COTE DE TEXAS: Houston Swedish Design

Houston Swedish Design


An antique Swedish Moro Clock sits in the hallway between the den and kitchen.

Last April, House Beautiful featured a Houston home that had been remodeled in true Swedish style.  The story made the cover and it was great fun for me because the owner is a friend of mine.  As is probably true of each story in a design magazine, there is always a more interesting tale that isn't told in its pages.  The home is located in Avalon, a section of River Oaks, Houston's toniest neighborhood.  But, this home isn't a mansion, it is a very livable 3,500 sq. ft.  The home is original to the neighborhood, so it is probably over 50 years old.  When the owners first moved in, they had just sold everything from their former house and they immediately got down to the business of amassing  an amazing collection of English antique furniture and paintings.  They spent years acquiring a house full of furniture - piece by piece.  Each purchase was deliberate and thoughtful, a process between the owners and their designer, Carol Glasser, one of Houston's finest.  It was a fascinating process to watch from the sidelines and one that could  cause great envy! Imagine the scenario - starting over completely from scratch and placing inside your home only that which you truly love -- no dreaded hand-me-downs and no make-do furniture.  This style of decorating is one at which Glasser excels.  She doesn't mind waiting years for just the "right" table or the "perfect" lamp to turn up.  This style might not be to everyone's liking, but these owners proved to be the perfect clients.  They embraced Glasser's style and, as a result, the finished project was perfect:  a cozy English, country-style home, filled with authentic antiques, Italian oil paintings, wall to wall seagrass, faux painted yellow and red walls, toile wallpapers, Bennison fabrics and Kenneth Turner candles.  It was an open, fun house - the site of many parties where people gathered around a roaring fire and lounged in the deep George Smith sofa, all the while remarking on how warm and inviting the home was.  So, it was a great surprise to many, including Glasser herself, when the wife declared she had changed.  She no longer loved her home's decor, she wanted a new look - a Swedish look - and not just a Swedish antique here and there, but a total, complete Swedish home.  And so, for the second time, everything in the house was either sold or was stored and they started the process of decorating their home, completely from scratch, again. 

On the sidelines, I looked on with amazement.  It was so exciting to watch - trips made to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana to visit an obscure, yet fabulous antique dealer from whom they purchased, amongst other things,  antique portraits of  unknown, serious Swedish citizens.  Piece after piece of beautiful peeling, gray painted Swedish antiques were procured from the ends of the earth.  The owners were ahead of the current Swedish trend and it worked to their advantage.  Glasser immediately enlisted the help of renown interior designer and author Katrin Cargill

from England.  Cargill's input in the project was formidable.  She had, after all, written a book on Swedish style. The house was taken down to it's studs and every single inch was changed - from the roof to the floors to the windows to the walls.  Nothing was usual or common, it was all custom and proved almost too difficult a job for the Houston builder who worked on the project. Cargill held to her guns and insisted on a certain degree of authenticity.  Their house is, without a doubt, the only house in Houston with limed, Canadian pine wood floors. 

Interestingly, the house had been a cover story before - the English interpretation was in  Country Living magazine several years prior.  Included here today are some of the pictures from that original story, although, unfortunately, there are a few missing.  Personally, I made out like a bandit in the switchover to the Swedish decor:  I now own a wonderful down-filled love seat in my bedroom that once lived in their sunroom, a glorious antique bulls-eye mirror from the French Quarter is now over my fireplace, my dining room chandelier once hung in their bedroom, and even some of my fabulous tortoiseshell blinds were once in their home!   What this couple did is something most of us will never be able to do:  to start over, with no baggage, and have only that which you absolutely love in your home, that is, until you change your style to - well, let's say something like - Indochine Chic.


The family room:  this half of the room is more dressy - antique French mantle, Swedish portrait to the right, antique Swedish table and chairs.


Family Room:  the other half with contemporary sofa upholstered in typical Swedish checks.  Authentic Swedish roll up shades, antique sofa faces "dressier" half.  For some unknown reason, no pictures were shown in the magazine of their beautiful living room.


Another view of family room from Cargill's web site.


