COTE DE TEXAS: Stalking Houston Real Estate: Part Deux

Stalking Houston Real Estate: Part Deux

Persuing a favorite pastime of mine (see earlier article: Stalking Houston Real Estate) while on vacation in not-so-sunny South Padre Island (more about that another time!), I struck oil! It isn't often that a home published in Architectural Digest goes up for sale in Houston, but one has and it is fabulous. Designed by Michael Siller for himself and his partner, the owner of Hokanson custom rugs, the house is located in River Oaks, Houston's most exclusive neighborhood. More of a townhouse, than a home, the interiors are filled with Russian antiques and paintings. The house is so perfect, I am wondering, where are they possibly moving to?

For the truly eagled eye, if this looks vaguely familiar, featured in this April's AD, is the house next door, a sort of "sister project," also designed by Michael Siller. For those who missed the original story in AD, here are some pictures from the Houston Associates of Realtors web site. Enjoy!

The piano nobile living room. Note the detailed moldings.

Checks, done by Michael Siller. Love this!

Green library, note the rug, by the owner Larry Hokanson.
Very formal dining room.

Master bedroom, rug again by Hokanson. Note the doorway pediments.

Gorgeous multifloor stairwell with parquet wood floors. Again, note the doorways.


  1. Wow! Although I'd be afraid to sit anywhere for fear of ruining the aura...

  2. Beautiful! I also loved the "checked room", and the architectural details and wonderful chandeliers.

  3. As one HAR stalker to another--thanks for sharing these great photos!

  4. WOW! Yes, why would they want to move????? Just beautiful!

  5. God bless River Oaks, never afraid to gild the lily.

  6. I took me 3 hours to find this site.. after looking it and shutting my computer...

    Do you have ANY more photos or NAME OF REALTOR? I have been desperately seeking more info on this home for the past 6 months...

    Trying to recereate (on a budget) in Salt Lake City, UT.