plotting to be naughty!!


He gave this sign to the photographer and everyone in England was aghast at how “cheeky” he was!  I have no clue what that sign means!!!  But this page was the talk of the wedding.  You would of thought he was a serial murderer!!


Charlotte was too precious.



The gate to the church ready for Pippa.


And here is Pippa.  She had a huge smile on her face all day long.  She looked so happy!!!!  Her dress was designed by Giles Deacon who apparently designed another one for the dinner/dance.  I hope we get to see it soon!

Stephen Jones made the veil and her shoes were Manola Blahniks.

Kate fixed Pippa’s train, just like Pippa did for her, six years earlier.

The Winchester Cathedral choir (wasn’t that a song in the 70s?) sang Be Thou My Vision; Tell Out, My Soul and I Vow To Thee, My Country. The groom’s brother Spencer Matthews read a passage from the Paulo Coelho novel, The ­Alchemist, while Pippa’s brother James read Love Is An ­Adventure by Pierre Tielhard du Chardin and a family friend read the Song of Solomon.  Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, read a prayer.


After an hour’s ceremony, the bells started peeling and the married couple appeared, led by the pages and maids throwing confetti.

Prince William started to have a meltdown.  Apparently a minute earlier he had accidently stepped on Pippa’s train and Kate had given him a warning to be careful. 


Smiling Pippa and Kate.  I loved her Fascinator!

Happy parents of the bride!


The wedding party waiting  for their cars.


James and Pippa Matthews, the new couple. His parents are behind them, along with Michael Middleton.


What a beautiful couple!!!   Those flowers are so gorgeous!!!  



Kate trying to keep the kids happy.  She always bends down when she talks to Charlotte.  She seems like a great mom.




And here is Prince George, starting his meltdown tantrum which was the talk of the wedding.


The future King of England, crying.  One day, he will get a good laugh out of this photograph.


Kate means business.  She is pointing her finger at Prince George – behave!!!   Apparently George wasn’t the only crying child.  Charlotte had to be comforted by her nanny after she started crying during the ceremony screaming “Where’s Mummy?”   She’s only two.


Tantrum over, he leaves in his vintage Jaguar, all smiles and waves.


After the wedding, everyone went to have a champagne reception at the Englefield House.   At four, the married couple drove through the estate’s gates, that had just been repainted for the event.


They both have huge smiles – they waved to the locals that lined the way back to The Manor in Bucklebury.  I wish we did weddings like this!!!



So sweet!  Everyone is so happy for them.



After the wedding was over, they took photos of the church.  Here you can see how the windows of the church were decorated with the greenery and roses.



I’m in love with the flowers!!!


At the arch, a faux tree trunk was filled with the greenery and roses.



The tree trunks at the arches. 


Atop the columns, there were more roses!


After the wedding reception, Prince Harry drove back to London to get his girlfriend Meghan Markle and together they drove back to Bucklebury for the wedding dinner/dance.  So far, this is the ONLY photo of his girlfriend!   She was said to wear a stunning maroon, backless dress.


Before the party started at The Manor, they turned on the spotlights to keep the photographers away.  It looks like they were still getting the marquee ready.



A look at the floral arrangement in the marquee.


As night fell and the spotlights were turned on, there was a flyover by the vintage Spitfire that did stunt flying for the guests enjoyment.  Hmm.  I don’t get that one.  But look how pretty it all looks!  The guests came outside to watch as it was considered too dangerous to be in the glass marquee in case something went wrong!!!  Apparently, it started to rain after 15 minutes, which some guests said was a good thing as the air show was considered a bit boring.

Inside, the waiters were said to all be part-time models or actors so that they were as attractive as the guests!  Couples were not seated together to encourage more fun.   Pippa changed dresses and wore a white floor-length gown with a v-neck and sparkle detailing.  Her hair was worn down for the party and she was said to look absolutely beautiful.  The women guests did not wear hats and the men wore black tie.

