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Chandeliers & Other Light Fixtures



When designing rooms, there are several elements that I always prefer to include:  a floor covering with some type of pattern or texture, draperies, sconces, and chandeliers.  Now, the key word here is, of course, "prefer" because many clients do not always agree with me.  Many people detest window coverings of any kind, especially draperies (you know who you are, B.R.!!!).  Other clients like to keep their beige, builder-grade wall-to-wall carpet instead of upgrading to a patterned carpet or a textured rug such as seagrass.  Still other clients wouldn't have a sconce in their house if their life depended on it.  I once had a client who disdainfully pronounced them "Skronches."  And still, many people prefer a ceiling full of Swiss cheese holes bearing light through recessed cans rather than hang a gorgeous chandelier.  To me, though, these four elements - patterned or textured rugs, draperies, sconces and chandeliers - can turn an ordinary room into something special.   Gorgeous, printed fabric  framing a window adds softness and romance.  Patterned or textured floor coverings lend an additional focal point, much the same way as a painted or beamed ceiling does.  Sconces add an atmospheric glow to a room.   And a chandelier is the crown to the space.  Whenever I am lucky enough to have a client who wants these four elements in their room, I know the space will be a success.  It also means the client is willing to go the extra mile to "finish" the room, not just add new furniture and paint the walls.  And, it also means the client trusts my taste and values my opinion and is willing to go out on a limb for me.  I've already written about sconces, which you can read here.  Today, the discussion is chandeliers, or lighting fixtures.

Traditionally, chandeliers are defined as overhead light fixtures with two or more arms giving off light.  Today with  so many different designs on the market, the term chandelier loosely refers to any light fixture hanging from a ceiling.   Below are pictures of rooms where there are light fixtures -  some are chandeliers, and other are pendants or lanterns.  While you are looking at the pictures, imagine the room without the fixture - would it be as appealing, would it be as pretty, would it look as finished, would it appear as stylish?  After you finish, go through your house and look at rooms where you don't have a light fixture.  Should it?  Maybe, these rooms will help change your mind!


A dining room with an antique chandelier with crystals and a brass cage.  Here the airiness of the fixture plays up the airiness of the room's design.  Notice the small, silver armadillo on the table!  The collection of busts is an unusual touch for a dining room, but here, it is very effective and beautiful.


In a Maria Buatta designed bedroom, the chandelier is a hot air balloon design.  (Unfortunately, the top of the balloon is cut out of the picture.)  The folly of the chandelier's design adds to the youthful feel of the bed's canopy.


Here a stunning Murano glass chandelier, all lacy and feminine is juxtaposed against the starkness of the room's design.  It is hard to imagine another fixture working more perfectly in this dining room than this one.


In a Belgium styled breakfast room, an iron chandelier is in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere.


Buatta, again, uses a Swedish crystal chandelier in this living room.


An American home emulating Belgium design, uses an iron lantern in its living room.


In a dining room, a Niermann Weeks chandelier is a traditional choice. Note how much drama the drapes add to the overall design.  The room would not be as pleasing without that element. 


Here, a Niermann Weeks chandelier again.  One of their most popular items, NW has had great success with their copy of an 18th century Empire fixture.


Pam Pierce's bedroom with an antique gilded bois fixture. I adore the bedspread/duvet design.


A huge double chandelier with sconces.  Again, notice how the color and style of the drapes add an important design element.  The sconces balance out the visual vignette.


Three hanging pendant lights pick up the black color of the countertops in an all white kitchen.  I love these fixtures and the antique clock over the stove.  Notice, too, how the pattern of three pendants is repeated in the three barstools and three large objects over the stove.  Repetition is another tool used in design which can be effective if not overdone.


Here, this dining room incorporates the elements perfectly:  textured rug, draperies, and chandelier.  This fixture is updated with the use of colored rock crystals and crystal beading that lines the cage.


In this French styled home, a lantern is seen over the breakfast room.  Perfect choice!


Another lantern, this one oversized to fit the large stairwell.


Houstonian interior designer Michael Siller used an antique Swedish chandelier in his sitting room.


