COTE DE TEXAS: The Aidan Gray #AGwithanedge Winners!!

The Aidan Gray #AGwithanedge Winners!!

The big day is here!!!  

Today, I am going to announce the winners of the Aidan Gray contest #AGwithanedge.

    But first a word about the contest.

    Awww, come on!!!

    You didn’t think I was just going to say who the winners were – right at first?!?!?

    I know it’s NOT fair!!

    But, Patience Please!

    And NO peeking!!!!!

    Ok.  Back to the story.

A few months ago I heard from Randal Weeks, the head honcho at Aidan Gray. 

He had just finished completely restoring a 1920s house in High Point and he wanted to somehow incorporate the renovation into a contest.  After a rash of emails, Randal and his extremely talented group of co-workers came up with the contest that became known as #AGwithanedge.

    Randal wanted the contest to merge artistry and design and he came up with this idea:

    Contestants would photograph a room of theirs that would look better with an Aidan Gray light fixture.  On that photo, they would merge the actual picture with the fixture of their choice using a photoshop app.

    Then, they would load the merged photo on Instagram using the hashtag #AGwithanedge.

    Simple enough, right?!?!?

    In the beginning, the award prizes were going to be all the Aidan Gray fixtures used in Randal’s renovated High Point house.  The contestants would chose a fixture used in that house and then they would pick a room or a space in their own house that the fixture would look good in.

    That’s what the contest was supposed to be.

    But somewhere along the way, that became too complicated and in my heart, I knew that many of you were fans of the more classic Aidan Gray, as opposed to AGwithanedge – the more updated Aidan Gray fixtures.   Not everyone is contemporary today, even though it sometimes seems that way.

    And I’m glad we didn’t adhere to the rule “only chose a fixture in the renovated house” because I think it freed everyone up to dream about that one Aidan Gray fixture THEY have always wanted to own!

    But still, the actual rules of the contest were complicated.

    I was a little - well more than a little – I was very concerned that the contest would be problematic.  Not everyone is on Instagram and not everyone knows how to navigate Instagram.  Then there was the issue of the merged photo – using a photoshop type app to create the entry photograph. 

    I was also convinced that no one would know how to “merge” photos except for a small handful of computer literate readers.

    In the end…all my fears were for naught. 

    We had almost 100 entrants in the contest, which is fabulous. 

    I offered to create entries for those who weren’t on Instagram or who couldn’t do the picture stitching – so hopefully, no one was left out of entering.   

    Basically, #AGwithanedge began with a house, a 1929 Tudor house in High Point:

    Randal had seen this fabulous Tudor for sale and he thought it would be perfect to stay in while he was at market and it would also make a perfect vacation house for his three teenaged sons.   The Emerywood house is located at 210 Hillcrest near the High Point Country Club.  It had been custom built for W.C. Idol and his wife, who entertained in the house, hosting parties and garden club meetings. 

    The Idols sold the house to John and Mary Diffendal who lived in the Tudor, with their many children, during their 60 years of marriage.  After John passed away, Mary continued to live in the house alone, visited by her doctor who made house calls and the hairdresser and manicurist who both came weekly.  Later, when Mary could not walk upstairs, she moved into the dining room, making it her bedroom.

    When Randal bought the house, he took it down to the studs, completely renovating every inch of the house.   He painted the exterior a soft gray and white which immediately updated the house.  This detail was much debated in the Cote de Texas comment section with some of you preferring the dark red brick over the gray paint.  My vote is for the painted version!

    In the end, the dream of a Weeks vacation house was not to be.  Perhaps this house was just too close to work to make it relaxing for the Weeks.  Randal sold the house before it was even completely finished:  the winter weather did not allow the landscaping to be installed and the garage apartment was left to be renovated by the new owners. 

    The Weeks ending up buying another property they are currently renovating that is far, far away from the pressures of work and it will be a vacation home for the Weeks.