Security was so tight at the party that guests had to send in a photograph prior to the party and produce a password to gain entry.


Later at night, with the spotlights on full glare – the paparazzi still managed to get a few photos.  Against the side of the house – they flashed huge photographs all night long.  This one is of the groom.

An extra 150 guests had been invited to the party than had been at the wedding.  The menu included trout and Scottish lamb.  There was a saxophonist, a band, and a DJ for dancing.  There was a single malt whisky bar, and photo booths. Guests played ping pong.  The marquee was decorated as an enchanted forest  filled with faux trees.


And here the marquee is lit up – with a green photo of a dancing girl on the house.   The party is said to have lasted until 4 in the morning.  Long day!!!!

Where is the honeymoon?  It has to something to do with Marlon Brando!


When Brando filmed Mutiny on the Bounty on the French Polynesia island Tetiaroa, he bought the island and lived there for many years.  Brando and Tarita became a couple and had children together.   Today, it is an exclusive, ecologically sensitive resort that President Obama just stayed at!


The atoll.   Incredibly gorgeous.


The rumor is this is where Pippa and James will honeymoon.  It is probably true! 

The wedding is now over, but there is one guest that always intrigues me.  The nanny!!   Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s nanny was at the wedding in her uniform.  It’s the uniform that gets me.  Where would a nanny get a uniform from?!?! 


Apparently she went to college to earn that uniform!   The nanny is Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo and she is a graduate of the prestigious nanny school, Norland College.  Norland is located in the picturesque town of Bath.  It was founded back in 1892 and it is extremely hard if not almost impossible to be selected to attend.   Its nannies get the prime positions when they graduate after a 3 year course.  Norland charges $36,000 pounds for their degree and hundreds apply for a class of 48 spaces. 

Maria, the Cambridge’s nanny, proudly wears her uniform at public events, but usually she just wears the working uniform of a plain sweater and slacks.  Norland College updated their uniform a few years ago but for some reason Maria still wears the old version.



At Charlotte’s christening, Nanny Maria greets the Queen who is smiling broadly at Maria. 


The new uniforms.  I wonder why Maria hasn’t changed hers yet?  Kate has said that Maria is the absolute best and she is devoted to her.  Myself, I’m just fascinated by this Nanny uniform business.  I can’t imagine someone wearing this here in the U.S. but it seems so normal in England!!!   Look how happy those nannies are! 

Mary Poppins suddenly makes more sense.


Here is Nanny Maria in her regular working uniform of slacks and white shirt and blue sweater.  I love the security guard glaring at the photographer!  


A Mazel Tov to Pippa and James and a long, happy life.  I’m sure Pippa will be ‘broody’ soon.



For Fun:


I wanted to find a dress that looked like Kate’s for a fraction of the cost, but that was impossible!  So, I went for inexpensive dresses that would have been great on Kate for the wedding.  I DID find her fabulous shoes, though!!   Enjoy!



This is a long version, simple but elegant.  HERE


I like this length, and with some extras.  HERE


Above the knee with a ruffle HERE


Love this sleeve and the length.  Love this!  HERE


Long with a ruffle HERE


Kate’s gorgeous heels by Gianvito Rossi HERE – they come in all colors, but I love this nude for everything.


Nude casual HERE


  1. The "V" sign the page gave is the British equivalent of the American middle finger being raised in salutation. He basically was telling people to "f--k off"

    1. Exactly. Wonder who his parents are.

    2. He is in big trouble for sure! I'm sure his parents were horrified. I didn't recognize any of the names so I didn't post them. But, he was adorable looking!

  2. I could look at photos of George and Charlotte all day long.
    Kate's dress looks a lot like the kind of thing I wore in the 1970s--the length, the full sleeves, the broad cuffs. I wouldn't mind if that sort of thing came back in style.

  3. Loved this post, all the photos, details and history, thank you! I'll reserve most of thoughts, but will say I agree with James' mother's attire being the standout. Kate is always stunning.

