COTE DE TEXAS: Living In Houston, Lusting for France

Living In Houston, Lusting for France

Welcome to my new, and first, blog! I am an interior designer in Houston, Texas who lives, lusts, and covets anything French (except men!). Not all of my clients (in fact most) feel the same about French Design that I do. Subsequently I am forced to design in styles that aren't personally what I would choose to live with. But, c'est la vie. I am planning to use this blog to indulge my love of French antiques, French furniture, and anything else pertaining to France! I also plan to showcase French design in Houston, so if you share my love of French and live on the gulf coast, you probably will find things you love here.

I am going to start with my own life, my house and the French antiques I've bought for it. I also plan to write about how my obsession with French antiques began.

Please leave me a comment if you have one.


  1. Dear Joni - the comment about French men makes me laugh!!! :-)

  2. Wow - your first post - and look how your blog has evolved! Not only do you cover anything French (maybe even a French man or two), but you also cover anything and everything under the sun if it pertains to design.

    I truly learn so much from your blog, it is my absolute favorite.

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