    Despite quickly selling the house, Randal was still able to furnish it with all the latest contemporary light fixtures, furniture and accessories from Aidan Gray.  The photos will live on for a long time – and are a wonderful way to show off many of Randal’s newest designs.

    Before:  Randal took the house down to the studs.  It was this beautiful, iconic banister that sold Randal on the house.

    After:  The wood floors that were once mostly covered by carpet are now stained very dark brown/black.

    The view from the entry to the living room on the left and the family room/kitchen past the staircase.

    Before:  The library was carpeted and had some wood paneling on the walls, along with faux PAPER paneling!!!!!!   I asked Randal why he had removed some of the paneling and he said, “Joni, it wasn’t wood.
      It was brown PAPER glued to the walls!!!”

    After:  The library is now very dark gray/black and is a mix of old and new.

    The dining room was once where the former owner lived out her twilight years.  Now, it is a contemporary space, with the custom light fixture that Randal created out of an antique altar that once held holy water.  Other pieces of the altar were used in the living room.


    Before:  The family room.  Randal kept the charming corner cabinets, but he removed the wall on the right side, between the kitchen/breakfast room, to create a large open space.

    After:  The large family room and kitchen, with the wall now removed.

    Randall made this window, between the two corner cabinets, a focal point of the family room.

    Before:  The kitchen.  Randal extended the galley kitchen into the breakfast room, making one extra large space.

    AFTER:  The galley kitchen is now one large space with a table at the end.  Several different pendants from AG were used in this space. 

    The kitchen has an amazing mirrored hood, while the entire back wall is covered in white subway tile.  I think the kitchen is my favorite space in the house.

    Upstairs.  The new stairs to the attic are contemporary to juxtapose them against the original stairs with the banister that first attracted Randal to the house.

    The room that was once the “sewing room” is now a cute guest room with light pink walls.

    We didn’t see this in the original story – the master bathroom with marble tile walls.  Love!

    Another view of the  master bathroom.

    This bathroom is particularly beautiful with the marble walls.

    My favorite bedroom is this attic room.   Be sure to look  at the original story to see all the photos HERE.

    And so…..are you ready for the winners??????

    Winner #1: 

    Winner #1:   azrenee4  aka Renee Hoffman

    Renee wrote:  “How amazing would this Crown & Glory Chandelier by Aidan Gray set the tone for our home's entryway!

    The foyer would go from so-so to Hello Gorgeous!”

    Renee won Aidan Gray’s #L860 Crown & Glory

    Aidan Gray says:  The Crown and Glory is backordered and will not be available until next month. 

    Renee can either wait for the fixture or choose the L839 Globe in Gold. 

    Winner #2:

    Winner #2:  elevengables aka Emily

    Emily wrote: “Browsing @aidangrayhome for new chandys all over my house!

    I think this one is perfect for the formal living! Don't you agree? @jonibwebb Cote de Texas is hosting a giveaway! Pick me! Pick me!”

    Aidan Gray says “We agree with Emily's choice: L504 WHITE CHAN Pommard Chandelier, Distressed White.

    Note:  The L504S CHAN WHT Pommard Chandelier- Small will not be available till July. Emily needs to verify which size she needs.”

    Joni says:  “This is one of my favorite Aidan Gray chandeliers (of course it is!)   Emily is a favorite of décor bloggers and I was so thrilled to see that she had won!”

    Winner #3:

    Winner #3:  KIMMTAFF aka Kim Marrow Taff 

    KIMMTAFF chose two Aidan Gray Burges table lamps for her living room.

    Aidan Gray said:  “We agree with Kim's choice: L34 Bruges Table Lamps –the pair.”  

    Kim chose the light colored shade.

    Winner #4:

    Winner #4:   sdpotts619  aka Brenda Potts

    Brenda chose a pair of Aidan Gray Marshal floor lamps.  