This chandelier is one of my favorites shown today.  Antique gilded bois fixture with ropes of crystal beads.  I love how drapery is used to separate space in this long entry hall.


Here a modern fixture lights up a space filled with antique elements.  Holly Hunt made this fixture - oft copied, it is one of her most successful designs.  The lights appears to emanate from candles, when in fact, the candles are faux.   Ingenious design.


A new look in light fixtures is the large, drum shade.  Here the shade is opaque, but sometimes, a transparent drum shade is placed over a traditional chandelier creating a trendy, hip look.


Fortuny, the fabric house, makes these gorgeous light fixtures.  They come in different sizes, styles, and colors.   Here in a traditional room with modern accents, the Fortuny fixture adds an additional modern element to the room's design.

Vaio Pictures 200

In Houston, New Orleans designers Holden and Dupuy use a French chandelier in the living room.  The designers used my four favorite elements to add atmosphere and the finishing touch:  rug, draperies, sconces, and light fixture.  Remove one of these four elements and the room would not be as pleasing or beautiful.


Here, a modern take on a traditional fixture.


The great John Stefanidis frequently uses light fixtures in his rooms.

Vaio Pictures 193

Holder and Dupuy again, in Houston, use a gorgeous antique chandelier that adds a delicate touch to a light and airy dining room.



Furniture and interior designer Windsor Smith uses an antique fixture in her own dining room.


Italian bred, now living in Chicago, designer Alessandra Branca uses a copy of a very popular fixture -- a "boat" chandelier.  These fixtures are now being copied in every price point.  This apartment is home to a family with young children and this whimsical fixture helps keep the decor from being too "grown-up."  Branca here uses the four elements to perfection.


A small eating area is lit by a traditional fixture that has updated touches to it.  


I love this entry hall.  Typically Belgian, austere and cold, this room comes alive with an unexpected touch: an over the top, huge crystal chandelier. 


Again Belgium, a dining room with a cold look is warmed by an oversized crystal chandelier.

13465_max  Here again is a copy of a late 18th century Empire design.


A dining room filled with Swedish antiques and an ultra modern light fixture.  This fixture is so spectacular and different, it actually overtakes the room. 


A stairwell with a black lantern.  Truly an outdoor fixture, lanterns are being brought inside more frequently now.   This light fixture is perfect in this setting.


Dallas, Texas with an exceptional French antique Empire fixture.


One of my favorite pictures here:  a kitchen with an eat in dining room. Without the pot rack, it would be hard to actually see this is a kitchen.  The French stove looks like a jeweled box with ormolu. The light fixture plays off the brass of the range.  Beautiful!


Here, a metal chandelier with leaf design.  Fresh garlands from Christmas are attached to the fixture.  I love the chairs and the fabric here. Actually, though, this fixture wouldn't have been my first choice.


An antique bois fixture from France goes perfectly in this Californian home filled with French antiques.  These types of antique fixtures are "hot" right now and are being copied and "fauxed" by most light companies.  These fixtures are easy to "fake" and I suspect that many of the ones sold as antiques today are actually new.  One of my favorite designs, I have this type in my dining room.


A new fixture with rock crystal and crystal beading on the metal arms.  This fixture is perfect in this setting - updated traditional.  The chair and drapery fabrics are a dead giveaway that this is a room meant for a young family.


In Europe, a quiet, sedate room with a huge, over the top crystal chandelier.  An iron or wood chandelier would have been the "safe: choice here, but instead the owners went for smashing!


In Belgium, a gorgeous Murano glass chandelier from Italy.   


A traditional dining room with a traditional chandelier.  The choice of fabric on the walls and the chairs give this room its special look.


And last, a close up of an Italian Murano glass chandelier. 



  1. Wow all that spaces have me fliying! my favorites are the classic ones, and those chandeliers, oh my..I'll be dreaming in cristal lights tonite, and with a texas in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Oh my God...let me wipe the drool off my keyboard! Once again you have posted the most wonderful pics!!!! I must confess I am a chandelier addict and have one in every room practically....incuding my baths!LOL...I'm tying to wear my husband down to let me have sconces in one room but so far it isn't working. *sigh* I might have to stick with candle sconces..... Boo Hoo!