Again, from Cargill's web site - blue family room with contemporary checked sofa.


The dining room:  Antique Swedish chandelier and sconces, buffet and mirror.  Chairs are reproduction Swedish.  Table is one of the only remaining pieces from the former English decor.  Moldings below are wood, above - painted.


From Cargill's web site:  dining room with antique faux Swedish stove on the left, view towards the family room.


Small sunroom is a highlight of the home.  Gray and white botanicals were photocopied, pasted on the walls and then handpainted to glorious effect.  Antique Swedish sofa, chair, demilune tables, and chandelier.  Checks are used again as they are in every room in the house.


The breakfast room is charming:  antique Swedish chairs, table.  Banquette is covered in checks, French linen used for shades.  Wallpaper is a red and cream Swedish pattern.


The kitchen has Carrera marble countertops, Swedish shades, and a turquoise, contemporary pendant fixture.


From Cargill's web site - same view, unstyled.


Another shot of the kitchen with it's custom hood.  Close up of wood paneled walls used throughout the home.


Close up of Swedish portrait of a lady in the family room.


Set of white French dishes with owners' initial.


The entrance hall, from Cargill's web site.  Note the doggie door that leads to a secret hiding spot.  Cargill inserted touches like this throughout the home.


One of the daughter's bedroom with antique furniture and red checks.  Note how the rug is actually three separate pieces. 


The master bedroom:  House Beautiful did not show any pictures of this room.  It is captured here from Cargill's web site, unstyled.   The room has Chelsea Editions fabric wall covering along with Chelsea Editions curtain fabric and furniture.  To the left, you can barely make out an antique Swedish sofa.


Country Living Magazine:  From the first incantation - the English version of the blue family room with its wonderful slipcovered furniture.  Coffee table was a tufted ottoman atop false books.  Italian paintings, Oushak rug over wall to wall seagrass.  Walls were faux painted yellow.


The original kitchen:  antique center island, freestanding range, large hanging pot rack and red and cream toile wallpaper.  Floors were painted hardwoods.

jw4 n

Unseen in House Beautiful, the original living room:  Originally there were faux painted red walls, antique mantel, center ottoman, antique sofa, Colefax and Fowler chintz draperies.  Bullseye mirror over fireplace lives over my fireplace now!!


Original dining room:  same table, Kenneth Turner center basket, antique tole chandelier, leather French chairs, Oushak carpet over seagrass, antique mirror and sconces.  In the new Swedish remodel, doors were removed for cleaner lines and in order to create enfilades.


Original front facade, covered in ivy.  Rose garden to the left.

Br6ste5ns 041

New facade:  while windows are in the same place, they are new ones, new door color, ivy and shutters are long gone.  The biggest difference is the landscaping.  A landscape architect from England, brought to the project by Cargill, changed the center walkway.  Now an alee of clipped, square shaped trees creates a path up the center of the lawn.

Br6ste5ns 042

The "official" walkway up to the house is now on the right side of the facade.


My family room with the antique bulls eye mirror now resides over my fireplace.


My dining room chandelier moved from the owners' bedroom.  Hi Sammie Jo!!!

mybedroom 031

And last, my bedroom with the love seat on the right under the tortoiseshell blinds moved from the owners previous sunroom.



  1. Wow! Well you know which style I like the best! Yes, I'll stick with the original photos! Great post! Glad the scans worked out.

  2. I'd stand on my head too! Love the images and feel as though I just took a little road trip to Sweden by way of Cote de Texas. Visit me today as I mentioned you and your "joie de vivre"- :)

  3. Awesome! I'm ready to paint and tear out some upper cabinets. Thank you for your always inspiring posts!

  4. Wow! Fascinating post! Especially appreciate the exterior shots and garden redesign insight.

  5. As usual, your post is fascinating but I am sick with the waste. How spoiled are these clients. At some point enough is enough. I say to them Grow UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your self importance is sickening.

  6. Ronda - thanks!!! Yes it worked out. I had lost my original copy of the Country Living magazine and Ronda, Scottish person originally form Houston saved hers and was so kind to scan the pictures for me.
    Thanks again.

    pVe - Wow - I read your post!! Much thanks blush blush.

