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Sorry!!  It’s another post about fashion!  I see the comments from those who think I should write only about interior design, but why?  Fashion is an design art just as interior decoration is.  But fear not, I have been writing a new blog story about interior design which I hope to post soon, except fashionable events keep happening!

Onto the main event of the day.

The coronation was a religious affair with glorious music and ancient traditions that seemed both mysterious and interesting to this American.  All the gold and glittering stones, the ancient fabrics, the ermine and velvet – it was a feast for the eyes.

The newly crowned Queen Camilla.

Her dress and coat were custom designed for her with secret messages stitched into the fabric.

If you look closely you will see Camilla’s two dogs are there, among others things.

For the coronation, Camilla wore the crown that was commissioned by Queen Mary, great grandmother of Charles, who wore it in her own coronation in 1911. 

This marks the first time a consort has used a previously designed crown – in the past, a new one was always commissioned for the ceremony. Queen Mary’s crown was changed and simplified for Camilla.  


At her coronation in 1911, Queen Mary is shown with her crown.  In order to simplify the crown’s profile for Camilla,  its eight arches were reduced down to just four.  The main diamond  was removed because the crown contained the Koh I Noor diamond.  This diamond is controversial due to its history.  It is said to have been looted by Iran from Dehli.  Later an Afghan general sold the diamond to a Sikh ruler.  When Britain annexed Punjab in 1849 England took the Koh I Noor diamond and gave it to Queen Victoria.  Its ownership today is challenged and thus, different parts of the Cullinan diamond replaced the Koh I Noor diamonds in Queen Mary’s crown.

I like the new simpler design, but is it too simple? I think it needs 8 arches, not four.  But no one asked me.  For sure the newly revised crown does look more delicate and it is still quite beautiful.

Queen Mary’s crown before it was changed.  The Kor I Noor diamonds – the huge center stone and one below it and the top pear shaped stone. 

The Koh I Noor and Cullinan diamonds were put into the crowns so that they could easily be removed and used as jewelry.  Crystal copies of the stones were made and placed into the crowns.

The Queen often wore two Cullinan diamonds as a brooch.  The piece was a favorite of Queen Mary’s and the family referred to her beloved diamonds as “Granny’s Chips.”

Here you can see the newly revised crown with the three Cullinan diamonds, two center bottom, one center top.


Most amazing are the last three custom coronation crowns:  Queens Alexandra, Mary, and the Queen Mum.

The Queen Mum and Mary’s crowns are so similar you wonder why she had her own crown made? 

And now, with the changes in arches, why wouldn’t Camilla just use the Queen Mum’s crown?  The Queen Mum was such a tiny woman, perhaps the crown was just too small for Camilla.

And there were more jewels at the coronation, especially the necklace:

The Coronation Necklace is stunning.  It was made for Queen Victoria in 1858 and all future Queens have worn it at their coronations:  Alexandra 1902, Mary 1911, Elizabeth, Queen Mum 1937 and finally Elizabeth in 1953.  The smaller stones came from various other jewelry – but the large center pendant was gifted to Queen Victoria after it had been removed from the treasury of present day Pakistan, then Lahore. 

Being crowned.

Queen Camilla!  Leaving the church, trying to avoid all the water.  I do wonder – why is there not a red carpet at the church entrance so that the dresses and robes don’t drag on the sidewalk?  And even in the church, the long dresses could use a carpet going up the aisle.


The King wore two crowns.  On the left is the St. Edward’s Crown used only when crowning a king or queen.  Charles will never wear this crown again – and he wore it only once on his coronation day. Later in the coronation he changed crowns to the lighter and smaller Imperial State Crown.


The St. Edward’s crown was made for Charles II in 1661!!!  It has 444 various stones.  The 1661 crown is actually a copy of the medieval crown made for Edward the Confessor in 1042.  Amazing. It has been worn by only 17 sovereigns. 


After the crowning ceremony, the King changed into the more familiar Imperial State Crown.  It has 3000 various stones with its center stone the Cullinan II, a 317 carat diamond. The diamond was cut from a diamond weighing 3,601 carats in 1905 and it was given by the now South Africa to Edward VII on his birthday.

Close up of the Imperial State Crown.  The eldest royal stone is the Stuart sapphire which is at the top center of the crown.  Another amazing stone is the Black Prince’s Ruby thought to be worn by Henry V.  And of course there is the huge Cullinan II diamond weighing over 300 carets. 