  3. Speechless........I will comment again when I find the words...

    Anna ;)

  4. Light the way! You have a way of hi-lighting the best and the brightest. Gorgeous post!
    How many days did that take to do, assembling all those photos and editing?

  5. OMG Joni - so many pics you have posted! Thanks for the visual treat today!! Great pics/great post!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous post, Joni! I'm in the market for a chandelier for the master bath. That's my next project. There is a single, sort of pendant light there now. It isn't working with the "new" bedroom. While shopping around, I'll definitely use your wonderful inspiration!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Gorgeous photo's! I love the French kitchen. Totally agree, a chandeleir can make or break a room.
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  8. Wow, usually I browse but this post inspired me to comment. A fantastic collection of photos. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Liz in Upstate NY

  9. One of the things I shipped home from the UK was a wonderful little chandelier. I haven't hung it yet, but I will!

    Stellar post, as always!

  10. Oh Joni, I am always knocked over by your ability to compile wonderfully complete sets of pictures, and this post is just another fabulous example of this. You have sent me running to the drawing board! What inspiration!

  11. Great post (and images) Joni! I wouldn't want a skronch either, but I love sconces and chandeliers! ;)

  12. As usual, you blew me away! Thanks for so many goodies to look at and ponder!

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I believe one of the most misunderstood & missed opportunities in decorating is lighting.

  14. What fun. A feast for the eyes. Thanks for the pics.

  15. Hi Joni
    Great post. I agree with you on the 4 elements that make a great room and a beautiful chandelier certainly can be the crowning glory. I am still loving the Alessandra Branca boat unique and what a conversation piece.

  16. A very illuminating posting -- such a gorgeous selection of photos! Really inspiring! Each one offers a new aspect on the subject of lighting a room .....many thanks for another valuable lesson in design!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  17. Positively gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  18. I've always loved Murano chandeliers and have wanted one in clear and gold glass--the same colors as in your last photo! I'm not sure I could afford one, though. How much would one like the one you've shown run?

  19. I am now off to take a closer look at the Fortuny fixtures. Those are lovely!

  20. After reading this post again and again I am still at a loss for words to describe just how perfect and inspirational this compilation is. To me, this is the best post I've ever seen and I'm completely in awe. You've made me a very happy girl :)

    Thank you!

    Anna :)

  21. Thank you for spending so much time in effort in this post. It was beautiful. Hope it is ok. I lifted the picture of the room with the hugh chandelier. We are just planning an addition. I know will be able to show my contractor what I'm aiming for. Thanks.

    I took a semester class on lighting in a design program. Before taking the class I thought, "What's to know?" Now I'm paranoid about lighting. There is so much to know...lumens, degrees of reflectance, etc. I'm with you though; why choose to put 'swiss cheese' on your ceiling (can lights)?

  22. I would love to see your inspiration binder where you keep all these fabulous tear sheets! I had a client call them, "scones."


    Material Girls Blog (and fairly new Houstonian)

  23. This post has me moving from quietly lurking to thanking. This is such a wonderful collection of images that you've shared.Very inspirational. Thank you very much.


  24. Those are lovely. I have a question, though. Totally genuine, since I'm not a professional designer: Chandeliers have become trendy in the past few years and now my concern is that they will soon seem dated. Do you not worry that in a few years they'll be "so very 2004 - 2008?"

  25. Thanks everyone - the best comments ever!!!! for the last question - light fixtures as trends - maybe, but I think what it is, is there are so many choices available now - chandeliers have been around forever, I'm not sure it's trendy to have them. will it seem 2000 in 20 years? Maybe - I think design cycles every 10 years regardless of what is classic or trendy, you can tell which decade a room was designed in by many factors - the fabric, the floor covering, the tile, the color, etc. I wouldn't NOT have a light fixture becuase you don't want your room to look the year 2000. It's going to look that way regardless of whether or not you have a fixture, so why not have one and just enjoy it?