  4. Great post, as usual. You really go all out unlike some who give a few pics and call it a day.
    You are the best, and I always look forward to all your posts.

  5. Love love love this post! I felt the same way about Diana -- I wanted nothing to do with the Royal Family after her death -- and then the boys grew up and turned into amazing men. Now I can't get enough! Thank you for all the work on this post!!

  6. you do this!!! The photographs are just...wonderful and I can't believe the time it must have taken to find them assimilate and the narrative. I've dissected each gown, hat, shoes, flowers, was a jolly grand time!!! franki

  7. I love your blog, always so well researched and informative, but please, please, watch your use of prepositions at the end of your sentence. Here are a few examples: "Where would a nanny get a uniform from?" "were invited than there are pews for.", "where Princess Charlotte got her name from".
    I'll now sit back and be prepared to be crucified for this comment...
    Best Regards

    1. Nancy H., in the terms of your hyperbole, I will not crucify you for your erroneous pedantry. However, I will offer you a needed update to your antiquated notion. From Merriam-Webster:

      "By the time the 20th century rolled around most grammar and usage guides had come to the conclusion that there was really nothing wrong with terminal prepositions. In fact, there has been, for about 100 years now, near unanimity in this regard from usage guides...Some people are determined to hold on to this rule, no matter how many times they are informed that it really isn’t one. If you don’t like to end your sentences with prepositions, you don’t have to—just don’t say that it is a rule."

      If you remain confused or doubtful, this video may be of help:

      Joni, I apologize for the off-topic remarks. You are an amazing and appreciated talent.

    2. no! I love this! Actually, I am not a professional writer and my education in grammar is sorely lacking. I just wasn't taught it. Period! I never knew the rule you are talking about - but I'm thrilled that I am not breaking it. I was very worried after Nancy's comment. Whew! Honestly, I don't mind being corrected because otherwise, how does one learn?

    3. Joni, I knew you were a class act and hoped you wouldn't mind a suggestion. I hear the English language butchered and disrespected on a daily basis and despite Merriam and "Anonymous", some rules should still apply. You are a seeker of beauty and a refined and fulfilling life that you share with others through the written word. I can drive a tractor, muck a stall, and still strive to speak well. Aren't we always learning?

    4. A high school English teacherMay 22, 2017 at 7:23 PM

      Nancy H,
      Unless you're British, your comma ("Anonymous",) belongs inside a closing quotation mark ("Anonymous,"). Latin, not English, prohibited a terminal preposition. And (yes, a sentence may start with a conjunction), unless you're a parent instructing your child or a teacher helping a student, correcting another person is the height of rudeness and officiousness. I recognize the irony of my response, but Joni deserves to know her prepositions were correctly used.

    5. And if she is British (as I would wager she is, otherwise she would have written it your way), then she is totally correct about the comma! :0)

    6. This was a great post, full of insightful, fun information. Why people feel the need to pick apart every little thing is beyond me. Just curious Nancy H., when talking face to face with your friends, do you stop to correct them every time they end a sentence in a preposition? If so, how does that work out for you?
      Thank you again for the great post!

    7. I do it all the time- I hurl obscenities at them when they commit a faux-pas. Needless to say, I am not terribly popular in the area. I did notice a certain lilt in the phrasing of the blog- I found it intriguing. I would hesitate to pick at someone just for the sake of humiliating another in public. Some of us find that exhilarating, I guess.

    8. You just proved my point. If you don't pick apart other's grammar in public, why would you on a design blog? There's something to be said for just enjoying the content. If you did notice a certain 'lilt' in the post that was bothersome to you, I'm sure a quick email to Joni would have sufficed. The 'please, please watch your use of prepositions,' along with multiple examples was perhaps overkill. Joni was extremely gracious in her response to you and like you said, a class act. By the way, I never suggested or even insinuated you hurl obscenities at others when they commit a faux pas.

