COTE DE TEXAS: 2022 Trends from Cote de Texas

2022 Trends from Cote de Texas


I am joining the following bloggers to talk about new trends.  Their blog links will be at the end of this story.  Please enjoy and thanks for all your support!


Well, I know I said I was not going to do Trend Stories anymore.  But, I just can’t help it.  There is so much new in the design world that it’s exciting to talk about it all. 

These trends are about what I see on Instagram – not in magazines such as Architectural Digest and Elle Décor.  Just Instagram.  I think its the best barometer of what is going on with everyone – real people and designers both.    Most if not all of these photos came from Instagram, some via magazines.

Let’s face it.  Instagram has become the magazine of today, except it’s a daily magazine with thousands of interesting stories from all over the world.

Daily on Instagram, we are all treated to views inside each others homes.  Granted, many people with fabulous interiors posting on Instagram are either designers or had a designer.  But I personally also love following the DIYer, before and after, done by non professionals.

So what is trending hot and what is trending not.

For the past five or ten years, we have seen the meteoric rise of the Modern Farmhouse.

The Modern Farmhouse of Instagram:   white furniture with caramel leathers, light oak floors and veneers, white washed brick, shiplap (still), washed and muted rugs, black accents for high contrast, large light fixtures, white curtains, and usually a wooden sign or two.

For years, DIYers were influenced by Joanna and Chip Gaines and they spawned maybe a million all white farmhouses all across America. With the aid of Instagram’s color filters – these modern farmhouse interiors have started to look a bit alike. It’s become hard to tell one house from another.  And thus, the death knell for this trend is ringing.


A lot of the Modern Farmhouse popularity is driven by its owners.  They are young couples with young children, many trying to save money by doing a lot of the labor themselves.  That’s why you see the veneer floors that are relatively easy to install, the shiplap, the board & batten walls, along with mantel updates with beams and imaginative staircases. 

This bathroom uses all the details of the Modern Farmhouse look in one small room:  the high contrast between black and white with the light wood accents.  The industrial lighting.  Painted white brick as opposed to shiplap.

  Looking at this room, there is no doubt at all when it was designed.  Sometime between 2015-2020.

As a genre, I think the modern farmhouse ala the Gaines influence is on its way out.  It’s time for a change:

Can the Modern Farmhouse be updated????

Why, yes!   Here is a perfect update to the all white farmhouses.  Using many of the same elements, this looks fresh and new and ready for the new decade. 



If you are young, just starting out, or your children have just left the nest – what is next for you?

Judging from Instagram, if you live in the south, you are embracing the pretty Grand Millennial look.


I think the explosion of Pretty came about because some were just tired of the white modern farmhouse and the minimal contemporary designs.  

Pretty was the alternative and on Instagram, at least on my scrolls, it has become hugely popular.

     If you are reading this, you aren’t surprised that I am drawn to Pretty or the Grand Millennial design.   You know, the look your grandmother loved. 

Pretty has been around since the 17th century.   We just go into hiding every decade or so.  Ssssh…don’t tell that to the Grand Millennials who think they discovered curtains and fringe. 

For the older décor devotees,  following the ultra Elle Décor modern and the stripped down Modern Farmhouse,  we have sorely missed the late great Dan Carithers and Mario Buatta and Charles Faudree.

A Charles Faudree Living Room

These three designers were huge influencers for the Grand Millennial of yesterday, but the young designers of today might not have even heard of that trio.


Cathy Kincaid design.

But there are those designers still practicing – and influencing young designers with their pretty interiors:


A Bunny Williams Bedroom

Bunny Williams, Suzanne Rheinstein, Charlotte Moss, Cathy Kinkaid, Kathryn Ireland, amongst others are all great influencers for the Grand Millennials.


Suzanne Rheinstein design.  

Besides all the grand dames name above,  there is the fabulous Mark Sikes, and his Instagram famous blue and white interiors.

I really think that Mark did more than anyone to create this resurgence of the pretty blue & white décor, now known as Grand Millennial decorating.

I love the way Mark mixed this dark antique painting with the light blue décor.  The dark anchors the pretty.  



Mark’s newest dining room décor at his house in LA.  Whoa.  I have to say I just love this man’s style!!

Sikes does PRETTY interiors in just the perfect way that is trending now.

But – there are hundreds, probably thousands of talented designers working locally and starring on Instagram who also do pretty interiors.  There is nothing more exciting than “discovering” a new talent on Instagram, only to find everyone you follow already follows your “discovery!”

These Instagram stars now fill up our telephone screens instead of how magazines once filled up our mailboxes. 

Being published in a magazine may not be as important as getting those thousands of “likes” and “followers” that comes with Instagram fame.

The world has changed so much in the past decade and so has the business of design. 

And so, with all these rapid changes, perhaps that is why the Pretty décor excited so many of us.  I don’t know about you, but I find the Grand Millennial décor to die for.

These young designers may no longer make me turn that magazine page quickly, but they are making me roll my scroll.

Let’s first start with some trends of the Grand Millennial décor and how to update your own décor to make it just a bit prettier:


Sarah Bartholomew.  Blue and White porcelain, trim on skirted table, symmetry, patterned flat rug.


