COTE DE TEXAS: Concrete Statuary

Concrete Statuary

My favorite shape is the urn, as in a crusty, old, concrete garden urn. I love placing urns inside the house with or without something inside of them. Another accessory I love using inside the house is garden statuary. This lady has been guarding my front window for many years. She is not an antique, but a copy of one. She is concrete, of course. I abhor all those "light weight" fake concrete items on the market today and would rather pull my back out moving real concrete than using the faux thing. My lady had been in the corner of the window for years, but recently I moved her to the middle of my window, framed softly by the silk curtains. She's much happier now that she can be easier seen.


  1. I can't believe there is a Cote De Texas post with 0 comments.

    Interesting that you don't like those light weight faux concrete items. Do you even dislike concrete planters? They seem to practical. I do not have any kind of planter, but my deck is getting redone this week and I plan on 'dressing it up' with a planter or two.

  2. I meant, do you dislike lightweight planters. Napa Home has some really beautiful ones.

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