The coronation was emotional even if you aren’t a royalist.  The music!  Charles picked most of the music for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, so I assume he did the same for his coronation.   The aria commissioned for the event was so powerful – I literally got chills and started sobbing like a babe when it was sung.

From South Africa, Pretty Yende sang the newly composed piece entitled Sacred Fire.  Yende looked like a flower in her bright yellow dress.  She was almost as gorgeous as the aria.  And the jewels?  They were real!

I especially enjoyed Handel’s Zadok the Priest.  Incredibly moving.  But of course I kept thinking of Zadok the Jeweler, a popular shop in Houston!!

The piece was first heard in 1727, at Westminster Cathedral for George II’s coronation, see the engraving above.  Zadok has been played at every coronation since.

Zadok in Hebrew means righteous, justified.  He was a descendant from Eleazer, the son of Aron.  He was a Kohen – a high priest of Israel during the David and Solomon reigns.

I, I must confess, am also a Cohen, a high priestess.  OK.  LOL. 

But it’s true.

In all seriousness, those with the name Cohen have certain duties in the Judaic religion along with archaic rules.  My brother died in Israel and they would not allow my father to visit the grave because he was a Cohen.  He had to stand by the side of the drive.


Back to the Coronation

Another moment that brought emotional tears was the Prince of Wales pledging his fealty to his father King Charles III.   All I could think was I wished his mother was here to see him.


Conversely, I was glad Diana wasn’t there to see this – Harry all alone and forgotten.  It’s all so pathetic – basically for writing a biography about his own life that was mostly non controversial.  A few lines here and there, taken out of context, were blasted by the press claiming Harry was such a leper for writing the book.  But stop.  Diana had a ghostwriter write the most horrid things about the royals, including Charles and Camilla, et al.  And now she is lionized.  Even Charles has written things about his lonely childhood and his poor relationship with his father.

I think if reporters actually read Spare instead of screaming about out of context sentences,  maybe Harry might be allowed to sit with his brother, or have lunch with the family.

While Harry tried to keep a smile on his face – and he did, mostly, this photo  catches him looking at his brother wondering where did it all go so wrong?

This photo kills me. 

Apparently after the coronation there was a lunch and the King raised a toast to his unknown grandson Archie on his birthday “wherever he is.”

Wow.  Shady.

The two outcasts walk in.  Harry in his medals which he was allowed to keep and Prince Andrew in his robe.


Since Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth lived such long lives – there haven’t been that many English coronations in recent times.


Queen Victoria in her coronation finery.  She became Queen at just 18 years old, the coronation was a year later.

Victoria at Westminster.  Notice the same gold plates and various items on the altar as they were at Charles’ coronation. Notice at the back left, the men holding up their coronets.  Most were in ermine and velvet robes.

Victoria’s coronation benefited from the advent of the railways which brought over 400,000 revelers to London.  There was a fairground which was to last for two days and instead lasted four.

But, the lack of any rehearsal made for a coronation that was fraught with errors and mishaps.  Her coronation would be the last one that was so poorly planned.

Victoria’s son, King Edward VII, who like Charles,  waited a long time to be crowned.  He was 59 at his coronation.  His long suffering wife, Queen Alexandra of Denmark, was almost completely deaf. Edward was a notorious cheat but his last mistress is an interesting one.  Alice Keppel was just 29 when she became attached with Edward, aged 59.  She was accepted as his mistress by even Alexandra who allowed her on Edward’s deathbed.  For a short while, that is.  Years later, Alice Keppel’s great granddaughter would meet her own Prince of Wales – Charles, whose great great grandfather was Edward VII. 

What a small world.

Notice the jewels Alexandra wore to the coronation.  There was barely an inch on her body that wasn’t covered in diamonds.

King George V and Queen Mary. Notice he is wearing buckled shoes like Charles did.  Camilla wore just one of her diamond necklaces, which Mary preferred to stack up her neck like a choker.

Their 1911 coronation was the first ever to be photographed.  They were seated in front of the royal box.  Notice the ceremonial gold plates, et al, behind the clergy.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 1937

The King who was not born to be king, but stepped in when his brother Bertie, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry the divorced American Wallis Simpson.  And now today, as King Charles is crowned with his Queen,  a divorcee whose ex husband was at the coronation.  Times have changed!  The Queen Mum’s robe is interesting with what was probably bright flowers sewn on the velvet.

