COTE DE TEXAS: The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room

Months ago I read a blog by another interior designer who talked about a disease she suffered from called "Magazine Coveritis."  She described it as a disease "that makes one obsessive about each and every corner of their home maintaining a cover shot existence. Creating an image of beauty becomes a priority over creating a beautiful home."   Melissa, the sufferer of Magazine Coveritis, writes the blog, The Inspired Room.  As you can imagine, after reading about Melissa's infliction, I was forced to admit  that yes, I too suffer from Magazine Coveritis and since we were both sufferers, we became instant blogging friends.  Melissa is now in recovery from the disease which she attributes to realizing her home will never be perfect and maturity!  I wish I was that mature.  Oh well, maybe one day. The Inspired Room is a very - well - inspiring blog, filled with inspirational talks from Melissa on the home, design, love of family, and faith.  She has a huge readership and is much beloved by them all.  Once, Melissa wrote about my blog and my stats went through the roof with visits from her many readers.   She is always there for me when I need advice or someone to lend an ear.  She is such a sweet person and that sweetness comes out through her blog loud and clear.  She wears many hats, a mother, a wife, an interior designer, blogger, and author for  Christian Women Online magazine.  Melissa reaches out to her readers with special themes - she invites guest bloggers, she throws cyberspace parties, she has gift giveaways - there is always something exciting going on at The Inspired Room.  This week she hosted a theme on Design Inspirations and invited guest bloggers to discuss design and what it means to them.  Melissa was kind enough to include me in on this and last night she posted my entry on design (read it here).  I'd love for you to read my article, but even more, I'd love for you to check out The Inspired Room.  Thanks, Melissa - you're the best!

Melissa's sitting room off her kitchen.  I love the red toile on the chair and the painted table.

Melissa's remodeled kitchen - what great skylights.

Once again, Melissa' kitchen with the beautiful wood countertops.


  1. Joni, Ok, now I am in tears. This was so sweet of you, totally unnecessary. I am honored to be able to feature you, I learn a lot from you and think everyone should know about your amazing work!

    Thanks for the wonderful tribute, fellow magazine coveritis sufferer!


  2. I am in total agreement. Melissa is one of the sweetest people in the blogging world! Always so kind and encouraging!

  3. Oh! So now I know what this affliction is called...Magazine Covertitis! You two are great inspirations and have great senses of humor. Joni, your piece on Melissa's blog is so wonderful and from the heart. And isn't that where the best designs start from?
    Thank you!

  4. Yes, you are so right, her sweetness does come through and that's one of the reasons she's so relateable! Can't wait to check out your post Joni!!


  5. Joni, this is a beautiful post. I'm a daily visitor to the Inspired Room. Melissa's blog is a delight.

    I love these photos of Melissa's beautiful home.


  6. Joni
    What a sweet post you have done about the very sweet and darling Melissa. I totally understand about the infliction of Magazine Coveritis....I don't think there is a cure for me.

  7. Melissa is hands-down the nicest blogger in blog land. I loved her story about her Thanksgiving misadventures with the mouse.

  8. I too LOVE The Inspired Room. It's one of my very favourite blogs and I visit it daily. Melissa's home leaves me speechless.

    I also had to giggle at the magazine converitis disease lol.

    Anna :)

  9. What a wonderful article. So nice to learn a few more things about you.

  10. I always love to visit Melissa -- her blog is a daily source of inspiration. And her kitchen is amazing!

    Joni, I really enjoyed reading your "guest" post on The Inspired Room. I enjoy visiting Cote de Texas, and it was wonderful to learn a little more about you and your work. And I have to say that although I often suffer from Magazine Coveritis, I more often have a raging case of Dish Envy, which has flared up again when I saw your beautiful entry foyer! :)

  11. Melissa's home is lovely and is only representative of the inner beauty she exudes as well. Thanks so much for the tour, Joni. I love it that you are posting more frequently - "too much of a good thing is just about right"!!

  12. great kitchen!god, all of that natural light is lovely! that toile is super cute.

  13. Hi, I loved your design article on Melissa's blog.
    I have that same uneasy feeling when I'm in an ugly, dissheveled room. I just want to FIX it. LOL

    I also love the last post on blue opaline glass. I have a blue bristol glass bottle with a fluted top that belonged to my grandmother's family...well, at least I think its bristol glass.
    But, I just LOVE it!

    Kimberly :)

  14. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to go visit Melissa now. I have got this disease and my family's constantly saying "stop". Sounds like I better listen and control my Magazine Coveritis.

    I love Melissa's kitchen, looks pretty enough for any magazine cover around.

    Happy day!

  15. I also love Melissa and the inspired room, she always has great pix and words of encouragement....What I like about your site is that you tell a good story and show personal shots of your home & life. I did especially like your post on your sister in laws home & your lunch date with the design bloggers Now, since it's almost 2AM in Virginia(DC metro area) & I always read the Washington Post online every single Thursday...Congratulations on your mention in the home section of the Post!!!...I'm sure you will really get a big spike in your traffic....Congrats! Congrats! Fay

  16. Love that "cover shot" in Melissa's entry!

  17. I aspire to suffer from magazine cover-itis, but aspiring to it is the best I can do right now. I'll have to check her blog out; it sounds pretty fab.

  18. This truly inspires...I am deep cleaning tomorrow and will rearrange with some of these delightful ideas in mind...lovely...

  19. Oh, I love the Inspired Room, read it everyday. I definitely suffer from Magazine Coveritis. Right now I MUST HAVE that shell encrusted you hear me? I MUST have it, even if I have to glue the shells to a mirror myself. HA!

    Suzanne - the Farmer's Wife

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  21. Working as an editor at a decorating magazine, it was impossible not to be afflicted. At home, whenever the symptoms were extremely sever,my husband would say, "Barbara, life is not a photo shoot," I'd sadly agree and move on to some socially acceptable activity. But, in my heart of heart, I always maintain that IT SHOULD BE!

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