    9. I have a good friend whom I have never met - she is from the Canary Islands and is 25! We Skype and we met through Twilight! Anyway - her mother owns the English Speaking school on her island and she is a teacher there - English grammar. She is always testing me, giving me exams she gives her students. I never learned grammar at school. NEVER! Not a day!! It must have been a Texas thing back in the 60s. Anyway, sometimes I have no clue what Izzy is testing me on - rules about prepositions, etc. Honestly I surprised I don't make even more errors. Izzy will get a kick out this conversation.

    10. You could drive a truck through all the holes in my grammatical structure. Most of it is habit at this point- through repetition and a ridiculous amount of reading. As I mature, I am more pointed about certain things- more of a linguist at this stage in my life than anything. The whole subject is just fascinating- is it not!? One learns there is more to the written language than grammar school pedantics. To say nothing of our math skills! Thank goodness there are so many helpful people out there to guide us. *smirk*

    11. Joni 12:12 PM
      You surely had English class in grade school; that's where this stuff was taught. It just doesn't seem feasible that anyone in a school in this country in our time frame did not have it. I would say most of it was taught in English class from 4th through 7th grade, but really all the way through.
      Remember punctuation, sentence structure, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, diagraming sentences and all that stuff? Didn't everyone have this stuff?

    12. I think it was Winston Churchill that said, "... this is something up with which I will not put!"

      Love your blog, Joni, I look forward to it on Saturday mornings, when I am not rushed and can really savor all the beautiful articles you prepare for us. Thanks very much for your efforts!

  8. I'm sure you work for the CIA as an international spy! And this blog is what you do in your spare time. How happy you have made all your fans!!
    Just to point out, Pippa's father-in-law is the really handsome person at this soirée. Way better looking than the women with those Not-Fascinators! Let's hear it for Prince Andrew's daughter - she looks young, normal, healthy- a beautiful dress with a simple hat. Love her hair. Prince Harry's girlfriend was spared having to wear a contraption on her head. I would love to see the dress she wore to the reception.
    Like you Joni I cannot believe the Middleton's made millions upon millions selling their wares. The power of the internet???
    The dresses you selected are so much nicer than the dresses The Duchess and The Moms wore. There is much power in simplicity.
    You saved the best for last - The Nanny. Now there is a look I can get behind. You ought to see what most Nannies wear in Central Park these days. And I like you now understand Mary Poppins!!
    Thanks for another knock out morning!!!

    1. I was shocked when I saw their web site. The items are just regular things, nothing special. I guess they didn't have stores in England like we do/did. Hard to believe they could afford a million $+ wedding on that web site! But....who knows?

    2. Oh Joni, it's a big mystery as to how exactly the Middletons made their money. Lots of theories. The Telegraph broke down the financials of the most successful company in their industry and came up with a turnover of only £100,000K annually. Party Pieces was judged to be a mid-range company in the industry based on internet visitors to their website. We shall never know the truth because as a partnership they are not required to file accounts with companies house unless Kate divorces William at which point the British media will publish all.

      A Historian.

    3. I know all about how- it has been in the newspapers, albeit somewhat lacking the correct emphasis. They are not terribly proud of it, I'm afraid. We have a very prominent branch of their business investment here in the Toronto area. It's far more x-rated than the photograph of this little wedding guest, you see. Not sure it's legal- they lobbied the government aggressively to change the laws here so they would not be handed criminal charges. I was intimately involved in the negotiation process... I understand a lot of money changed hands before they could sustain this endeavor. They have money stashed, I heard, on the Cayman Islands.

    4. Since you are so "intimately involved", why don't you just tell us all here how they did exactly make their money. It would be so interesting.

    5. I will gladly spill if you provide an email address.

  9. Exhaustively researched, as always. No detail missed! I'm guessing the nanny stuck to the uniform that was approved when she attended. That, and the fact that the new one is hideous!

    1. I thought that too, but still, as the most famous graduate you would think they would want Maria to wear the new uniform. Maybe Kate doesn't want to spend the money on the new one?