    Aidan Gray said:  “We agree with Brenda's choice: L450 Marshal Floor Lamp (pair)”

    Joni says:  “This floor lamp, the L450 Marshal, is so beautiful.  I especially love the base of the lamp and the gilt detailing.”

    Winner #5:

    Winner #5:   thegreydovecottage aka Andi Cox

    Andi says “This Aidan Gray Dinard Table lamp would work perfectly in our foyer,

    with our chandelier, which we made from a vintage wire basket.”

    Aidan Gray says:  “We agree with Andi's choice: L616 Dinard Table Lamp in Gold (pair.)”

    Aidan Gray says:   “Second Choice:  Andi can also choose this lamp from the original giveaway: L804 GOLD Sandra Lamp (pair.)”

    Winner #6: 

    Winner #6:  blossomsinbatesville aka Blossoms

    Blossoms said:  “I would love 2 rosebud floor lamps from Aidan Gray in nickel to go at each end of the buffet!  Love the blue and white too!”

    Aidan Gray said “We agree with Blossoms’ choice:  L870 NKL (Pair.)”

    Joni says “Randal used two pairs of these floor lamps in the living room of the High Point House.”

    Winner #7:

    Winner #7:  mysweetsavannah aka Melanie Thompson

    Melanie said:  “Dreaming of winning this solitude chandelier from @aidangrayhome and @jonibwebb 's contest!

    Thinking it would add a funky vibe to our newly painted dining room!”

    Joni says:  I LOVE Melanie’s dining room and LOVE this modern chandelier (I know!  Surprise, but I love it!)

    Here is what Melanie’s dining room looks like – won’t this fixture be fabulous in her house???

    And Aidan Gray says “We agree with Melanie's choice: L547 CHAN HOM Solitude Chandelier, Black.

    Her choice of clear or frosted rods will need to be verified.”

    “We would give Melanie a choice of the nickel or brass base as well.”

    Winner #8:

    Winner #8:  crystalconner  aka Crystal Conner

    Crystal says  “I love these Aidan Gray Hourglass Gold chandeliers for my kitchen peninsula.

    Can you say "Too many pot lights!?"

    Aidan Gray said “We agree with Crystal's choice: L838 CHAN GLD (pair)”  AND they also said:

    “Crystal may choose any shape from the beaded collection (above) if she prefers!”

    Winner #9:

    Winner #9 entered photos of her kitchen AND her living room:


    Living Room

    Winner #9  eileenbarlow aka Eileen Barlow

    Eileen said:  “Browsing @aidangrayhome for new chandys all over my house!

    I think this one is perfect for the formal living!

    Don't you agree?”

    Aidan Gray says “Since we see that these 2 rooms flow together and we agree with all of Eileen’s choices,

    she gets her choice of:  L839 CHAN SIL Globe Silver;

    L830 CHAN SIL Flared Bell Silver (Gray & White also available); or L855 PEND Eureka Bell Pendant:   

    L839 Chan Globe Silver  OR…

    L830 Chan Flared Bell Silver (or gray or white)  OR…

    L855 Eureka Bell Pendant

    Aidan Gray says “This will be either a pair of the smaller pendants or a single of the larger chandelier choice.”

    Winner #10:

    Winner #10:  MLZook

    Aidan Gray said:  “We agree with MLZook’s choice: L532L AB CHAN HOM Large Organic Globe

    in Antique Brass, out of stock until July.”  

    “Since, the first choice is out of stock now, MLZook may wait for her first choice or we can offer a pair of the small version:

      L532 AB CHAN HOM Organic Globe- Antique Brass – A PAIR”

      Joni says “Hmm…. Actually, I think I prefer two smaller pendants to one larger one!” 

      Winner #11

    Winner #11 paulamarietaylor64 entered two choices – the kitchen and…

    …her living room. 

    Paula said:   “My newly repainted kitchen would LOVE to have a beautiful chandelier to replace the ugly ceiling fan that is currently marring the new, bright look.  And my newly repainted living room needs the Naples Chandelier to replace the circa 1980's faux wood ceiling fan!”

