COTE DE TEXAS: Cutest House in South Carolina - I Swear!!!!

Cutest House in South Carolina - I Swear!!!!

I wrote about Julia Engel and her husband Thomas Berolzheimer last year when her long dreamed of clothing line debuted at Nordstroms.  Now, with a successful business, she has added sweaters and jumpers and even shoes to the beautiful dresses she is known for.
The couple are darling, as cute as the clothes that Julia designs.  Still very young, they grew up in northern California and pulled up stakes to move to Charleston after they went there on vacation.
The couple were lured to the historic city by its colorful architecture.  The pastel pink and blue houses were the perfect backdrop for the photographs that Thomas took of Julia, posing in her outfits when she was a mere internet influencer. 

Today with over a million followers she is a force in the internet clothing business.  She and Thomas are at the head of their own brand Gal Meets Glam, which is also the name of her blog.  Everything about Gal Meets Glam is feminine and classic, just like the beautiful Julia.

When Julia and Thomas first moved to Charleston they bought a romantic house in the bordering town of Mt. Pleasant, in what is called The Old Village.  Their new house is right across a short lane from the historic 18th century Hibben House, which housed British soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  The Hibben House was once a plantation with over 67 acres and Julia’s house actually sits on what was the plantation’s land.   I’ll go into a bit more detail about Hibben House later.

After Julia and Thomas moved into their new house, they hired designer Olivia Brock of Torrance Mitchell Designs, architect Beau Clowney and Tupper Builders to recreate the house into one of their dreams.  They spent time in their house deciding what they wanted to update and what they wanted to keep.  Once the plans were drawn up, they moved out for a year while the renovations were completed.
This month Southern Living spotlighted their house with a large spread.  The house and its decor is traditional with a modern twist, benefiting a couple of their age.  In short, it’s spectacular.   I’m not surprised at how classic it is because the couple have traditional taste, yet there is just enough of modern touches to keep it young and fresh.   I’m thrilled at all the color, especially because it is muted and soft pastel hues. 

I’ll show the magazine photos, along with Instagram photos AND I have the Before photos to share too, so you can see how far the couple have come. 


When Julia and Thomas first laid eyes on the house it was peachy pink with a green tin roof.  It had a darling picket fence and a large wraparound porch.  What’s not to love?   I even love the pink!!!

An aerial view of the house on the right that shows how close it is to the bay.  In the background you can see the famous Ravenel bridge.  If you are a fan of Bravo’s hit show Southern Charm, the name Ravenel will be known to you!!!

Being so close to the bay provides endless photo sessions for the couple whose life is documented for Instagram in order that Gal Meets Glam can sell their clothing line.

Get the chair:

The porch view shows the famous 18th century Hibben House right across the street.  Amazing to think how historic this house is and the land that Julia’s new house sits on is its former plantation!!

The porch will get a complete renovation.

Is Julia's house old?

No….it was custom built in 2005 but it does fit in with the older houses on the block.

Let’s compare the facade then and now. 


After.  The biggest change is the white paint with blue shutters and door.  The green roof is now a patinaed bronze.  Isn’t the house darling?!?!?

Before:  The front porch with its slatted wood ceiling.  You know it’s not going to look like this after Julia settles in.

During:  Julia spruced up the porch for the short time they lived here before its renovation.

After:  The couple, sponsored by Lowes, decorated the front porch.  As cute as this was, it didn’t last.

Instead, today, the front porch is furnished in blue and white vintage looking furniture with an antique plant stand and white rocking chairs.

The new furniture in blue and white.  Notice the slatted ceiling was painted the light blue, while the porch floor was painted white.

Love this!

The front porch and facade provide endless photoshoot opportunities.

During:  The couple moved in and made the house their own while they planned the renovation.  Julia decorated the front door during the wait.  I love how the mat matches the front door paint.  Great decor tip!!!

For another photoshoot, lots of lanterns and hydrangeas were added.  The styling is ALWAYS impeccable.   At one time Thomas was the sole photographer and Julia did all the modeling, but now, with their clothing business growing so fast, additional photographers and models are used.

And here in green and white, a more minimalist decor which does look wonderful against the light blue.

In the end, they moved out of the house for a year while the renovations took place.  Time which Julia says sped by.

Before:  The front foyer.  I love the way it looked.  After the renovation, the master bedroom will be down this hall to the left. 