    2. Kate would force her to wear a paper bag if she thought she could get away with it. She's a tad insecure. Normally, I hesitate to say such things about someone I've never met because I feel it is crass, but I'm left with little choice given the behavior, to express my perspective. She and her family & friends steal liberally from us while they use their chain of acquaintances to more or less ruin our lives ever since she stepped foot on the scene. A little bit too right-leaning for her taste, it would seem.

    3. Hmmm. Insecure? Maybe. I kind of get that feeling too. But who wouldn't be in marrying into that family? I have to say that I love the Queen's sense of humor. She seems to love a great laugh - and I love that about her!!!

    4. I worry about Elizabeth, because they clearly do not! At that age, she needs someone around to tend to her and all these girls do is run around all over the place. They are a terrible influence on the young men. Harry and William already had an unsettling youth- yet another high-falutin bit of fluff will not give confidence to the institution of the Crown- hereditary as it might be. They hold senior positions among the younger Royals, and yet they do not seem to grasp the weighty responsibility they have to their elders! The children appear to be little more than fashion plates! Everyone looks wonderful, and yet I worry about our collective future! These are the people signing in our laws in Canada, you know! Kate is afraid to wear patterns lest she offend some dignitary- because she has no spine, and little knowledge to fall back on! Hardly the disposition of a Queen! They've never known hardship- how can they grasp the imperatives of the position they vye for?

    5. Kate wore a flowered dress to the Chelsea flower show a few days ago, FYI.
      "They are a terrible influence on the young men." Ha!

    6. Christina
      Just a quick side note about Kate not wearing patterns-she actually does wear a lot of patterns but at a society wedding like her sister's, she deliberately "dressed down" to avoid distracting attention from Pippa...exactly the disposition of a future Queen in my humble opinion. She is not a celebrity, she is part of the Royal Family and has to conform to a certain sense of decorum , which in the world of brash over inflated ego's I find enormously refreshing!

  10. Joni, thank you, this is exactly what I needed for Monday morning as I have been obsessed with the photos of this wedding that supposedly cost $1.3 million! I thought that that Pippa's dress, the children's clothing, Kate's dress, and the church was all total perfection, and those roses! For those of us that will never attend such a wedding (we can only hope) it is great to live vicariously. And thank you for the nanny bits; I too think their uniforms are ghastly but I suppose it is a mark of status for them as graduates of the elite nanny school (but why do they wear gloves???). Now we wait for the next wedding.....Harry?

    1. Norland Nannies are the best nannies in the world. I'm not just saying that because i'm English. They are desired for their extensive training in childcare plus other skills that would make an elite bodyguard weep with joy. Everything from defence, evasive driving, weapons etc.

      That said, wearing the uniform after graduation is not required. They only do that if their employers specifically asks them to do so.

      The royal family has employed Norland nannies since forever, but the last time one was seen in uniform before this current nanny was turn of the century when it was the norm for everyone's servants to wear uniform.

      William and Kate's first nanny was never asked to wear her uniform despite accompanying them to events with the Queen in attendance eg George's christening. She's in the pictures in smart civilian clothing. This current nanny was also initially in smart civilian clothing such that unless one was a royal watcher, you wouldn't know who was nanny in the entourage. She accompanied them on tour to NZ / AUS, she's there at Balcony appearances aetc and always in smart civilian clothing rather than uniformed.

      It would be interesting to know why William and Kate are requesting a uniformed nanny where the last time a uniformed nanny was seen in the royal family was turn of the century.

    2. I am sure they are exceptionally qualified, yet my daughter could kick their butts. *grin* We don't do kung-fu, mind you. A dirty look and a stern word normally seems to do the trick. How is their driving, do you know?

    3. Self defense! I guess it's to protect the kids from kidnappers. OK - maybe Kate "likes" the uniform at events? Or maybe she thinks she's supposed to have her nanny in uniform at events? Maybe Maria wants to be uniform at events? Hmmm. It's a mystery!