    Euro and Kiwi, thanks. I love the landscaping especially too!!

  7. To my favorite Anonymous:

    Wow - what did I ever do to you? I've always tried to be considerate and answer all your questions, rather they were rude or not.

    "Your self importance is sickening" ????

    Thanks babe! You're welcome back to my "home" anytime. not.

  8. Fascinating to see the before & after! How lucky are they to be able to just start over from scratch?! (And, lucky for you too!)
    Great post Joni!

  9. Ready to hop in the Volvo and head on down to visit them! (and you!)

  10. To Cote, I didn't mean your self importance! I have never thought that of you. I always enjoy your site. It's the self importance of these clients. So much money wasted!

  11. Anon: you love me! you really love me! haha - ok, I was like wondering, gosh -what did I do to him? Thanks for clearing that up.

    I guess it might seem like a waste, but when you have sooo much to waste....if you know what I mean. Actually the owner is very sweet, she just knows what she wants and has the ability to obtain it. Most people don't. And like I said, I got a windfall from the change. She was very generous in her prices, very, very.

  12. Glad to hear her prices were fair to you!

  13. Honestly,I prefer rooms that grow over time & in a much more personal way than these spaces have.It isn't so much about money as it is about authenticity.This stylist's aesthetic leaves me cold.I believe one could still do a major shift from English to Swedish (or heck,French to Japanese or Martian) and still have more of your own 'treasures'/art/soul/personality invested than I see here.These rooms make me think of Hadley's comment recently noted on Mrs.B's blog about clients who "have no possessions and bring nothing along, you feel that there has been no life before." :-(
    All that being said,glad you picked up some items for your own lovely house.

  14. What a beautiful home, although I can't really relate to that story at all, as I imagine most of us can't. It would be fun to start over & go with only what you love (and obviously be able to spend a mint), but in reality, that's not what most of us "normal" folks can do.

    And that's why we have magazines (and blogs), to drool and enjoy other people's homes from a distance! How great that you were able to score such beautiful things for yourself in the overhaul.

    I actually prefer the English look better myself, but can appreciate the other Swedish version for it's beauty.


  15. The new swedish rooms are so much more pleasant to me. Even when they drift english, as with that charming red and white wall paper. I felt the earlier english rooms were heavy and had that new money "decorated look" since the english model involves worn and saggy and inherited. I'm completely jealous of their antique chandelier, and they did keep some of what worked in the old house. It just looks much more appealing in light colors. And that suzani/celadon paint/turquoise glass combo is lovely Joni.

  16. Barbara & New Anon: - the house did grown over time, that's exactly the way Carol Glasser works. She buys piece by piece with her clients, not just the whole lot comes to the house one day type of decorating. It's a process that takes years. And this client does have taste, wonderful, wonderful, original taste. The english version of the house was fabulous. It doesn't come across in the pictures. I never understood why she wanted to change and I'm partial to the english design, but the Swedish version does have it's appeal. Personally I love the veranda swedish home in Dallas - that is absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Ok, this post is exactly what makes your blog so unique, Joni. You bring innovation and a fresh viewpoint with your illustrated stories, along with a personal element and a dash of sporting tension in the comments -LOL. I like both styles for completely different reasons and actually prefer your house to either, no slight to your friend intended. She does have wonderful taste and what she does with her money and home is her business, right?

  18. Fascinating posting!! Hard to know which style that I like better -- each incarnation has wonderful aspects .... the designers did an outstanding job! I do love the new front walkway and the landscaping! Thanks as always for sharing such a transformation!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  19. I do know that I love the botanical wall treatment in the sunroom. I think it looks fantastic!

  20. I remember when the Swedish version of the home was featured, and I asked you about it. I think it is beautiful, and I prefer it over the English version. However, seeing the Swedish look in a fairly pure form, I think that I like more of a general European look that mixes French, Swedish, and even a little English.

    I love the before and after contrast! The brick of the exterior of the house in its before picture looks very dark. Was it painted? Or was it covered in ivy? I love the green door of the new incarnation, and the soft color of the brick.

    Great post! And, congrats on your Washington Post mention!