    Aidan Gray:  “We agree with Paula's choice of either room: L837 CHAN GW Torch, Gray & White

    or L430 CHAN Naples Chandelier, beaded.

    If Paula chooses the kitchen fixture, she may choose from the whole beaded collection.

      If Paula choose her living room, she may choose from any of the 3 sizes of the Naples Chandelier.

      Joni says:  “I would choose the Large Naples Chandelier – in nickel!  - What a great gift!!!”

                        Winner #12

                      Winner #12:  atxladybug

                      Atxladybug says “How could laundry feel like a chore when you're under this gorgeous Aidan Grey Lotus pendant?”

                      Aidan Gray says “The winning chandelier is the L916 PEND Lotus Pendant.”

                      “OR TxLadybug can choose our choice from the original giveaway: L523 AB CHAN HOM Modern Basket Weave Chandelier.”

                      Joni says “Here is the fixture seen in the High Point House’s laundry room!  This is a hard choice.  If TxLadyBug’s laundry room has gold in it – go with the original choice.  If there is silver or chrome, like the laundry room in the High Point house, go with the second choice.”

                      Winner #13:

                      Winner #13:  conluc98

                      Conluc98 says:  “While I love the lamps on my bedside table, I would love a pair of the Fallon Wall Sconces

                      to add extra light and depth to the focal wall of the bedroom!”

                      Aidan Gray:  “We agree with contestant's choice: WL305 Fallon Wall Sconce (pair.)”

                      Joni says: “I LOVE this bedroom!  This is one of my favorite entrants!!  Love the art work and the two flanking wallpaper panels and the Mary McDonald lamps.  Just beautiful.  The sconces will be the crowning touch.  Congrats!!!”

                      Winner #14:

                      Winner #14:  elizabethrobson3750 aka Elizabeth Robson 

                      Aidan Gray says “We agree with Elizabeth's choice: L522 G CHAN HOM Chan Geo Collection Look #2 Small Chandelier, Gold 


                      OR we would suggest any shape from our beaded collection if Elizabeth would like to choose from these:

                      Joni says “The beaded collection seen in the kitchen at the High Point house.”

                      Winner #15:

                      Winner #15:  clrbham aka Cheryl Reitz

                      Cheryl said:  “For the Aidan Gray Contest...our new house 2nd floor sitting area overlooks the park. We plan to put our plum settee in front of this window. This chandelier would look awesome from the inside and even better from outside. Thank you!!!

                      Aidan Gray said:  “We agree with Cheryl's choice: L860 CHAN Crown & Glory.”

                      NOTE:  Crown & Glory is not in stock and will not be available until next month.  You can either wait for your fixture OR you can choose from the original giveaway: L733 CHAN Brianne Lantern:

                      Joni said: “Below is the lantern seen in the High Point living room.  This is a tough choice Cheryl!  It depends how quickly you want your winning prize!”

                      The living room at High Point.

                      Winner #16:

                      Winner #16 is aka Debra.

                      Debra chose Two AG Fergus sconces for her bathroom.

                      Aidan Gray:  “Agree with Debra’s choice AG Fergus sconces (pair.)”

                      Joni says:  “Debra had written that she needed me to create her photo for Instagram, which I did.  I loved her powder room with the antique marble sink and the new Aidan Gray Fergus sconces.  I actually had to create a few of the photos, but this is the only one that won a prize!  Congrats!!!!”


                      This marks the end of the Aidan Gray #AGwithanedge Contest!!!

                      I hope you all agree with the choice of winners.

                      Thank you to all who that entered and created photographs using your favorite Aidan Gray fixtures. 

                      I want to also give a huge thank you to Randal Weeks, the creator and master mind behind Aidan Gray and the designer of  the High Point House AND this contest!   Whew!