    4. Does she think? If she does, then why would she not understand the disgrace she has brought on the family? She makes sport of humiliating someone in our circumstances from that position? She got in on a pity trip, then proceeded to cruelly taunt and humiliate at every given opportunity! It's not respectable behavior! Elizabeth has far more tact and discretion. There isn't even a comparison to be made.

    5. christina 1:37
      What the heck are you going on about?

    6. What do I know!? I am not the one who weeps in public because her husband is away on business, then gets picked apart for "fidgeting" and other nonsense, while trapped in a veritable gas chamber. One orchestrates conditions that are beyond cruel, then points fingers because the targets do not maintain their composure while on the verge of dropping dead!? Not a shred of credit for drawing boundaries and standing up to the men who are encouraging the behavior, though. God forbid we should encourage that! If I had a family behind me I would march into the police headquarters and shout them down! One cannot do this when one has no backing!!! I cannot be the only woman who feels this way on the entire planet!? We grew up in the exact same environment, you know! We took the risks and made the sacrifices to ensure we had the brains, and were forced to sacrifice our looks for this- so we could be derided for being less than models by those who took the shortcuts!?

    7. It's called COURAGE- and it is in short supply these days, evidently!

    8. To Anon 3:15
      Are you the same person as christina 1:37 PM?

    9. I live for your captcha robot filter...

    10. christina 3:46
      That's not an answer to the question.

    11. To whom am I speaking, pray tell?

    12. What the hell is going on here?

    13. That's a very good question that I myself should be asking, given the events of the evening in our neck of the woods!

  11. What a beautiful and informative post! I love how you go into such detail, Joni. I am still bitter towards Charles and Camilla, but would never hold such a grudge toward William and Harry! I imagine that when Elizabeth marries, you will pull out all the stops. I'm envisioning it now! Roses, vintage jaguars, security! THAT will be a wedding to see! ;) Hope you are doing well. ~Emily

    1. Well, Elisabeth wants a small wedding, thank God! Ben is sick with migraines and I can imagine him being sick that day!!!! Actually that was my wedding - roses and tulips. I wore a dress that was the sister of the one that Martha Stewart wore on the cover of her first Weddings Book!!!!! It was so romantic - antique lace. hehe. of course! antique lace.

  12. I either feel bad for the "cheeky" boy's parents or wonder if he learned that gesture from them! My kids know what the middle finger means , but never have they flipped anyone the bird. Not the end of the world, for sure, and the child is certainly not a terrible person, but very embarrassing for his parents. I'm sure they are mortified. In one picture, it looks to me like Kate got a glimpse of what he was doing and was not happy.

    1. every single paper showed him - and called him cheeky.

  13. Charlotte NorthbrookMay 22, 2017 at 10:39 AM

    Joni, as usual it was a wonderful post and I agree with all of the above comments. I just wanted to add that Englefield House was also the location of a really dreadful Bravo programme called "I WANNA MARRY HARRY" which had a bunch of American girls vying for the attention of a Prince Harry lookalike who they thought was the real thing. Maybe that's why the real Prince Harry didn't attend the Reception there and went to pick up his girlfriend instead. Classy move!!!!

    1. I heard about that!! Poor Harry! He probably loved it tho. He did go to the reception - he left afterwards to pick up MM. I wish we could see a photo of them together!

    2. Maybe one American girl saw the show and snagged him! Just kidding. She didn't watch TV!!!

  14. Thank you! I hope you can sleuth out some photos of the parties, too. I loved seeing the beautiful church and flowers, and of course, the clothes. That nanny looks like she could defend against most situations, doesn't she? 😉

    1. I wonder if she sold the rights to party pics to a magazine like Hello? We'll have to wait and see. Otherwise, we will never see her other dress!

