COTE DE TEXAS: Cote de Texas Holiday Fashion Edition

Cote de Texas Holiday Fashion Edition

Is it that time again?

Is it, really????


Christmas?!?!?!?  Already??!?!?

Well, I guess it’s true. 

Why do we even celebrate Thanksgiving anymore (except for the fabulous food and company!!???  
At least the weather is cooperating – just like the rest of America, it’s freeeeeezing in Houston, which means by Christmas it will be 80 degrees again.

The one thing Ben and I keep saying we miss the most from the old house is the fireplace, or more precisely – the faux gas flame that was really just a glorified space heater.   My sister-in-law Shannon was kind enough to share, via her IPhone, her crackling fire with me.

And since we are Jewish and can’t have a tree, she shared, again via her IPhone, one of her many trees with me.

What did we do before IPhones?   I mean, I lived without one for fifty-something years and I HONESTLY don’t know how I managed it!!!

Since it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I am joining up with six others bloggers to bring you a Holiday Fashion Show.

I’m concentrating on costume jewelry and I added a few pieces of clothes that would like good with the jewelry.  Naturally.

I’m still going to do my own Cote de Texas Christmas List after Thanksgiving, but I thought it would be fun to do this with other bloggers.  Mostly because they did it together before, and I was so jealous I wasn’t asked to do it!!!  True story!!!  I remember thinking – “I wish I was included…”
You would think that you would get over insecurity after 60 something years.  LOL

So, without further ado:

This is the list of the six other blogs that are hosting their own fashion show.  So, be sure to visit them and see what they concentrated on.   I’ll link their addresses at the end my list.

I showed a high and low price pearl earring.  This is the high, a baroque pearl with sapphires.  I think it’s so graceful and will go with everything.

And the low.   Pretty and very very price friendly.  HERE

This earring is so in with the tassle, but they are usually sooooo big.  I like this smaller size.  HERE

This is a regular necklace size, not too long.   HERE

I obsess over Elizabeth Locke Jewelry.  This is a good copy, not cheap, but not nearly as expensive as hers.  It would look great on a jacket like the one below.  HERE

Ralph Lauren.  Love this look!  HERE

A set of five bracelets, pair with black leather pants below.  HERE

Adorable cropped black leather pants.  HERE
Gold leaves – I’d wear this dressed up or down with jeans and a white shirt.  HERE

Love!   HERE

Hairpins are in, in, in!  Wear them with this fabulous gold sweater below:

Great outfit!!!

Hair accessories.  HERE

Purple velvet ribbon with gold leaf.  HERE

This is a long necklace – pair it with a sweater like below.   HERE


I love everything Isabel Morant does.  Search the site for her name to see more. 

Tulip brooch.  HERE

I love this set!!!!!!!! HERE

And this set, along with her hair!!   HERE

I adore oversized rings.  HERE

I always like to include this because it’s CdT readers’ favorite necklace.  HERE

Tiny diamonds, tiny price.  HERE
Tiny diamond with bevel!  HERE

LOVE these pearl earrings with pinkish stone.  HERE

 From Gal Meets Glam, for the teen in your life or you?

Pair both pink earrings with this wonderful lightweight coat.

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Fashion Edition.   Here are the links to the other bloggers.  Please click and visit!!!!   I think they are serving champagne!!!

If you want to follow on Instagram – the links are below:


  1. Okay you knocked it out of the park! I need to come back and do some shopping after I pop over to the other blogs. Your fashion posts are so dangerous! Thank you so much for joining us!

  2. Joni I hear you about the fireplace, we would definitely miss ours - your apartment, perfect.
    These are all beautiful pieces - I especially love the gold leaf on the velvet ribbon - I'm not sure why, choker/ribbon styles aren't flattering on me, and I rarely wear gold, but that was just timeless and modern at the same time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That gold sweater- gaahh! So classic and beautiful! Would love to find a less expensive version.

  4. Is there NO END to your talents...gaaa...glorious selections!! franki

  5. Joni, Hanukkah is just around the corner blend your celebration with the rest of the bloggers.

  6. I love this roundup!
    Even though it rarely hits freezing here, I just can't get on board with sandals in winter.

  7. You had me at the first pair of expensive--of course--pearl earrings. Love! And the gold necklaces seem like forever pieces. So fun to be doing this round up of holiday fashion with you!

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  11. Can't you have a tree with ornaments that are meaningful to you and your family? I have a neighbor in Birmingham who fills his yard with Jewish-themed displays during Hannukah. We all look forward to them being lit up.

  12. Tiny diamond with BEZEL!

  13. Joni, you have THE BEST blog!! This is why I love to read all your posts! Thank you!!

    1. Yes, putting up pictures of things for people to buy is so riveting and takes a real talent.