                      A huge thank you also to Randal’s crew of co-workers who helped develop the contest rules and saw it through to the end.  A special shout out to Travis Nix and Kady Olson whom I bothered so much during the course of the past few months!

                      I loved this contest so much – I loved the creativity it brought out and all the discussions it spurned.  And I love how HAPPY the winners will be!!!  I wish you all could have been winners!!

                      A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES:


                      1.  All the winners need to first email Kady Olson at Aidan Gray.

                      Her email address is:


                      2.   In the subject line – be SURE to say: 

                      “COTE DE TEXAS CONTEST WINNER”

                      3.  In the email, first list the Instagram User Name you used in the contest.

                      4.  Next, give your full name and address and phone number.

                      5.  Then, list your winning fixture. 

                      If you have a choice of fixtures, list your first choice, then your second choice.

                      If you have ANY questions about the fixture- email Kady and she will be able to help you.

                      AND FINALLY, to all winners.  Once you receive your fixture and it is installed, please send me a photo of the fixture hanging!  I would love to see it and so would Randal!!!   This isn’t mandatory, but we would love to see your fixture in place, if possible.

                      And…that’s all folks!


                    1. Replies
                      1. yep!!! love it! so happy for you and for ALL who won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like Christmas. Better than Christmas!!

                    2. I'm thrilled with your choices! Thank you for including me among the winners!! I can't wait to have that beautiful chandelier installed!!

                    3. It's so interesting to see all these real homes. I particularly like conluc98's bedroom.
                      And a very generous contest by Aiden Gray!

                    4. What great fun to see all the winners homes.

                    5. Joni, thanks so much for hosting such a fun contest! So delighted to be winner #10. Agree with you regarding two smaller globes rather than the one large one that I used in my entry! Will definitely send you a photo when the lights are installed. Thanks again, and I love your blog!

                    6. oh my goodness! I scrolled down the list and saw my name at the very end! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Joni for the contest and for helping with my picture! Deb

                    7. Thank you so much! I am so happy! Kim

                    8. This was so fun to follow!

                    9. How exciting! Congratulations to all of the winners. I loved seeing every one's re-imagining of their spaces with new AG fixtures; lighting can make such a difference.
                      Thank you Joni and Aidan Gray for hosting & sponsoring this contest. I feel so lucky and absolutely elated that my room was one of those selected. Can't wait to add this jewel to my home!

                    10. I just went squealing through my house and I'm pretty sure the kids think I've lost it! But I'm over the moon! Thank you, Joni and Aidan Gray!

                    11. Congrats to the winners and that chandy that Emily (Eleven Gables) is going to look stunning in her home....I look forward to planning my lighting in my new "right-sized" home....

                    12. Hi Joni, @conluc98 here! Thank you so much for hosting such an amazing giveaway, I'm absolutely thrilled to have been one of the winners and to have received such nice compliments- it means so much coming from you!

                      1. I LOVE you room!!!!!! Gorgeous! So glad you won!

                    13. Aiden Gray is an incredible generous company! I'm heading to their website right now!

                      1. Yep. They are. Randal has been incredibly generous over the years. Incredibly so.

                    14. I thought I posted a comment but I don't see it! I'm so thrilled to be the recipient of such generosity. I virtually "glued" on several options and then guess what... THEY OFFERED ME a choice! Truth is, I'd have #AGwithanedge all over my house if I only knew what to put where. HELP me choose so I know what else to purchase from Aidan Gray! I've posted it on my FB page too so my 1200 friends can weigh in. I wish Aidan Gray had an similar thing to Room in a Box like Windsor Smith... #timetohireadesigner THANK you Joni and Randall Weeks! I've been busy choosing rugs, getting draperies hung, and finding a place for my TV (over the mantle is a faux pas - I know). Help me Joni! I need the lighting to coordinate (over island, replacing the ceiling fan, and over the antique table we use for informal dinners). #stillstumped #theyareallbeautiful I also need to purchase a chandelier for my entry. Randall, just send someone to my house! #needahousecall THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

                      1. Eileen! email randal and kady - they will help you!!!!!! so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        maybe do two smaller beaded ones over the island and one large one in the family room? maybe you could buy one - and then get two small ones as the give away?