    2. She didn't sell party pictures to any magazines, but she still monetised the wedding by naming every specific wedding sponsor in free media publicity. That is why thry hired a celebruty PR. To ensure the wedding was covered as though it was a royal wedding and to pull in sponsors. The royal reporters (a special cadrevof reporters who only report on the royals and speak directly to the palace) were having a field day about it on twitter. The reporters tend to talk on twitter about what they can't say in their publications, supported, confirmed or denied by ex-royal staffers. If you want to follow them, look up twitters for darren Mcgrady (ex-royal chef), dickie arbiter (ex-private secretary to the Queen), mark Bolland (ex-press secretary to Charles), ken wharfe (ex-bodyguard to Charles and Diana), richard Palmer (royal reporter), Rebecca English (royal reporter), arthur edwards (photographer), mark cuthbert(photographer), niraj tanna (photographer), emily andrews (royal reporter), camilla tominey (royal reporter), katie Nichols (royal reporter), robert jobson(royal reporter). It's entertaining if nothing else.

    3. Why are only a few of the names capitalized? M Q C C D P R E? Out of curiosity- are they terrorized and poisoned while they do this?

    4. Christina: i think i speak for everyone when i say Get off my lawn and Stop trolling this wonderful blog!

    5. I think I speak for myself when I say, "for the love of god, Stop stalking me all over the Internet and globe like an obsessed psychiatric patient". I am sure others here can speak for themselves, as after all, they invited me here. They told me they want you to leave now and quit trying to blackmail them.

  15. You are the best...thank you for all of the details which I can't get enough of. can't wait for your next post....yes, you always top the last one!!!! Love, Sherrill

  16. I love the Royal family and learn so much from all your posts. Thank you for always working so hard on your blog posts!

    1. It is not the Royal Family that piques my interest- right now, my focus is more on the Church of England. When did they drop the mosquito netting?

  17. That nanny uniform...oh my! We saw the musical "Matilda" in London over Christmas, and that is pretty much exactly what the character Madame Trunchbull (headmistress) wore -- except that a male actor was playing the part of (the admittedly large and quite masculine character) Madame Trunchbull, which made it that much more humorous. Same brown dress and shoes, just with hairy stocking-less legs!

    Great post as always!

    1. Why didn't she employ a model for the job same as what she did for the waitress jobs? Why not hire a man for the security then?

  18. Oh, have done it again! What a wonderful treat for a blah Monday! This was amazing...nobody does it better than you! And, with my son's wedding fast approaching, you did the dress shopping for me! Seriously, this wedding was perfection!

    1. No one does it better than Joni! What a gift you are to us all!!!! YAY!!!!!

  19. Perhaps Princess Charlotte is named after her aunt. Or, consider history — George III's wife was Queen Charlotte (as in North Carolina). So the children are George and Charlotte. Get it? A little royal family humor, perhaps.

    1. There are a lot of Charlottes in the Royal Family - I was just surprised to see Pippa's full name. I wonder if they even know the history of George and Charlotte?

    2. Didn't Chelsea Clinton also use this name for her daughter?

    3. Yes! I love the name Charlotte.

    4. I was initially worried it was a dig on me because my initials "CH" are represented in the first bit, and then there is the word, "harlot" in there. But I digress.... wouldn't want to sound paranoid, yet the history here would not make this impossible. (The pettiness knows no bounds.)

  20. Wonderful post! Now I'm very interested in that nanny college! Do you think these nannies work for about twenty years and then are financially able to retire? Would they want to retire?

    1. I am obsessed with their nanny in her uniform!! Everyone claims it's almost impossible to be accepted into the school, it's that popular. Maria must be the cream of the cream to land her job. I wonder if any of them are married?

    2. Norland nannies are much desired by every rich family in the world. Their salary is better than average. Starts at a basic £60,000K without perks. If you hire one, you have to provide a car and other perks on top. They are worth every penny, but quite expensive for regular folk.

      A Historian

    3. My daughter says the uniforms are so the wives do not have to deal with more attractive-looking women in their homes, bonding with their children. I imagine she has a point- it certainly is a no-nonsense sort of a getup. Easy to clean an infant's regurgitation off the polyester, for certain. George and his sister look so very happy with her so surely she is worth every penny.