Brittany Bromley – gorgeous.  Just beautiful!!!  A Grand Millennial dream with mural wallpaper, blue & white porcelains, trendy fabrics.

Can’t imagine sitting in here watching TV.  Gorgeous!

Lee Ann Thornton Design – blue & white décor with trendy wallpaper and fancy curtain treatments.

Becky Nielsen.  Blue & White décor with trendy ikat and chintz fabrics.

Katie Davis.  Blue & white décor.  Wallpaper.

Mark Sikes – living and dining room blue and white with trending fabric lampshades.

And for a surprise a pop of green.

Grand Millennial PRETTY in lilac.  Bviz pillow.


Guest room by Webb Design.  LOL!!!   From my old house.  Elisabeth’s former boyfriend lived in this room one summer.

TREND:  murals and wallpapers are still trending off the charts.

Kipling House Interiors

Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper.

Gavin Houghton Design.  Love the green paint and the wallpaper mixed with the oil painting.  So wonderful!  LOVE!!


Katie Davis.  Wallpaper.  Contemporary chairs and table keep the room from being overly sweet. 


De Gournay wallpaper.  Trendy banquette with trim.



Wallpaper in every room, including bars, laundry rooms, and closets.

Brittany Bromley.  Red wallpaper mixed with blues.    Notice the red and light blue lampshades.  This trend of anything but white lampshades is really attractive.

Pretty Grand Millennial bedroom with aqua wallpaper.

Salvesen Graham design.  Wallpaper in a bedroom.  Fabric lampshade.

Charming wallpaper in a bathroom.

DeGournay wallpaper in a shower!   Not sure how this was accomplished, but what a pretty idea!  


TREND:  Nothing speaks Grand Millennial more than Scallops:

Penny Morrison has influenced a generation of designers – here her trendy scalloped built-ins served as more inspiration.


Salvesen Graham design.  Scallops galore.  Notice two other trends:   The English style cabinetry with series of air holes in the doors.  And another trend – bright yellow.




Kipling House Interiors.  Scalloped upholstery.


Anna Louise Wolfe design:  Scallop chairs.

Julia Amory design – scalloped tea table with trendy Colefax & Fowler fabric.


So cute!

Katie Davis Design.  Love this use of scallops.

Chrissie Home and Design.  This scalloped console table comes in many sizes.  But this small size is sold out everywhere. 

Elements of Style:  Scallop curtain in this darling nursery. 

Similar curtains at Ballards HERE


Serena and Lily HERE

TREND:  Fancy Curtains are a hallmark of grannie chic.  But, these curtains aren’t curtains of old, they have a more modern twist.

Anna Louise Wolfe design.  These curtains use a scallop pelmet and blue trim.  Wood furniture and wallpaper with the blue décor makes this a perfect Grand Millennial design.  Anna Louise Wolfe has wonderfully beautiful grannie chic designs!!!

Michael Smith’s Malaison fabric curtains.  Laura Elaine Interiors




Lee Ann Thornton design.  Beautiful fancy curtains with trendy scallop design and trendy wallpaper, of course.

Katie Davis.  Library.  Blues with greens.  Beautiful curtains. Sofa Trim.

TRENDY FABRICS:   Grand Millennials tend to use the same classic fabrics.  And speaking of fabrics, F. Schumacher is riding the tide.  Their fabrics are beyond gorgeous and they have embraced the Instagram in such a positive way, especially with their wonderful video interviews.  Tori!!!

Hanna Seabrook’s design.  Pretty curtains using one of the most trendy fabric:  Lee Jofa’s Althea.


Instagram favorite: A Glass of Bovino and the classic Colefax & Fowler Bowood.


More Bowood.


Julia Amory design – another use of Althea.  



TRENDY:  Dark Wood Furniture.  Suddenly, Swedish and painted furniture is being replaced with English and French and American wood furniture.

Dark wood pieces are a surprise here in a granny chic room.


Amy Berry.  This might be my favorite room of them all.  What an amazing armoire.  Is it built into the wall?  Wow.  I just LOVE this!!!! 

Laura Elaine Interiors – trendy antique wood chest, blue and white décor, wallpaper.  

Leah OConnell design.  Warm wood furniture mixed with wallpaper, curtains, and blue and white décor.

Amy Berry.  Another beautiful use of dark wood mixed with blue and white.  It’s such a pretty combination.  And notice the pop of green and the lampshade covered in fabric. 

Katie Rosenfeld & Co. used a piece of Americana brown furniture as a vanity in her bathroom.


TRENDY DETAIL:  Trim on the sofa, chairs and tables:

Kipling House Interiors

Lee Ann Thornton design – trim on sofa with blue and white décor.

Trim on sofa.  Schuyler Samperton Fabric.  Wow.  Love this fabric!

More trendy yellow on skirted table.


TRIM:  Checkerboard Floors

Salvesen  Graham design.  This shows two trends, checkerboard floor and bright yellow.

HillaryT Interiors.  I love the light blue mixed with the black and white.

Elements of Style associate Molly’s new kitchen and floor.  I love the brown desk mixed in here.