  26. WOW!! You've outdone yourself Joni!! Beautiful! Of course I adore chandeliers!

  27. I would just love to have that Pam Pierce's bedroom. Looks very cosy. And all these beautiful chandeliers. Just wish I had at least one of them!!
    Hope you have a good day.
    Love Elzie

  28. What a great post!!!
    I love especially the second photo. What a great way to display bust collection.Gosia

  29. Fabulous photos! How can someone NOT love a sconce? My goodness.

  30. Another awesome page full of inspiration. Thank you!

  31. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I am inspired to finish replacing the rest of my "builder special" fixtures. I appreciate you sharing your design ideas with the masses.

  32. Thanks so much for this post Joni. Now I just have to save up for one of those French empire chandeliers, and maybe haunt the auctions, because I don't think I'm gonna really be happy with anything else. And you're right about the drapes too.

  33. Well Joni....I just want to know how you find all of the pictures you post. You must spend hours...and all for us! I love the "bust" room best I think. It is sooo unique. Just Marvelous! I am also loving the Belgian Breakfast room and the white kitchen. Sigh....I am paralyzed when it comes to picking one for my own dining room. It must be done however. I must spend some time looking soon.

  34. Congrats on being mentioned in Wash. Post's Blog Watch two weeks running! Way to go Joni!

  35. Peak & Joni... the post's blogwatch is the first thing i check on thursdays! just want to see which of my buddies are listed. image: me at the stoplight, drinking the coffee, riffling through the post to find the home section and then tearing it open to see who's listed! Yippee, it's Joni... there goes the light and I am off!

  36. Joni, awesome post! And congrats on being featured in the Washington Post! Woo hoo, that is awesome! You deserve it! I'm laughing because today I have a post about Dogs Who Blog. Wonder if the Post has a sense of humor? LOL! I doubt it. Luckily for you, you always have consistently beautiful design posts. You deserve the recognition!
    This is a lovely lovely post.

  37. Jonie - I'm giving you the "You Make My Day Award." All the info is on my blog. Lana

  38. Eek, eek, eek! Those are horrible! Yuk for chandeliers... at least the first 1/3 of the pictures... Can anyone say overkill? I did enjoy some of the simpler pics but overall, I am not sure what all the fuss is about.

  39. Let me clarify... Yeah for pendents and Boo for chandeliers...

  40. Joni I thought your article was wonderful. I have been collecting chandeliers and light fixtures for over 30 years. Everytime I move I box them up and take them with me.

    Your blog is amazing. Gorgeous pictures. But I did find the dining room with the busts a little creepy. Not my cup of tea with all those severed heads. Interesting choice for a dining space I think!

  41. Joni: This was a detailed, beautiful, informative post. I enjoyed reading it very much. I learn from you every day. You are my design hero.

  42. To Anonymous, whoever you are - no, I don't expect you would understand "what all the fuss is about." why dont you just crawl back to the ugly hovel you live in and stay there, ok? I've been nice to you and played along, but your rudeness today is beyond the pale. This is my home and everytime you come here you manage to put me down, put my style down, and put down the people who like what I do. You have the be the most unhappy person in the world to be so unable to find any beauty here at all. I suppose you DO have better taste and style than Axel Vervoordt and Stefanidis to name two designers whose work is shown. Go back to that other blog where design is never discussed in any positive way. stay away from here in the future unless you play to have decent manners.

  43. Whoa. First of all, first time on here. Not sure what all that was about. Second of all, geez, just being contrary for some discussion. I just don't get frou frou chandeliers- I'd love for you to spin it another way for me.

  44. Anonymous - ok, sorry, my apologies. Why does anyone use the name - Anonymous - get a fake name, it's free! I truly thought you were another anonymous that's been rude to me many times before. My mistake, I apologize.

