COTE DE TEXAS: My Summer Garden - My Spot of Heaven

My Summer Garden - My Spot of Heaven

My backyard is at its prettiest this year, I think. Pink and white caladiums are up and smiling as big as life. The multicolored impatiens are tall, almost ready for cutting back to start over again this summer (or should I not?) Newly laid gravel looks fresh and clean. The fountain is a little green from the heavy, daily deluges - but that will change next week when it will be clear and clean again. A few of the climbing roses are peeking out here and there. Everything is so pink - bright pink, light pink, coral pink - every shade of pink. The lavender lantana is not as prominent as it was during the spring, but that's ok. I'm into pink these days, inside and out.

It may not look like it from these pictures, but my yard is very small, very, very tiny. 50 x 15. I've done the best I could do with it and after 13 years, I'm finally happy this summer. The calming sound of the water falling from the urn into the pond, the twinkling lights on the arbor, the fluttering butterflies that seem to love the flowers as much as I do all combine to calm my nerves as I sit outside, day and night, usually reading design blogs on my computer. It's my spot of heaven.


  1. Your yard is gorgeous! You don't find it too hot and humid to sit outside?

  2. Tara - you can tell your're from Texas!! Sometimes during the day it is too hot and I'll sit inside. But there's a long, skinny porch that runs the length of the back of my house and that's where my chair is. With just a little breeze, the shade is tolerable. Without a breeze - well, it can get bad.


  3. I love love love your garden! My husband and I have just moved into a bungalow in Michigan and have a little rectangular yard that is defnintely a blank slate - your garden is in the style that I hope to someday have in my garden, that deliciously European organized chaos of color, texture and style with a secret garden vibe. Your blog is also wonderfully inspiring - thank you for a wonderful random find!