COTE DE TEXAS: New York Social Diary

New York Social Diary

This week's New York Social Diary is out and as usual, it's fabulous! If you don't subscribe to it, but you love New York shopping, culture, art, society, and design, you should sign up for it. This week NYSD previews fab designer Thad Hayes' new NY design office. Here's a few pics from the layout. For all you design bloggers who LOVE design books, here's a picture from Thad's collection. Bloggers: Let's see what books Thad reads: Bunny Williams - yes!, Frank Lloyd Wright, yes!, Stefanidis, yes! Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley, Jed Johnson (didn't like that book, sorry) AND he has my bible: Style by Salandino. Gee, Thad, we have the same taste, why aren't I as famous a designer as you???? The picture below is how he keeps his clients'files. So neat and organized (not like me). Notice it looks like he keeps the fabric samples above in the clear plastic boxes. I'd love to read the names of those clients. Bloggers - how do you keep your current clients' files? I use these shopping bags that I buy wholesale, some are zebra print, some are white, etc. for the samples. I put the papers in Anna Griffin files.

And more of his office library. Notice the framed magazine articles of him on the wall:

This week NYSD visits a horse show in Milbrook, NY. Doesn't this look like an ad from Ralph Lauren?

I don't know who's cuter, the dog or the purse?


  1. Oooh, love the girlfriend's hat...but where did her hips go? ;)

    (just kidding, and I did the tag... :)

  2. Imagine being as organised as that designer!! Thank-you so much for tagging me, I will have to think of some weird things to tell about me in my next post!!
    I'm glad you liked my songs-there's a real odd mixture on there isn't there? And also thanks for telling your friend to check out my blog too-it made my day!

  3. What an organized neat person that Thad is. I try to stay neat but it is an ongoing battle. I have baskets that I keep each clients samples in and binders on shelves and basket trays for clippings and ispiration for each job.

  4. Wonderful office -- so so much space and so organized! And my favorite part of the last photo was the hat -- I LOVE hats!! (and the dog and purse are pretty darn cute too!) Only wish that I could look THAT good when out-of-doors! In my case I would be searching for the doggie doo under the table -- and my purse would have been ravaged by the dog too! Goodness knows what would happen to the lovely hat! LOL!

    Jan x at Rosemary Cottage who has wild dreams of looking elegant and chic -- and then real life intrudes rudely ! LOL!