COTE DE TEXAS: Pool Room - Texas style

Pool Room - Texas style

This client had waited nine years to furnish her pool room, a large area off her kitchen that leads to a beautiful backyard with a large pool that helps her family and friends keep cool during hot Houston summers. For nine long years this beautiful room stayed empty. When we met, she knew what she wanted - the Pottery Barn seagrass sectional. I chose outdoor fabrics from Lee Jofa (floral) and Perennials (stripes) to cover the pillows and windowseat. The blue and white porcelain garden seat comes from the Wisteria catalogue - a steal at $179.00. I've used that particular garden seat innumerable times. The blue is somewhat muted and I love that about it. Recently I found another web site that sells tons of garden seats in every color imaginable: Legend of Asia. Their storefront is located at 8515 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90301.
When this picture of the pool room was taken, the room was not quite finished. Missing is the seagrass rug and slipcovers for the wood chairs. You'll have to visualize those details. My client and her family are thrilled with the room because now they have a place to sit down all together and watch their new plasma screen TV. It's been a long wait, but, they say, it was worth it.

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