COTE DE TEXAS: New French Mouton Leg Couch

New French Mouton Leg Couch

I've bought this couch! It will be coming home soon: the slip cover (white linen) needs to be made and the nailhead trim will be removed. I hate to do that but, it shows through the linen and I can't see the point of that. This couch was a special order, made in Houston and shipped out to LA. Upon arrival there, it wouldn't fit through the client's door, so they shipped it back to Houston's famous Hien Lam, upholsterer extraordinaire. At least this is the story she tells me. We've haggled over what kind of back cushions it should have - she wants to make three box shaped ones and I'm skeptical because of the gorgeous curved top. Today we decided on knife edge 26" cushions. As soon as the decision was made, I regretted it. What I don't understand is why is it so easy for me to make decisions for clients but for myself - forget it. Truthfully, the discussions over this couch have gone on for weeks and weeks. I'm trying to finalize this because I want it home with me! It's so comfortable and my current family room sofa is so uncomfortable.

Next, is what chairs? I really can't decide. I want French, of course, but upholstered? I want the comfort, but do I want the look? I'm going to search for French wood frame chairs on tonight, maybe I'll buy the chairs instead of making them. Or should I buy a frame from Savoia Chairs? This is a great company is you have a refinisher. M'aider !

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