    Some people hate crystal chandeliers and just don't get them and never will. You obviously are one of those. There's nothing I can say here that will change your mind, even for discussion's sake. On my blog, I'm appealing to the people who DO like chandeliers. I have tried to show all kinds of different light fixtures here, so that someone who is designing a house can come here and just look at what different styles are out there. but, personally I love crystal chandeliers, so that type of fixture is heavily shown. Just like you don't care for them, I don't care for the minimalist look. I'm a maximalist. the more the better - the frou frou-ier the better. It's like mayo or mustard.

    sorry again for mistaking you. I hope you will accept my apologies.


  45. Joni, This is such a great post - so much to look at! I am always amazed and thankful for the valuable time and great care you take in putting together your thought provoking posts. Each one is a beautiful lesson in how to achieve classic timeless designs. I for one appreciate your hard work and dedication in sharing your observations and time earned professional knowledge with the rest of us. Every time I click on your blog I learn something new and insightful that makes me a better designer. As to your frequent visitor - some comments are best deleted immediately without a second thought along with the rest of the trash! You don't want to smell up such a beautiful residence.

  46. You've picked some beautiful photos to highlight here...My goodness, how long did it take you to put togethr this post! You have a ton of it. Thank you for this post...I've been forever looking for a dining room chandelier and can't seem to find the "one". I've been thinking about a Neiman Weeks but now I'm not sure!

  47. Where is the comment I made on this post a few days ago? I wonder if I forgot to post it. Given the kind of week I have had, I would not be surprised!

    Great post, it must have taken you AGES! I was wondering, do you know who makes that wide stripe fabric on the Kasler dining room, the one done in blues with the Niermann Weeks chandelier? The back of the French chairs have a lovely wide stripe. I have not seen this fabric in the design center.

  48. Joni..I totally agree with Jackie's comment - try deleting the rude and offensive Anons. Your posts are magnificant and you do not deserve that kind of nonsense.

  49. I understand now why you were so inspired to do this post on chandeliers, you were expecting the arrival of your new chandelier, which I must say is stunning!

  50. Beautiful! Where can find a crystal boat chandelier? I love it!

  51. I just posted what I think is the ugliest chandelier ever after being inspired by your post on chandeliers. I think it is truly hideous - but maybe Anonymous would like it?

    You are really an inspiration.

  52. Another lovely post Joni, no wonder the Post featured you again!!


  53. I don't think this particular anonymous' post was that far out of line except for the Yuk Yuk part. And Anon, I know why she snapped. If you'll go back and read, there have been a person or two who hide behind that moniker to post hurtful or disruptive posts. I've said this time and again, but there's a lot of work, research and posting time that goes into these blogs, not to mention that she is a working professional. To the real ANON that she was referring to: There is such a thing as an Unexpressed Thought. Discourse is one thing, rudeness is rudeness. I can't believe anyone interested enough to browse decor blogs would demean someone else's hard work.

  54. Thank you - everyone - for such sweet comments and great support!!! It really makes me feel so special to read all these wonderful comments.

    And to Kevin aka Halcyon - wow!! my knight in shining armour. I really can't thank you enough for your support. I owe you big time.

  55. "...that other blog where design is never discussed in any positive way."

    You mean the blog that half of the people on this thread admit to loving?

  56. darling J-
    Just back from Casablanca and Rabat and catching up on your posts. I adore chandeliers but I have to say that I think that Marie Antoinette Guillotine room is absolutely fabulous.....! *love it* and I say, off with their heads!:)

  57. WONDERFUL chandeliers ! my favorite are the cristal ones fro me they make the room so much lighter !!

  58. I'll have to say- the last anon isn't the anon earlier in the comments. But, we all know that a glass of wine and a bad day can cause a slight eek reaction to turn into more. (so sorry for the candor) To be honest, I was very surprised to see Cote de Texas' blog after only seeing her comments on other blogs for a while. I thought her blog was going to be a hot bed of discussion, but I seem to be much mistaken. I can appreciate the lengthy posts, but as all of us design professionals know, you have to have thick skin in this business! So, I don't think that any of this should be taken personally. Isn't this just the nature of the blogging world? But ultimately 58 comments is a good day. Am I right? I think that in design, half the battle is getting people heated enough to act on it... ?!? Well, I hope that my distaste for some of the more (how can I say this) frou frou rooms with chandeliers does not diminish the effort that Joni put into this post. We can all agree it is quite extensive! But, I think she has thick skin, and I think we can all agree that the design world would be hurting if everyone agreed on everything. So, (while slightly rudely delivered) I stand by my original post that I think some of the more frou frou rooms with chandeliers are overkill. French or not... It is 2008 in America.