Before:  during the renovation, a new stair rail will be installed.   To the back, at the right is the kitchen area.

Before:   another look back to the front door.  At the left of the door is the living/dining room.

Today:   I LOVE this!  It’s just so perfect for the couple.  The wood floor was painted in a bold pattern.  LOVE!!!    This house is the perfect decor scheme for a young couple who like traditional design with a modern twist.  Did you notice the shiplap walls throughout the foyer?  They are cypress!! 

In the corner is a blue armless, tufted sectional with floral pillows. 

Here, notice the new stairs with the Chippendale styled railing. 

Across from the banquette is this vignette with a console table, mirror and lamp.

Julia and Thomas just had a baby girl, Clementine.  Julia was such an adorable pregnant mom to be and she is going to love having these photos of her to look back on.

Before:  When walking into the front door, to the right, is the living room and dining room.   Here looking at the built in shelves.

And looking towards the dining room, at the front of the house.

After:   The back shelving was removed and their original sofa was recovered for the living room.  Layered rug over textured rug.  Botanicals hang on the cypress shiplap.


A Christmas view from the foyer into the living room.  I love the touch of the old Americana wood chair.

The table was also theirs, Milo Baughman, which made the cross country trip from San Francisco.  Cole & Sons fabric on Ballard Chairs.  

Fan of GalMeetsGlam blog will remember their pink velvet tufted sofa!!  It was much beloved.  This is now in the living room in a taupe colored fabric.   I miss the pink version!!!

To the left of the front door is a series of rooms that were reconfigured into the master bedroom, which was originally on the second floor.

Before:  One of the bedroom downstairs.

The bathroom.

And an office that becomes Julia's bathroom.

Bowood fabric is mixed with a more modern lilac fabric and modern lamps!  LOVE!!!!

 Across from the bed is a traditional chest.

 I could look at this bedroom for hours!  I adore it.


Love the modern lamps.

Reasonably priced scalloped sheets in different colors (not lilac tho!  Those are expensive!)  HERE

Pink concrete tiles on the floors.  French doors lead to the outdoors.

Notice the cabinetry.  I love the design, it is repeated in the kitchen - in blue.


The chandelier.  Very, very close copy at a fraction of the cost.  Serena&Lily do not carry the original fixture anymore.

This fixture comes in two sizes, so be sure to get the right one!!  I'm worried for you!!!!  LOL.


Lots of photos are taken in the bathroom and the tub!

The other side of the bathroom showing the glass shower.

Before:  Past the foyer and the stairs to the right is the kitchen and family room.

Before:  Actually the kitchen was quite beautiful and that table, wow!!!  It's fabulous!  Hard to believe this is a before.  BUT, it is.   The cabinetry was moved down to align it with the courtyard.  In the back right corner, the office became the breakfast room and the room to its right because a butler's pantry.

Before:  A look in the opposite direction towards the family room.

As much as I loved the Before kitchen, the After is even better.  Notice the cabinetry.  And the refrigerator is hidden in an armoire. See?   Notice the tiles on the backsplash.  

The stove was centered between the windows and the sink was moved down a bit.  

These pendants above from Serena & Lily are actually reasonable!!!



The breakfast room in what was a small office area.  Striped pillows and lantern keep it casual.

Windows in the butler's pantry keep it light and bright instead of dark and closed off.

CHEAPCHICCOPY!!!!  love!!!

Mother says to "check the size, please!"  LOL.   It looks big enough, but measure twice.  HERE

The darling butler's pantry with small sink.
Look at that HUGE drawer pull!  OMG.  I love this kitchen and I hate to cook.

The view towards the sink area and the family room beyond.

Close up of the sink area.  Darling glasses!!  And I love the Smeg toaster.

Comes in different colors.  Love!!!



A view of the cabinetry and the white stove and Julia!!!   Isn't she adorable?!?!?

Before:   The kitchen leads to the central courtyard between the U shaped house.

Before:   Another view.

Before:   Past the family room is the screen porch which gets a total redo.  

After:    New doors from the kitchen and family room,  on the left, open to the patio with new stone and landscaping.


Another view of the terrace.  The master bedroom is off in the distance to the left.

I tried to find those placemats to link to no avail!!!  Dang!  I LOVE them!!!!

Before:  The family room past the kitchen.