                      2. Thank you Joni! i did exactly that! I ended up choosing one and purchasing several others with their help. I left for Britain the next day. While we were there we stayed in boutique hotels that were once private estates. One was owned by Lord and Lady Ashley (textiles) Llangoed Hall in Wales. Another was Lucknam Park in Bath, and finally Coworth Park just outside of London. All of these estates were so rich in history and I kept thinking how much your readers would enjoy learning about them. Sooooo much eye candy. I hope you will check them out. I took pictures for you, but only with my iphone and certainly not Joni worthy. But their websites and youtube have some decent ones. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

                    15. So many beautiful homes, and what a terrific contest! Congratulations to the winners, deep appreciation for the generosity of AG, and highest praise for you, Joni, for keeping us all inspired and connected. I'm so mad at myself for not getting it together to enter, those were great odds!!

                    16. I love the mix of metals in the High Point house! It is sublime perfection! Sighing. Thanks for sharing. Happy week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

                    17. Joni...thank you and Randal so much for selecting our upstairs landing as one of the recipients of the Aidan Gray fixtures! I am still in tears and in shock! We moved to this new home two weeks ago (still unpacking boxes) and I cannot wait to see this fixture installed over the settee. It will truly be a show-stopper! I plan to wait for the Crown and Glory fixture (what's another month or so in this year-long building process, right?!), since this fixture was absolutely made for this space. I will be sure to send a photo when everything is in place. Congratulations to everyone...I am eager to see their fixtures in their rooms as well! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!! {{hugs}} I also hope you'll keep writing your blog for many years to come. I, as well as many of my friends, have been reading for many years and so enjoy your inspiring and informative stories. The research and work you put into every post is amazing...thank you!!! Cheryl Reitz (clrbham) Birmingham, Alabama

                    18. What a fun contest! I have loved everything Aidan Gray since I saw my first piece. We chose one to go over our dining room table and I love it. There is not one of these that I don't like....seriously how does that happen? I also loved seeing the homes and the décor. I study every home design magazine imaginable and I am sure it molds what I choose for my own home, but gleaning ideas from "real life" homes is certainly a treat.

                    19. Sitting in my grey velvet chair, feet up on the worn out ottoman, laptop upon my lap, within the midst of our keeping room, having a cup of coffee before I go in to work. I wonder what's Joni up too? I wandered over to the blog. I jumped up so fast, I spilt my coffee, almost dropped my laptop. Yelling, screaming, hands in the ear, dancing about the house, tears streaming - too excited for words!!!! Realizing I'm late for work, yet the best excuse ever! When I gather my wits, I'll properly thank you and Aiden Gray. I'm too thrilled - happy dance!!!

                    20. Horror upon horrors! Did I miss this contest?

                    21. So much good stuff in a post! OMG! Your choices are amazing, indeed!

                    22. I've been out of the country (in Romania!) for two weeks and just saw the blog. THANK YOU to Joni and to Aidan Gray for their incredibly generous gift! I can't wait to see my living room with the spectacular Naples Chandelier hanging, replacing the 1980s fan. If this contest is held again next year, I will encourage everyone I know to enter!
                      Joni -- In your comment, you recommended I choose the Nickel version of the chandelier instead of the weathered white/gray I entered in the contest. This room is our only living area, so I want it to be pretty, but also friendly and welcoming. Do you think the nickel will be too "grand"? I've shown my husband my original choice and your recommendation, and he thinks the Nickel version will make more of a statement. This is such a fabulous gift, and I don't want to make a poor choice. Can you tell me why you would choose the Nickel over the weathered white? I would really appreciate your guidance!
                      Again, thank you for running this contest!
                      Paula Marie Taylor