    4. FYI: An attractive woman is still an attractive woman even in an ugly dress.

    5. There are differents standards for attractiveness. Some of us look a little farther than the surface for the definition of this word. I wouldn't say she was flat out dowdy- most of us are not at our best without heavy makeup, after all.

    6. Oopsie! Sorry for the typo- hope the grammar Nazis don't descend.

  21. The boy's face is not the face of a boy who is engaging in a vulgar act. Why teach all the children in England this for no reason? I can't imagine what Pippa did to earn her living, and I am sure it is none of my business. Hopefully married life is kind to them.

  22. Brilliant blog! AGAIN!! Love love love!!! Thank you, Joni!!

    1. I enjoyed reading about your decor philosophy. I couldn't agree more about collecting v.s. decorating. I go mental when it doesn't look lived in.

  23. Great post!! Enjoyed this immensely!!

  24. When I was a young girl filled with reservations, I thought it was a really big deal to be photographed in public. I've since learned that inner confidence is everything, and the understanding of our commonality as human beings allows us to reach out and take risks that perhaps we were not able to take earlier in life, before we found our own true voice. I see here that these young ladies have blossomed into fine, well-adjusted young women who clearly deserve the full trust of the English people. One must look beyond the finery to understand the true, multi-layered depth of the character of a woman who cares for more than just appearances, and I can honestly say this family is a decent, God-fearing sort.

  25. Prince William had a meltdown...hahaha! That was hilarious. Maybe he did, but little George is the one who stepped on the train and was reprimanded by his mommy...ha!

    1. P.S. Don't correct that, please; it's just too, too funny!

    2. Did I say that?!?!?!? oy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Yes...ha! Can't you just see Kate scolding makes me laugh every time. Probably happens on the reg...teeeheee!

  26. Gorgeous did you manage to get these? and love the commentary!

    1. I had a look at your dishes- you have had a lot of impressive media coverage. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Were candy canes among the "finger food" served at the reception? Is George always a good boy, or do we pretend to be perfect? Why do that, then- pour through someone's memories and calculate ways to hurt and defame someone who has done nothing to hurt us? What could possibly be the motivation other than snobbery? I thought Kate said she was bullied in school as a girl- and that she was a gentle, deserving sort who deserved the trust of the British people. Seems to me she didn't learn much from the experience...

    1. christina 10:47 AM
      The pic where the children are holding the candy canes and are wearing the heavy winter coats is from Christmas, not the wedding.

    2. You are correct. And yet there it is on the search engines still...

  28. This was just pure fun! The flowers are what fascinate me..I can only imagine what the bill for the flowers must have been...thanks for the distraction!!

  29. Girl, girl, girl!!! Amazing post!!! It is a mystery how you manage to bring such an incredible blogposts! Congrats!!! Enjoyed it a lot..............! Thank you Joni!

  30. Wow, Christina and others are so vitriolic! I'm sorry that this beautiful post has degraded into bitter rants against the Royal Family.

    1. At least half of what "christina" says most of the time can't even be deciphered so I wouldn't worry about it.

    2. Comprehension issues much?

  31. Please excuse me, I should have written "...rants against Kate and the Middleton's".

    1. Middletons.

    2. Perhaps that would have been more prudent in view of the subject matter. It was in vehement defence of the Royal Family. After everything Elizabeth went through to get where she is, her breeding, extensive education and training, it is a terrible shame that she is frightened to advocate for her own class!

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  33. i love what you do for us joni! excellent article as always

  34. Well done you - utterly brilliant reporting. You ought to be working for one of the British tabloids with those research skills. Tittle tattle me but one thing I'd like to know. What was the husband doing selling that gorgeous house on Park Lane and buying a relatively ordinary white villa for more than he sold the first? I'm no hedge fund manager but did he have his head screwed on? A nice house like that would certainly impress the clients even if Park Lane is rather noisy. Perhaps it was Mummy & Daddy's rather than his.

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