COTE DE TEXAS: Cote de Texas Top Ten Designers - #5

Cote de Texas Top Ten Designers - #5



Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Charles Faudree steps up to claim #5 on the Cote de Texas: Top Ten Designers list. What Mario Buatta is to English Country design, Faudree is the Country French equivalent. And, just as Buatta is affectionately known as the King of Chintz, Faudree is the King of Toile. The two designers share much with their over the top excesses, attention to detail and their unabashed enthusiasm for their art. Faudree makes no excuses for his designing style - nor should he. He loves the Country French style and has loved it since when he was a teenager and purchased his first French Provencal chair. He has no desire to test his mettle with other styles such as contemporary or mid century modern. Fortunately for Faudree's fans, he stood out the whole Tuscan revival period all together. Faudree is perfectly content to give his clients what they want, and what they want is Country French.

Faudree's design motto is "too much is never enough" and judging from his interiors he strictly adheres to this. He weaves his rooms with layer upon layer of fabrics, accessories, antiques, art work, mirrors and rugs. Each layer is carefully blended together so that his interiors flow with ease, there are no harsh contrasts in a Faudree designed room. Country French's appeal for Faudree lies in the warmth of the furniture and the casualness of the interiors. Never overly dressy, his rooms are filled with the fruitwoods that Country French furniture is famous for. For Faudree it is all about the "mix, not the matching" - the mix of "fabrics, periods, colors." His interiors are a soft blend of muted colors and polished woods. He prefers certain fabrics and tends to use the same ones over and over again. A favorite is Petit Parc by Pierre Frey. In fact, he frequently uses many Pierre Frey fabrics, along with other French fabric houses. He also favors Bennison fabrics for the muted quality of their hand blocked prints. But toiles are, without a doubt, his signature fabric and are what made Faudree a household name.

Besides the importance of fabrics in his interiors, symmetry plays a major role. One or two pairs of antique French chairs are found in almost every Faudree designed room. The layouts are classical - there's no edginess to a Faudree room where a certain comfort comes from the familiarity. Accessories are another part of his layering, and here Faudree goes international with a smattering of English and Asian mixed in with the French. He adores English Staffordshire figures and frequently makes lamps out of them. He uses plates everywhere, in cabinets, on shelves, and on the walls. Dogs, both real and figured, abound in a Faudree interior.

Though Faudree's look appears to be constant, he has evolved subtly over the years. Where once all his homes were filled with red toile, today that has changed. He is using less and less of red and even less of toile these days. His interiors are quieter and lighter, with white and painted furniture popping up here and there along with piece or two of the popular gray painted Swedish furniture. Nowhere is the evolution of Faudree's style more evident than on the covers of his books: while the front cover of his first tome was all red checks and toiles, his newest bookcover features a room in soothing white with pale grays and blue accents.

Faudree was born and bred in Oklahoma and continues to make his home there. In fact, he had made several homes there claiming to have moved 11 times in 25 years. Found on many magazines' Top 100 Designers lists, Faudree is extremely in demand and his popularity shows no signs of slowing down in the least. He runs a shop in Tulsa, and has a line of beautiful reproduction Country French furniture. He is a noted author with three best sellers under his belt and a fourth about to be released. And on top of all this, he has a fabric line in the works. Faudree's designs were frequently published in magazines during his meteoric rise to the top, but lately, he is saving his best work for his books. And really, who can blame him?

Charles Faudree with his signature "pretty" look is certainly not for everybody. But for those who do admire his work, their loyalty is unwavering.


Classic Charles Faudree: symmetry and red checks, red prints, French chairs, red table, Asian accessories and English Staffordshire. Layers upon layers are typical of Faudree's "look."

The newer Faudree: pale cream walls, painted furniture, pinks instead of bright reds. This bedroom, though classic French Provencal, is lighter in touch than the typical Faudree look. Famous for his luscious bedrooms, this room is an excellent example.


The proof is in the cover: the subtle evolution of Faudree's style. The first book, 2003, is all red buffalo checks, a mixture of red toiles and his Cavalier, King Charles spaniel. This is the look that made Faudree a superstar in the design world.

To order this book from Amazon, go here.


The second book, two years later, no reds and no toiles - instead Faudree uses a taupe damask with blue and leopard accents. French fireplace mantel, Asian accessories, and French fruitwood. The Cavalier, King Charles spaniel remains the same. Faudree's legions of fans are receptive to his lighter approach.

To order this book from Amazon, go here.


The new book, his fourth, is due to be released soon, and it's cover is a complete departure from his first cover. White walls, damask, seagrass. and stylized zebra. Glass coffee top is a rare contemporary touch. Even the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is missing!!!! Though still French in every sense of the word, this look is more sophisticated and shows growth. Faudree's third book was cowritten with a florist and is not a design book in the same sense that these other three books are.

To preorder this book from Amazon go here.


A soft, muted living room with all the elements in place: pairs of French chairs flank the French fireplace, antique chests, oils, plates on the walls, French bronzes, needlepoint rug, Bennison fabric, curtains with trim, cushy pillows, a tufted ottoman, and a black chinoiserie tea table. Classic,
"pretty" Faudree. The look he is known for.