  21. Joni, I enjoyed this post, very much and will pass it on to someone I know from Sweden, who just finished building a new home in Texas.

    Thank you so much for coming by, your kind comment and thank you too, for taking a look at Kim's "project".


  22. I enjoyed this post very much, but personally the Swedish style leaves me cold. The furniture looks horribly uncomfortable.

  23. My god I loved this post. What a transformation. I agree with so many points of view. Both syles of this home are completely appealing. I love the coziness of the english style with the plump couches, and I agree with Suzanne that the swedish furniture looks uncomfortable.

    I do however prefer the colour scheme of the swedish style. I think the pale blues and pinks are such a delight and the white open kitchen, to me, looks like a much more pleasurable work area.

    I'm completely in love with the curtain in the master bedroom. I will save this pic if thats ok for reference for my own bedroom.

    Oh and thank you ever so kindly for posting more photo's of your exquisite home Joni. I can just imagine myself rummaging through your fabulous extensive book collection and nestling in your crisp white wing back with a glass of merlot. I promise not to spill any hehe ;)

    Anna :)

  24. Hi - thanks for all your comments!! I've wanted to post this for a long time but never had the time before to do it properly! I think it's about mixed between who likes the old over the new. I like the old myself. I agree with you Anna - I like the colors of the Swedish better though. Anyway, it's a fun fantasy, nontheless.
    Thanks for all your comments y'all!!

  25. I really enjoyed looking at the photographs and love Swedish style. But I always have a little giggle about the "English" decorating on any American site because it's never quite really English - it's not as sagging, untidy, faded and worn as a real English room. :)

  26. what a fantasy it would be to change your style completely overnight and start from scratch! I'm afraid I love my "stuff" too much to do that though. I can't decide which style I like best but regardless you got some fabulous things for a very good price :o) Gotta love that! Great post as always!

  27. Google won't let me create an account for some reason, but I'm the Swede that Pat is referring to. I love the pics and when looking at the inside pics feel like I'm transplanted back to an old "herrgård" in Sweden. BTW the clock is actually called a Mora clock (not Moro). Mora is a town in the province of Dalarna.

    I think I'm probably the only one that loves the afters more than the before.

  28. Thank you Joni, for such a beautiful blog, every morning I come here to visit, read, learn, and enjoy with you my cup of coffee, I am a stsrter and I'm traying to learn how to share my decotative passion with everyone, I'm still working on it, I want to learn more, and you inspire me lots!!

  29. Lena - Welcome! Thanks for the Moro/Mora correction!! I always make the mistake for some unknown reason. I love those clocks.

    Romantice Souvenirs - thanks for your sweet works, - be sure to come back!!!

    Deserae: Hi girl!

    Shaker Diva: acutally, their English decor was pretty authentic. When a stylists comes around, everything gets a new shine.


  30. What a wonderful post. I learn so much from all your writing. Good of you to share.

    The colors of the Swedish makeover appeal to me most, but it doesn't look very cozy. Loved the info on the gardens/landscaping too.

  31. Another great post, Joni! Fun to see so many options, the Swedish style has some appeal to me, although I love the English best! And lucky you to get such great stuff!


  32. I am familiar with Katrin Cargill's work from my London days. Really beautiful decor here!

  33. Thank you Joni for the link to this post.
    It is fantastic and a wealth of information (as usual).
    I couldn't resist purchasing Katrin Cargill's book via Amazon UK.
    I agree with you, the Swedish version is my favorite.


  34. Wonderful decorating! Very true to the Swedish Gustavian style. I have been living in Sweden for a couple of decades now and, though I love the Swedish (Gustavian) style, I think that it is a bit limiting in its pure state because it is so special. However, it is irresistable and mixes easily with other styles if one likes a country look. Today I was lucky enough to pick up a rather rare find even in Sweden--a kitchen table from the 1700's with the original blue paint and well-worn top. The thing about Sweden is that there are so many great pieces still left here (so far) and at reasonable prices. Gustavian furniture, in particular, is popular among the French as well, and not surprisingly so considering the origins of the Gustavian style. Anyway, fantastic decorating job!

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