COTE DE TEXAS: A New Houston Shopping Destination For Antiques

A New Houston Shopping Destination For Antiques



Look for the Fiesta Mart on Alabama at Dunlavy, and you'll be near a hot pocket of stores selling reasonably priced, yet very chic antiques.   One of my favorite bargain-hunting destinations for antiques  - Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy (3845 Dunlavy) shares the mall with this Fiesta.  And, another store,  The Country Gentleman, is just a few doors down.  Rumored to be closing its doors, Larry, The Country Gentleman himself, has taken on some partners and given his store a new look - he confirmed his store is remaining open for good.  Judging by the inventory I saw - this is welcomed news.    Besides these two stores,  a third one has now opened, making this Fiesta Mart Mall a force in Houston antiquing areas. 

While shopping there last week, I noticed this newly opened store called Boxwood Interiors.  It immediately called to me when, through the window, I glimpsed freshly laid seagrass matting stretching from the front door to the back.  It's amazing what spending a few extra dollars on seagrass will do to an old and ugly mall space.  The store is fresh and inviting with gleaming white walls and neutral colors.    But something about Boxwood seemed very familiar - why, I wondered aloud?  The ladies working there informed me that it looked familiar because Boxwood was actually owned by Foxglove, a small interiors shop doing business in the space up the street that Hien Lam Upholsterers once occupied.  Got that?  Foxglove, at 1420 Alabama, is a little off the beaten tract, and thus, it is still striving for big-time recognition.  With this new second store on the scene, it finally is  breaking out.   Helping out is neighbor Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy which has been attracting new traffic daily - their tenants just keep getting better and better.  Hopefully, Boxwood will benefit from all this business going on at  the corner of Dunlavy and Alabama.  Just look for the Fiesta!

antiques 052 

Boxwood and Foxglove specialize in lighting fixtures, many of which come from Alcon - the fabulous lighting store next door to Foxglove on Alabama.   Another speciality is iron based tables, as seen above,  that can be custom ordered in any size or shape. 

antiques 055

They sell custom upholstery at both Boxwood and Foxglove.  The sofas have striking shapes - nothing is common here.  The pieces are covered in natural linen with nailheads, which give them an contemporary edge.  I love this high armed sofa.

 antiques 032

This sofa is a modern take on an antique shape. 

antiques 034

This sofa has a painted wood frame.   There are piles of custom pillows everywhere - these are accented with trim.

antiques 033

Lamps are another speciality.  Here, french wine bottles are ready for shades.

antiques 040

The right wall is ceiling to floor cubby holes filled with goodies, such as:

antiques 041

Burlap wrapped lampshades in drum and other chic shapes.

antiques 042

Glass canisters of different shapes.

antiques 043

Coral and candles.

antiques 045

Stone shapes for plants or TV clickers, you decide.

antiques 048

The cubbyholes, light fixtures, and seagrass goes on and on.

 antiques 044

Boxwood and Foxglove both used this handsome damask on armchairs and ottomans.

antiques 046

How convenient - a wire basket filled with candle sleeves.

antiques 049

I love this ottoman  - tufted, wooden french legs and all!

antiques 057

There are lots of mirrors and garden seats, framed prints and lamps.

 antiques 059

Greeting you at the door is this wooden light fixture -  this shape is all the rage right now.

antiques 039

 Bid Boxwood goodbye and go next door.

antiques 065

Next Stop:   The Country Gentleman specializes in antiques from Europe - with an emphasis on Spain.

antiques 070

A set of six:  Italian chairs newly upholstered in linen.

antiques 075

A French settee upholstered in a Fortuny style print.

antiques 079

Last Stop:    Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy.  An antique mall, with many different vendors - the quality keeps getting better and better.   Here a set of six chairs, slipcovered in linen hang out, waiting for a buyer.  I love these slips!

antiques 077

A wooden French light fixture - this style is hot right now.

antiques 078

A painted ottoman that would look as great  for the feet or as for a coffee table.

antiques 087 

A painted Swedish tea table - beautiful!

antiques 085

I love the scale of this antique mirror.

If you are planning on visiting Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy, be sure to stop in at Boxwood.  And while you are there, go next door and visit The Country Gentleman.    Three excellent antique stores and a Fiesta Food Mart to boot!


  1. This is my kind of shopping trip! Did you make any purchases?

  2. WOW! What a fun place. I wish we had more places like that in Baltimore. There is a fun store that I want to write about, which has so many unique and interesting pieces.


  3. Joni - what a great spot. Those bottle lamps were the rage when I was in the Hamptons in the fall. And, I love that you call them "clickers." One of my favorite roommates (not Mr. B) called them that.

  4. Looks like a fun spot! I'll put them on the list for my Houston trip.

  5. I been so busy, it just hurts. but today you have become a pool of fresh air. Love the pics! I hope I can met you someday. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Nice photo's.
    Love those Louis pieces with those
    neutral colors.
    Any idea where those slipcover came from?
    One of these days I'm headin to
    Thanks for the inspiring photo's!