  59. Anon: much, much better - you're sweet!! :) - ok, I know I get carried away with my pictures. I try to edit myself, but I always feel like I need one more to prove my point, obviously - not in your case! oy! But, I've tried to show a cross section of all different kinds of lighting, and that took a lot of examples.

    And yes, it is a LOT of comments - and let me brag, half of them are NOT from me either! but thank you for noticing and your kind words.

    You know, I can't change your mind on crystal - you either love it or hate it. Maybe it's more of a man/woman thing. Myself, I'm in love with crystal these days, like crazy, lust love. Actually - when I really think about it, the affair started a long, long time ago with the movie Pollyanna. There is just something so mesmerizing about crystal and light and shine. It attracks the eye in the same way a flame does. Did you notice that some of the pictures are from Europe where the furnishings don't exactly match the lighting choice? I love that - a minimalist interior with a big "frou frou" crystal chandelier - heaven!

    So, you can have all the recessed cans or iron pendants or whatever you like your light to emanate from, I'll take the crystal any day, babe. ha! btw, Did you happen to see the new chandelier I bought It must make you want to vomit. But it's sooo beautiful.

    And why would you think I'd be all aggressive on this site? I hope I haven't disappointed you too much. This blog is just about design - not too exciting, I'm afraid.


  60. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! When I was a tadpole in Catholic school, they bused us to the theater and we watched Pollyana. I was fascinated by those prisms and the tinkling sounds they made and the lights they cast. I haven't thought of that in years.

  61. AWESOME!! I'm just looking for these kind of lighting for my kitchen...

  62. Interior designers are unanimous on one thing: gone are the days when lights were meant only for illumination. These days, mood lighting is much more in vogue, and chandeliers, as well as light fixtures are well suited for this purpose. Mood lighting is a relatively new concept in interior decoration, and it means creating a particular ambience with light. This can be achieved by varying the color of the light, its intensity or the look of the lamp.These days, more often than not, creating a mood, rather than illumination has become the primary purpose of chandelier lighting. The type of the chandelier and the nature of lighting used in it, play a deciding role in how the mood is created.

  63. I am trying to find a fixture like the one in the French dining room and you mentioned that you have that type in your dining room. Please tell me where I can find these. Especially the faux, so I can save some money.


  64. I love the ultra modern with the swedish antiques!!

    Have you seen any of Dale Chihuly's work? Sharing a city with him I admire his work everywhere here. Our symphony hall has a couple of stunning chandeliers that he made. I once was lucky enough to attend a party at his studio and watch him work.

  65. Thanks for posting all these pictures - lovely! I love chandeliers though tend to go for the less frou-frou type. My taste is for clean silver lines and beautiful droplets, with no ropes of crystal beads or anything gold anywhere. I think with the huge choice available today everyone can find a chandelier that pleases them and puts the finishing touch to their room.

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  68. I love the kitchen with the black hanging pendant lights
    WHERE can you buy those light fixtures

  69. This was my first time to your blog- very nice selection of rooms/chandeliers! I'm the designer of the dark brown living room and silk Fortuny chandeliers. It would be great if you could credit the designers for their work when posting. By the way, check out my other work/website: I have offices in Minneapolis and New York and work all over the globe. Thanks again!

  70. this post is really awesome. which lights and fixtures are use is make room really cool. I really like this post. I share it among ma friend. thank you for sharing.......

  71. i LOVE the chandelier with the candles on top, i have not seen anything like that and im in the lighting industry, so good work with this post.

  72. I love the photos! They're absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. The chandeliers are perfect as well.

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  76. Fantastic chandeliers, absolutely beautiful!
    I've been specialising in Antique Lighting since 1991 and really enjoyed looking through and reading this article!

    All the best


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