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My Designs: French Design Client

I visited a client today about a year after we stopped working on her house. This is the view from her front door and it's heavenly I think! Her living room and entry are filled with French antiques that we purchased especially for each space from Tara Shaw. The period chaise is in the entry, though today we decided if she ever moves, it would be perfect as a room divider in a bigger space. Just through the arch, is one of two period French fauteuils, upholstered in a luscious linen raspberry check with a smaller silk check on the back. Past that chair, peeking on the left, is an armchair upholstered in a classic Lee Jofa print. You can just barely make out the scalloped hem! I loved working on this house because my client and I share the same taste and that is always the most fun job to have. Working with these fabrics - bluish greens and raspberries reaffirmed something that I had just begun to realize and utilize in my design: using colors that make the owner's complexion look good is the perfect starting point. This owner has blond hair, blue eyes, and a bright glow to her skin. She's the quintessential Lily Pulitzer type (who 40 years ago wore Denise dresses and Pappagallo shoes) and she just looks perfect sitting on the raspberry pink upholstery. I'm finding that nothing is better than when the owner looks good in her home.


  1. Hi there. I enjoy your blog. I work with an antiques store in the Chicago area that specializes in French country antiques and reproductions ( We'd like to make a reference to your blog on our site since your design tastes are similar to ours. Would that be ok?

  2. Sure! I wasn't going to publicize this until I had more posts, but go ahead, it will give me more incentive to post more.

  3. Oh my gosh Joni. I just read this post and it is amazing the design you have done in this home. You need to post more pic of it. You are Brilliant.

  4. I love the combination of fabrics on the settee. I saw a closer picture of it a few posts back. It's really lovely.

  5. Joni,

    I love what you did here, esp since, I just read the piece on Paris apartements!

    Dean Farris
    Naples, FL U.S.

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