TRENDS:  Light fixtures

For years, the crazier the light fixture, the better.  But it seems that trend is being left behind in favor of more classical design.  I love this room, but I just don’t care for the fixture. 

A beautiful Granny chic room with a traditional chandelier.

Here, two chandeliers are used in this dining room.

Julie Neill  who designs the most wonderful light fixtures shows how a contemporary one looks great in an antique filled room at her house.

Or, you can choose a more traditional one from Julie.  LOVE her house!!!!!

OK.  OK.  I can’t resist.  One more fixture from Julie Neill. 

Love the pink and green mixed with a chandelier.


Pretty as can be!

TRENDY PENDANTS– Pointed pendants are trending as are more vintage looking pendants.

Chris Loves Julia’s new kitchen has the most fabulous vintage looking pendants.

Circa Lighting has the style in different sizes and colors.  I just love this look.  HERE.

Katie Rosenfeld – these vintage looking pendants are to die for!  Right on trend for years to come.  Here’s the link for the light.

And here is a very very inexpensive dupe HERE


The pointed pendant trend started with the plaster DeVol fixture.


Dupes - Ballards enamel pendants HERE



Vintage inspiration Here


TREND:  Fabric Lampshades:

  A plain white shade looks plain now.

Michael Smith with his designed shade.  That lamp!!! Gorgeous!  I love how the fabric doesn’t match the blue and white.

Next, we will look at a trend that is the opposite of Grand Millennial.

TREND:   A cozy, warm, colorful décor

This look is a more sophisticated boho look and it’s taking off in a trending fashion.  It’s the antithesis of the Grand Millennial look with either bright pops of color or more muted, dark colors.  The look is cozy and warm and it’s an undecorated anti matchy-matchy look.  More popular in England and the north, it is gaining popularity in California and now the south.

The Queen of the Cozy Look has to be Katie Rosenfeld.  Her work is incredible and she is hugely popular.  Can I be best friends with her?  She looks like she is so much fun!!


Romanek Studio Projects.  From L.A.  Interesting mix of curves and textures, woods and velvets. 


Another Katie.  Always mixed in with brown Americana furniture.


Rita Konig is another leader of the cozy warm décor.  Someone needs to make up a name for this grown up boho look!

Amy Berry.  Brown and more brown.

TREND:  Grandfather Chic Kitchens:

Grandfather Chic kitchens are typically either green or blue.  Hardware – brass with live finish.  Green looks great with brass and soapstone or matte black granite counters.  Notice the pointed antique style pendant.


Blue with countertop hutch and vintage pendants.

Another green kitchen with caramel colored wood tones. 

Another waning  factor that was once THE kitchen trend – dramatic waterfall edges don’t go in old fashioned, warm kitchens.   I’m seeing less and less of waterfall edges.   And another waning trend – remember when countertops were faux three inches deep?  Today a one inch countertop is much more authentic looking and is a must in either a Grand Millennial or Grandfather Chic kitchen.

  Old fashion countertop with drying grooves.  Live finish brass.   Take a good, hard look at the faucet before you decide you have to have this trend.   Rustic oven hood.

Black cabinets mixed with marble and brass countertops.  DeVol pendant. 


And finally, the LAST TREND:

The flat screen Samsung Frame TV.  

The frame TV is experiencing an explosion and I can’t wait to talk Mr. Slippersocksman into buying one for us.  If I had a dime for everyone that has ordered this TV lately, I’d be a wealthy woman.  Anyone want to give me that dime???????  LOL.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.  Remember when everyone had an armoire or a cabinet where they hid the TV?   Just a few years ago, designers had to hide a three foot monster in some kind of cabinet or TV stand where it wouldn’t be the focal point of the family room.   My fellow interior decorators, how many cabinets did you design to hide that behemoth TV?

Here’s one of my TV cabinets designed for a client ten years ago.

An entire generation of young designers will never know the dread of hiding a huge TV.

The flatscreen changed design in a massive way.  Suddenly, we had an actual flat TV that could hang on the wall or over the mantel.  It was revolutionary.

Well, now Samsung has come out with an even better solution – a completely flat screen with a frame around it that looks like a piece of art instead of a black void.  Amazing.

The old days.  A huge cabinet built just to hide a huge TV.

Then, the era of trying to hide the flatscreen behind art.   Now, this just looks horrible!!!

Today, we have the Samsung completely flat frame TV:

The famous Instagram couple – Deb & Danielle have the frame TV.  Beautiful!

If you don’t follow Deb&Danielle, you should.  They are adorable.


Another frame TV.  There has even been an improvement on the original frame with a new screen that makes the art look even more like real art.

Grandfather Chic frame TV.

OK.  If I say Grandfather Chic enough times, maybe it will become a true label?

TV art work.

Go HERE for a tutorial from this blogger.  Everything you need to know.


An example of the different frames.

And now, on to 2022.  Hopefully a better year for all of us in this world.  Please God!!!

Look at what I found while writing this article.  A photo of the late, great, Charles Faudree with Instagram favorite The Leslie Jordan.

The links for all these bloggers is right below this photograph.  Thank you for stopping by to visit their blogs, I know they all appreciate it!!!








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