COTE DE TEXAS: Goodbye to Ugly Hardware!

Goodbye to Ugly Hardware!

A broken front door handle has changed my life and yes, for the better. After 14 years of hard duty, it was dead beyond repair and thus, began the dilemma: do we replace the handle in the same hated brass finish or do we buy it in one of the "newer" more fashionable finishes??? You probably can guess my preference. Sweet husband said to change the finish and he well understood that that meant ALL the hardware in the house would have to be changed also, because, well, it HAD to match! Sweet words: new hardware. After a few months of searching, I finally decided on Emtek hardware. It's relatively inexpensive for the quality and essentially, it's a knock-off of the much pricier Rocky Mountain Hardware. My hardware has been installed this past week and I don't miss the brass at all. Instead I have beautiful, hand-applied silver finish hardware. I still need to change my plumbing fixtures, but I want to change my countertops to Carrera marble at the same time, so that may wait for a few months. Here's the new hardware in place. Notice how the handle is placed on a backplate, instead of directly on the door. That's the one feature I really wanted in my hardware. It's gorgeous, if I may say so myself. And so French!!!


  1. Wow, a post with no comments from Cote de Texas! How far you have come. Great pictures! I would have picked the exact same backplate, based on the Emtek styles that I saw.

    One other interesting thing...I tend to gravitate to lever handles, but the handles I have on my French doors upstairs and downstairs are round brass, and there is only one on each door. I realized that if I do lever handles, then I need to have a dummy handle on the other door so they balance out!

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