True Country French: painted buffet with a faux marbleized top, blue and white porcelains, red toiles on the pair of french antique chairs. I love the Italian painting above the buffet. Symmetry, always!


Dining room with painted, peeling buffet, pewter accessories, Staffordshire lamps, toile curtains, and painted French chairs. Note the traditional French style timbers in the walls.


Faudree moves often and his furniture shows up with different fabrics and in different configurations. Here, the same buffet, pewter and lamps is paired with a wine tasting table and different chairs. Notice how in most rooms, Faudree uses beams and textured walls in a typical French manner. Here the walls appear paneled, in the above picture, they look stuccoed.


For this client, Faudree uses a floor plan he repeats often: one large living and dining room combination with a fireplace on each end. Fruitwood antiques with striped and checked fabrics. The cushy pillows are a print fabric. A tall wood table takes the place of a traditional coffee table - a look Faudree favors. Behind the sofa is the dining area. The roof is pitched with wood beams. Seagrass covers the scored concrete floor.


In a bay window, Faudree places a small wood table with two French armchairs.


A close up of the dining area with a large, French table and a mixture of chairs. A popular French lantern lights the area.


This charming painting has shown up in several different Faudree homes.


Here, she shows up above the mantel at one of Faudree's weekend homes. His favorite Pierre Frey fabric is on the walls, while blue and white buffalo check cover the cushions on the French chairs.


A weekend home, The Roost, with its welcome sign - no detail is left undone.


Here, a pillow is marked "The Roost" as are the bath towels at Faudree's weekend home.


At Faudree's weekend home, blue and white checks are mixed with the Petit Parc fabric. The fruitwood furniture is replaced with creamy painted furniture. The ceilings are paneled. Bois paneling on the walls furthers the rustic look. As always, blue and white vases symmetrically placed bring balance to the large room.


Another view of the weekend home's large living room, dining room combination.


Behind the sofa is the eating area. A painted day bed is covered in blue and white ticking, with blue and white toile and Petit Parc pillows.


At the dining table with it painted scalloped apron, white painted chairs are covered in blue and white checks. A huge tapestry hangs on the wall.


Faudree introduces Swedish at his weekend retreat with this painted secretary.


A pillow reflects his love of all dogs - real and figured.


This charming bathroom with an antique window adds architectural detailing so important to Faudree's interiors. A gorgeous antique armoire that most would give a place of honor, is casually put next to the tub. Notice the mix of accessories hanging on the wall - each piece adds to the layering effect Faudree is famous for.


Another bathroom, less rustic, but still, comfortable and casual. Again, just because it's a bathroom is no excuse not to decorate it as if it is a living room!


This is a living room in a former Faudree house. Light gray fabrics mix with brown and taupe fabrics. A patterned area rug grounds the space. Symmetry, as always, shows up with the matching sconces balancing the larger oil painting. Faudree adores sconces, lighted or not, and uses them frequently. The ceiling, rafters, and stairs are rustic wood, giving the house the appearance of an old, French maison.


This dining room in a former Faudree house is all Country French. From the chandelier to the gorgeous barometer on the wall, each piece adds to the romance of the room. Toile curtains mix with a mini print on the chairs. As usual, his large array of blue and white transferware is hung in symmetrical patterns on the walls.


An early version of a dining room from one of Faudree's homes. His large collection of blue and white transferware hangs on the walls. An even larger fruitwood buffet is placed in front of the bois paneling. A tole chandelier hangs over the table where Faudree has placed wing chairs covered in toile.


Another dining room with French chairs and table and a large painted buffet topped with a mirror. Again, the curtains are a printed fabric.


A typical Faudree vignette - a gorgeous French chest with trumeau, sconces, books and bronzes. All are placed in a very symmetrical arrangement.


A mix of French blue fabrics and the ever present Petit Parc. A rare, contemporary styled rug is underfoot.


This study has a gorgeous overmantel trumeau with attached sconces. The shelves, painted blue, are filled with Staffordshire figures. Faudree's Cavalier King Charles dog sleeps in a chair covered in his beloved Petit Parc fabric. A steel table sits next to it. A large antique tole chandelier hangs over the table.


More Staffordshire mixed with antique books.


For this client, another living room-dining room combination with a high pitched roof. The sofa is a gorgeous wood framed French reproduction.


The dining area of the large room. As usual, two matching fireplaces are used in the large room - one at each end.


For the same client, a French red and blue fabric is used on the twin beds, while a mixture of fabrics is used for pillows. The client's large blue and white transferware collection is hung on the walls in a symmetrical pattern. A charming painted desk becomes the bedside table.


A vignette in a room with a large, painted secretary. It's amazing how many wonderful pieces of painted Provencal antiques Faudree finds for his clients. Are there any left in France?


This living room shows Faudree's use of high tea tables or gateleg tables in place of low coffee tables. Bois paneling is used to bring in the architectural detailing so important in a Faudree room. A tole chandelier hangs over the gateleg table.