  7. Amazing pics Joni, thank you for taking me on that shopping trip. I would have love to have bought the tufted french ottoman and the linen slip covers. We have beautiful stores like that here but a quarter of the size. It always astounds me how everything is done on such a grand scale up there.

    Anna :)

  8. Woo-hoo, what a fiesta! You know I'm lovin all that linen and burlap! You're lucky to have so many nice shops to visit. Tampa has maybe, oh, 4-6! Lana

  9. Ok, WOW. I need to go here!! Btw- did you get my email from the other night? I've been having problems with my email, so I just wanted to be sure :)

  10. Okay, one more place to add to my "must stop and shop" list when (if) I get to visit Houston!


  11. OOh, I've been to Boxwood and LOVED it!! Very pretty. I was especially excited about the lampshades.

  12. Loved this post! Made me grateful to be a Houstonian! Sometimes we take forgranted all the great shopping we have here. Thanks for the reminder.


  13. Hey there Joni,

    That was really nice what you said about me on Decorno's Blog.
    I can tell you have a really nice personality. Very sophistcated.
    Whats funny is that Decorno didn't say anything nasty about me - at all - i think Decorno like my blog more then decorno likes your blog and i think that triggered you to speak so decornoish.

  14. I think I could nestle in and stay all day in this setting...sigh

    I've been a bad girl...not blogging too much, but will try to do better

  15. Joni, The burlap lampshades I love! I'm going to cover some of mine myself. That's a great textural idea! I also like the linen and nailhead settee, though the fortuny style settee is more shaped like me! I could seriously nap on that thing.
    The mirror is great.

  16. what a beautiful place!! love the lamps made from old bottles...

  17. okay, now i'm coming back to Houston. and when I get there (give me 9 hours) I'll be ready to tote you to Round Top... because I want to go back already. tomorrow night is the prom... get your dress ready - i'll pick you up!

  18. Oh how beautiful. I picked about a dozen things I would buy and that was just on the first look see! I am a pillow nut so those all grew me right in! What delicious places to spend some time.
    Where were they when I loved in Corpus Christi? We used to be up in Houston a lot. I had a friend from school living there and I drove up to spend the weekend once a month. Bill had to be away and I would go up for girl time!

    I long to return and see all that has changed...maybe next year!

    Thank you for all of these photos. I will fall asleep tonight dreaming of these treasures!


  19. Love it all! I really love it when people post shop photos... so nice to window shop other great cities without leaving my sofa.

  20. Wish you were closer! I want to come shop today! Thanks for sharing great pics!

  21. Joni, it seems when we go away a few days, it always takes a few days for me to catch up with my visiting!

    I certainly enjoyed visiting here, this morning, as I always do! I would love to just browse and browse these shops. I saw two light fixtures I would love to ship back to Missouri and a couple other little things, too! Ah, maybe someday...


  22. What a great shopping day! I have always thought that if I ever had a shop I would call it Boxwood. Love it! And I love, love, love the French wine bottle lamps. I am going to bookmark their info. Thanks Joni!

  23. Love so much of it, I wish I could beam myself over to shop right now. What a great eye candy post! :) Those chairs in Boxwood where you were showing the lamps look a lot like the ones you were asking me about :) Your posts always make me feel like I got to browse the store w/ you, great pics!!

  24. Oh my. I think I am going to convince my husband to go on a shopping trip to Texas! ;-) Seriously!

    This store is absolutely fabulous - yes, those chandeliers are all the rage - they're made in Belgium - we tried to get them to our store but there is another furnishings store in the nest town over and the manufacturer declined our account request... :-(

  25. joni - these pics are gorgeous!!! i need to head over there pronto.

  26. J dear,
    I will take all of the glass jars please -- I am feeling generous today. Just wrap 'em up. Would you?

    PS I need your address asap. I have to send you a funny article by kind courrier.


  27. Oh, if only! I would love shopping there! I saw a bunch of things I'd LOVE!

    Happy day,

  28. yes i if only if only i could leave miserable palm springs california to spend oh an hour in that gorgeous shop

    but can you tone down the purple background color its hurting my eyes just kidding

    hey i still have the 60 comments left on decorno which is memorialized now for all time haha what a treasure. I cant stop laughing at the part about my ass is bigger then yours haha except that i am a size 3 hahaha how about you

    oh and the fuesta food mart man thats gonna pile the pounds on better steer clear of the Mexiacn cheese LOL

  29. Hi Joni,

    I am commenting in the wrong post!


  30. I have sinned...I recently went to Houston and drove right past this Fiesta and didn't get to go in these fantastic was between that and the Pompeii exhibit (which is going back to Pompeii here shortly)...pressed for time. I do have it on my calender though for next time and can't wait to see all of the beautiful things...and get some inspiration for my online showroom perhaps...?! Keep up the great work cote!

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