Past the family room is the screened porch which overlooks the terrace.

The family room with its corner banquette.  Have you noticed all the corner banquettes?   The foyer, the breakfast room, the family room!!   It's a subtle design theme that works to bring the different rooms together.    And a bit of trivia, the art work above the sofa was painted by the lady who lives across the street in the historic 18th century Hibben House!!!

The pink coffee table.  I just LOVE this house!!!!  And the decorator!!!! From this view you can see into the kitchen and back to the butler's pantry.
Julia said that this pink coffee table is her favorite thing in the house!

An earlier view of the family room before they got the pink coffee table.   The round white coffee table went upstairs to the playroom.   Notice the art work above the fireplace - it's really the TV.  

Before:  The screened porch off the family room and terrace.  As with all the other parts of the house, it is cute.  But....

After:   A glimpse through French doors to the screened porch.

The new screened porch.  White painted wood floor and wicker furniture.

On the other side of the family room's fireplace is one in the screened porch.  Beautiful!

A Christmas view of the screened porch.

The new Chippendale railings decorated for Christmas.

Upstairs, the former master bedroom was reconfigured into a playroom and two bedrooms.

Before:  Upstairs master bedroom.  Julia and Thomas moved the master downstairs and added two bedrooms with a Jack n Jill bathroom upstairs.

 Off the landing, the couple created a playroom for the new arrival!!!   The round coffee table was moved upstairs.
The table comes from Serena & Lili.HERE


The chair and rug = love!!!
You can see the Chippendale style stair railing in this photo!!!

Darling floor lamp from Serena & Lily, above.

Bookshelves for baby books and toys.

                   The baby's room is just as cute as can be!!!!  I mean seriously!!!  I can't believe how CUTE this is!!!!

Before:   The stairs that lead to the "treehouse" guest room covered in Cypress wood.

Before:  The Treehouse Guest Room. 

After:   White walls and blue ceiling and toile bed hangings make for a darling guest room.

Darling chair.

Another view.

Just the cutest!

The guest bathroom.

Could any house be cuter?? 

I know I've been gushing, but after seeing young family after young family decorating houses in all white and black interiors with signage everywhere, it's refreshing to see pattern and fabric and color.  It doesn't have to be bold and bright - this house's color is pastel and soft and it is such a departure from what is seen everywhere on Instagram by the younger crowd.
And, this house is a study in traditional and classic mixed with modern.  You don't have to forgo cozy and warm for modern, you can have it all - and this house shows how to meld the two.

Finally, here's a look at the house across the street, the oldest house in the Mt. Pleasant region, where revolutionary soldiers stayed.   The current owner is an artist whose work evokes the South Carolina marshes.   She grew up next door and her parents still live there.  When she bought the Hibben house it had already been remodeled.  Here are a few photos I found online:

The Hibben House, it looks like the two oval ends 
are additions.  The owner grew up next door and her parents still live there!!

The back of the house with double balconies sits on the bay.

This is how the house was staged for real estate photos.  The house was completely renovated but when the family moved in, they removed all these crystal chandeliers and put in more modern fixtures.  You know how I feel about that!  LOL

The living room - the moldings are so beautiful.  Look at that mantel.   I love this house!!!

It looks like the house was added on to,d past this door.  

The back glassed in patio.

The view from the back of the house.  The owners have put the house on the list for film locations.  So look for it to show up in a movie one day!!

I hope you have enjoyed the photos of Julia & Thomas' house in Southern Living and Instagram.

Julia's winter line was just released.  Here are a few things I really liked.  I like it all, really, but some are too short for ladies of a certain age.  LOL.  I prefer the longer look, but if you are young or have daughters be sure to look at her entire line, because it's as darling as Julia is.  





See the entire catalog here.


  1. Very pretty. With some exceptions, I prefer the before photos, though. That pink and green exterior was so unusual; the after is very pretty but common. I liked the before entry much better than the after. The screened-in porch, however, is wonderful with the peach and green accents. It is nice to see a home that isn't banal whites and grays nor blaring primary colors.
    I realize she gets a lot of her stuff via sponsorships, but "vintage looking" can be avoided by buying real vintage, probably cheaper and better quality than new. I was just grousing about how antiques keep falling in price--good if you want to buy but sad that some people aren't going to bother and will throw away pieces that are practically works of art, made of solid wood.

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