Their daughters Elizabeth and Margaret both attended as did the Dowager Queen Mary.  This was the first time a dowager Queen attended a coronation.

Queen Elizabeth 1953

This was the first to be televised worldwide.  Prince Philip helped plan and organize the coronation, but when a ceremony is 1000 years old – it’s hard to modernize.  Notice how many ladies in waiting Elizabeth had at her side.  Camilla had two and one was her sister.   Queen Elizabeth’s coronation had over 8,000 guests, while Charles had 2,000 plus. 

Everything was streamlined at Charles coronation,  but it just wasn’t noticeable.  Except for this:  Tiaras, velvet robes, and coronets were banned.  Forty eight hours before the coronation King Charles rescinded the ban as he had gotten many complaints.  Although I still didn’t notice any tiaras or coronets.

A coronet is a small crown that denotes your rank: 

Marquess, duke, earl, duchess, viscountess, marchioness, countess, viscount, baroness, and baron each had their own identifying coronet.

In past coronations, all House of Lords members were invited, all wore ermine and velvet robes and their correct coronet.  But this coronation was different.  The House of Lords who were always invited to the coronations were missing this time around. 


Here at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the peerage all sat together.  The pearls on the coronet look like pen lights.

Besides cutting the number of guests attending from 8000 to 2000 plus, the size of the procession around London in the gold carriage was also shortened.  Although it seemed as if every soldier was at the parade, there were only 6,000 compared to his mother’s coronation where she had 40,000 plus troops.

Despite all the changes and downsizing – the coronation was moving, emotional and awe inspiring. 

At the same time, I had mixed emotions watching it.

I was wondering how long the monarchy will last.  Will William be crowned?  Probably?  George?  That’s a tough one.  The world is so different today.  There is no mystery about the royals.  We know they are mortals and flawed ones at that.  Would I ever want to bow down to a mortal man?  When you start dissecting it, it all seems silly.  But who really knows?  Maybe George’s child will rule one day.

Images like this highlight how ancient the ceremony is. 

But this.  This was so emotional.  I kept wondering – what is Harry thinking right now?????

This image was awe inspiring and yet…what is going on?????  Do I think he, a mortal man, is being anointed with holy oil blessed by God??   Did God choose him to be King?  We all know that Charles from the very luckiest of gene pools.  That’s my opinion. 

Despite being an American not wanting to bow down to the King – I think he’s an incredible man.  What he has done to the environment decades before it was chic is amazing.  I admire his love of classic architecture and music.  The King is an accomplished artist and water colorist.   He is so interesting and funny and at the same time he can have a wicked temper.  And he can act entitled.  Somehow I don’t think a King George would ever feel entitled.

William has some tall boots to live up to.  Does he have any passions like his father?  I honestly don’t know what he is passionate about.  He has admitted he doesn’t care about architecture like his father and I don’t think he’s an artist.  Music?  He seems to care about charity work like his mother, but he is obviously not as well rounded as Charles. The King is a real Renaissance Man.  He reminds me most of Prince Albert who did so much for England in such a short time.

Without a doubt, this is a couple in love.  Soul mates.  Why they didn’t marry first is beyond me – it’s so obvious they were meant to be together.

There are the gold plates again.  They are so gorgeous. Charles’ robe is from his grandfather, King Edward’s 1902 coronation.

Before he is crowned, the King in deep reflection.  He’s been training his entire life for this but it still must be daunting to think of the responsibility that will now be on his shoulders alone.

At Camilla’s side are her two companions:  her sister, the very talented interior decorator Annabel Elliot, and her friend, Lady Lansdowne. 

The Princess of Wales didn’t wear a tiara but instead had a crown of crystal leaves which I loved.


Mini Me Charlotte wore a smaller version of the headband.  Is she not the absolutely most adorable little girl in the world?  She would make a perfect Queen, but she wasn’t born first.   Charlotte was in charge of  Prince Louie, who was adorable in a miniature version of his father’s uniform.  Unfortunately, Louis was perfectly behaved this time, unlike at the Jubilee when he was so cheeky, as they say in England.

Lord President of the Council, Penny Mordaunt, carrying the Sword of State.  The press called her the Pippa of the coronation recalling how Kate’s sister Pippa stole the show at their wedding because she looked so beautiful in her bridesmaid’s dress. 

Close up – I especially loved the the embroidery on her hat and cape.

Here is Pippa Middleton at the coronation in lemon sorbet.  At her left is her and Kate’s brother.  Pippa never looks bad.  She is such a natural beauty.

