COTE DE TEXAS: Dairy Slabs - Now Available!!!

Dairy Slabs - Now Available!!!

Years and years ago, when Houston designer Carol Glasser’s house was published, I first took notice of dairy slabs – those antique pieces of ironstone with black lettering.  In Edwardian times, grocers used these slabs to display their dairy products such as butter and cheese, along with various meats.   The white ironstone kept their goods cool in the days before refrigeration.

Besides the slabs, other wares were sold in both small and large jars.  This collection is found HERE. 

The French had beautiful milk jugs – if you are lucky enough to find one for sale.


But by far, it is the assorted cheese and butter slabs that are the most popular. 
Magazines documented Glasser’s houses as she moved a few times – here showing two pieces from her prized collection.  A large collection of antique ironstone doesn’t come cheap.  It’s an investment, as valuable as oil paintings and fine porcelains.

Glasser’s last move seen in Milieu showed some of her ironstone – the collection is more valuable today and it is much admired, decades after she first introduced us to it.

I think I can truly say that without Glasser’s collection, many of us wouldn’t have our own pieces.   Just another decorative element we admire due owe to her. 

Thanks Carol!!!

Google and Pinterest is filled with photographs of collectors showing off their slabs.    Here, Vignette Design showed her slabs – several houses ago! 

Holly Mathis mixed her cheese slab with other white ironstone.

Delores at Vignette Design served a pie off her cheese slab.

A lot of people top their slabs with cloches.  I do this too!

Nancy’s Daily Dish – she collects, blogs, and sells her fabulous collection HERE.

Holly uses her cheese slab to hold fresh vegetables.

When my kitchen was photographed for a magazine, stylist Bonnie Broten used my Pure Butter slab as a prop. 

Real life styling on Instagram – you can see I have more ironstone here on my baker’s rack.   And if you look closely you can see the French milk jar or lait pur! 

I think the slabs look especially pretty on white marble or quartzite.   They make perfect serving pieces or, when stacked, they are great accessories.

There is one huge problem with dairy slabs - availability.  The antique ones are impossibly expensive these days and the reproductions are hard to find.

This antique slab is now going for $1,890.00 on Old Plank.   I’m sure you might find one for less, if you are lucky, but the pickings are awfully slim.
This plain slab is for sale on Chairish for $1250.00.

No price on this beauty – can’t even imagine what it would sell for!  It’s such a one of a kind.  Glasser has one just like this.

For a long time, I had a link to Joanne Hudson’s web site who sold reproductions of the slabs.  They stopped selling them and then, recently brought the slabs back, but they are always sold out.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when a potter from Houston approached me to look at his Etsy store.  Wyatt of Living Soul Pottery, is now making these slabs and if you have been wanting one – now is your chance!!!

Living Soul Pottery’s workroom

He’s been making the round slabs with different lettering in different sizes.   It’s just so exciting to know he’s close by in Houston!!  Making dairy slabs!!!! 
 Ain’t life sweet?

A behind the scenes look at Living Soul Pottery – making the slabs.

I love that he has his own brand on the center – made in Houston!

This is one you won’t easily find anywhere else.

A must-have for your collection.

These slabs would make a great Valentine’s Day gift which is why I am showing them now!!! 

If you visit his Etsy store HERE
write CotedeTexas in the promo code to receive a $5 discount.

Thank you Wyatt for that extra gift.

All I can say is this truly is a gift – if you’ve wanted a slab before, now you can get one at a reasonable price.

AND if he doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for, discuss a custom order with him!!

AND – here are a few other Valentines Day gifts I found:

Just click on the photo to go directly to the item.

A happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!!!!


  1. WAIT A MINUTE! I have been reading this blog for years and even went through lots of the archives, but I think this is the first time I've seen YOUR house. I love your kitchen! Unsurprisingly, it's perfection. The marble, the drawer pulls, the collections that are tastefully arranged and not too much. I would love to see more.
    I will keep my eyes peeled for antique dairy slabs and milk jugs at the brocantes and flea markets here in France, where such things are just old and not really decor or collectible. But you will have to come here to get it--to make you visit France one day!

    1. oh wow - I'vve showed my house a million times!!!! stay tuned for big news on that front. I love the French milk jugs!!!! you are too lucky to live there.

  2. Hello Joni, As a devoted collector of dairy memorabilia, I very much enjoyed this post. These ceramic pieces, as you inform us, are often reproduced, so one must be careful if originals are desired, or when assessing flea-market bargains.

    I second the opinion of Taste of France above, regarding your own kitchen. For example, the backsplash lets the beauty of the marble stand on its own, without being cut or scrolled into fancy shapes. I like the overall airiness and simplicity which set off the quality of the individual items, and the use of interesting antique objects as bases to display kitchen necessities. Of course, in Taiwan with its earthquakes, one could not have ceramic objects balanced so high on the cabinets!

    1. Taiwan?!!!! Wow~~~~!!!! That is interesting. I think you are the first from Taiwan? My kitchen was redone, very simply, because I couldn't spend a fortune!!!

  3. Funny you would do a post on this as I was just shopping for these slabs last week. Back Row Home sells them for $2000. :/ ~Miranda

  4. Replies
    1. no!!! well just order one - he can makes them really fast. Wow!

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  6. What a beautiful post, Joni. The antique dairy slabs are almost as rare as's exciting to see them made again! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, xo Lidy

    1. Unicorns that cost fortune, too!!! Same to you!!!

  7. Wow, LOVE your kitchen! The styling on the Baker's rack is perfection! Would you please share the paint color on your wall?

  8. Joni, I am following up on the Sold Out of my Dairy Slabs. Friends of Joni, thank you for your first day excitement. Yes, I Sold Out of the initial inventory. I am doing my best to process that shipping first, and then begin the Back Order List. If you want to get on the Back Order List go the Custom Order Request on my Etsy Shop and tell me what you want to buy. The 11" & 10" Slabs are $199 plus S&H, the 9" are $179 plus S&H. I promise to fulfill all requests as soon as I can make them. Blessings, Wyatt

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  10. Everything old IS new again...maybe "hope" for some of us... :) franki

  11. Everything gives a feeling of nostalgia! Loved it. :)
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  12. Thank you for the wonderful post. I loved every detail.

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  14. I got over there way to late all slabs are SOLD out ( whining ) I'll check back

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  16. Hi Joni!

    Thank you so much for the shout out! I have been collecting grocer and dairy slabs for years now and have bought and sold quite a few. I can attest to them being hard to find and often very pricey. I want to kick myself now for selling a couple of them that I sold. I do have two original Pure Butter Slabs by Rushbrooke of England (19C / early 20C outfitters of grocery and dairy supplies to London butchers and grocers). I would love to trade my duplicate for one that I no longer have. Anyone have a Fromage slab?

    Carol Glassers collection is /was fabulous!

    Oh and the Finest Sauages stands were also reproduced in more recent years but almost impossible now to find😞

    Thank you again for the mention. Like everyone else and their dog, I LOVE your blog!

    Nancy Roberts

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  21. I have been working to fill the Back Order List of wonderful readers from Joni. Please come back to my Etsy Shop and place a "Made To Order" listing order and you will be moved along the orders as soon as I get more made. Making more Dairy Slabs everyday. Blessings, Wyatt

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