The Royal Family had quite a few best dressed.  Lady Louise of Windsor, Edward’s daughter, was outstanding.  From a duckling to a swan – her transformation was sudden and amazing!  She was always a young girl, but at the coronation, she suddenly was a young woman.  She looks like all the Windsor women.  And look how beautiful her profile is. 

Another huge surprise was Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, the daughter of Lord Linley (behind her) and the granddaughter of Princess  Margaret.  She’s another classic Windsor beauty and her dress was beyond wonderful in blush.


Another view – even her shoes were perfect.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent’s daughter, Lady Helen Taylor was lovely.  She is always fashion forward.  Her shoes!!!  Dress by Dior.

Prince and Princess Michael’s daughter, Lady Gabriella Kingston, another fashion forward royal cousin, was model perfect in bright pink.  Her brooch is a fourth generation piece.

Lady Sarah Chatto,  Princess Margaret’s daughter looked lovely in cream with  matching purse.  Her jewelry was from her mother.

Zara Tindall, The Princess Royal Anne’s daughter is another fashionista that rarely misses. 

Her brooch was a gift from Charles to his sister Anne on her marriage.


Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece.  Yes, another fashionista!  In another pale blue dress.  Notice her purse that looks like a book!  Handsome husband.

The Macrons.  Best dressed couple of the coronation.  Blush dress with matching coat. Louis Vuitton.   Stunning.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha.  I LOVED her dress.  It was a flouncy, spring silk dress with a summery hat.  Love the sleeves.  Best Dressed.


Another view.  She is so cute!

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Jawaher bunt Hamad bin Suhail Al-Thani.  Dior.  Another beautiful couple.

Wow!  First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf and wife Nadia El-Nakala in Scottish dress.  LOVE!

Go Outlander!!!

King Jigme Kesar Namgyal Wangchuk and Queen Jetson Pema, Bhutan.  Love at first sight – Jigme waited for her to come of age to marry.  Seriously the cutest royal couple!!!

Queen Rania of Jordan is another one who never misses.  Another lemon sorbet dress.

First Lady Jill Biden in matching blue gloves and a ribbon on her head.  Finnegan Biden, her granddaughter (yes, Hunter’s daughter) in yet another lemon sorbet dress with cape.

King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand and Queen Suchinda of Thailand in traditional dress, both looked great.  The King and I!  His medals are especially impressive.  Hers too.


Prime Minister Trudeau and Sophie.  Another blush dress.  Cute.

LOVE!  Best dressed – Katy Perry.  You can’t see here, but the back had a ruffled pelmet.

She came to be noticed and she was.  Ms Rose Hanbury, 39,  married to David Rocksavage, 62, the Marquess of Cholmondeley.  Rocksavage held an important ceremonial position for Queen Elizabeth.   They are neighbors of the Wales near the Sandringham estate on the coast.  It has long be rumored that Rose and Prince William are/were an item.  Her presence caused all kinds of twitter chatter.  Especially her shoes, which Kate had worn the night before.  So silly.  Her husband was one who wore his ceremonial robes to the event, but not his coronet.  Regardless, I loved her look.  And I don’t believe the rumors.


Prince Albert and Charlene.  Hmm.  She is usually fashion forward and impeccable but this wasn’t her best look to date.


King Felipe of Spain and Queen Letizia of Spain wearing a Carolina Herrera dress.  Not sure why, but not a favorite.  Her hat looks like a lampshade.  It’s rare she’s not the best dressed.

This one kills me.  My favorite royals from Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary.   Maybe it’s the deep purple, my least favorite color in the world.  And paired with turquoise jewels, I just didn’t care for her outfit.  But, like I said – they are my favorite royal couple!

Bye, for now.  It’s sad to think, but I don’t know what big state occasion is coming up soon.  Lady Louise is too young to marry, but she might be the next wedding?   All the great grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth are too young to marry right now and in the next decade.  There won’t be any jubilees soon, maybe in ten years.  So, unless I am wrong, it might be a long time before we see a British celebration on a grand scale again – except for the occasional funeral.   We’ve gotten spoiled lately:  there was Harry and Meghan’s wedding,  Eugenie’s wedding, Beatrice’s Covid slimmed down wedding,  Prince Philip’s funeral, the Jubilee, and the Queen’s funeral.

It’s been a busy two or three years for the Royals, but it might, unfortunately, be awhile before we see them all out and together again soon.