The dressier, "pretty" side of Faudree. A large painted screen becomes the focal point. A French bergere is covered in two fabrics - the fancier silk covers the front, while the less expensive check covers the usually unseen back - this is a traditional way of upholstering French chairs.


Faudree sells a line of reproduction French furniture. Here, the Josephine chair is shown in a fruitwood finish and dressed in a red toile fabric.


Benches come in two sizes and styles - with a cushion and without.


Here, the Patrice chair is shown how it comes and how it is delivered to the client.


The Gabrielle table is shown with it's fabric top.


This home was featured several years ago in Veranda magazine. The architect is Jack Arnold, also from Tulsa. Arnold and Faudree, both lovers of Country French, have collaborated on many projects. This home is a beautiful interpretation of a Country French maison de campagne.


The great room, like so many seen already, is a living room, dining room combination. The design of this type of room is itself a lesson in symmetry. A large chandelier hangs over the center of the room. Painted a soft yellow, the fabrics are predominantly yellow with green accents. The rug covers the entire room. The furniture is mostly painted pieces. A tall tea table takes the place of a coffee table. Notice the ceiling treatment with its whitewashed timbers and rafters, giving it a country house appearance.


Each end of the room has an identical fireplace and trumeau.


The family room shares space with the kitchen and breakfast area. Chairs here are Bennison.


The library has a more contemporary rug than expected.


The library again- a beautiful painted secretary sits in between two slipcovered chairs with matching curtains. Notice the round, tole clock above the secretary. Empty wall spaces provide perfect landing places for another accessory.


The bedroom has a large canopy bed.


One side of the bedroom with a beautiful painted buffet and chair and ottoman. A large, oval canvas fits perfectly between the Bennison curtained windows.


Another view of the bedroom with its French limestone overmantel and blue painted bench. The canopy's fabric is Bennison on the outside, a check on the inside. The walls are wallpapered in a trellis pattern.


A corner of the bedroom with its beautiful desk.


The master bathroom with its huge trumeau mirror and paneling. Again, bathrooms are not just rooms with bathtubs, but beautiful spaces decorated with the same care as the living room.


The back of the house - the large living room/dining room looks out from the french doors. On each side of the wings are large outdoor living spaces overlooking the pool.

Snap251 This outdoor space has a built in fireplace and sports beautiful French furniture worthy of the inside.


The other outdoor space also has a fireplace and French antiques and reproductions.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at a sample of Charles Faudree's designs. If you weren't a fan before, maybe you've been swayed by the beautiful photographs! If you were a fan - I KNOW you've enjoyed the eye candy as much as I have! Myself, I've long been a devotee of Faudree's work, and although my love for red toile has waned during the years, it appears it has for Faudree too. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new book to see exactly how far he has taken his love of painted and Swedish furniture! Be sure not to miss the next installment of Cote de Texas - Top 10 Designers, #4!!!


  1. BRAVO!!!
    Love him, love his books, love his dogs, love his Country House and also like you, love the fact that the toile is fading from his designs!!!
    The REAL Country French is timeless!!
    Great post :)

  2. Love his move toward neutrals. He is the best at placing assessories. Beautiful post!

  3. Just beautiful, Joni! I have heard of him, but now I feel like I know him!

    And, of course, I love those two lazy-looking yellow Labs! Connor looks just like that.

  4. Joni, I cannot get enough of Charles Faudree...ever! This post is my go-to for him now. Great detail and info. Thanks!

  5. It's an easy look to do on auto-pilot.

  6. I'm now an official blog-o-holic of your posts. Just can't wait for the next drinks!!!! You pour them out like fine wine at a wedding. Thank you.

    I merchandised high-end stores in a past life and would often get a magnifying glass out to study Faudree's table accessorizing. He is a master.

    Always a pleasure Joni, Ginny

  7. Joni I was jumping in my chair when I saw Charles Faudree as your #5. I unfortunately don't have any of his books as yet but I know of him from that Veranda issue featuring his cabin in Spring Creek. The same issue that features Mz Pierces flawless home.

    I remember when I bought the issue I fell head over heels madly in love with his bathroom with the armoire and I was thrilled to see you included that picture in your post. Stil now I have it bookmarked as one of my favourite bathrooms ever.

    Thank you so much for educating me more on the inspiring work of this marvelous designer.

    That home you featured and mentioned was from another Veranda issue made my jaw drop. I'd really love to know exactly what issue it was so I can try my luck and track it down.

    Anna :)

  8. Hi dear, I've been following this guy since his long ago days in Traditional Homes...before most people ever heard of him....he never ceases to amaze me

    ...I do have to say tho, that I liked
    him better 10 years ago before the present phenomenon...he was a little more loose...ya know what I mean?

    a little less fou fou fabric and fringe would suit me fine..

    carry on dearie...xoxo

  9. Fascinating as always! I have a friend here in Atlanta who wanted to hire him to do her home, but he was way too busy.

    Love the exterior of that Palmer home, especially the roof.

    I definitely see elements of this style in Dan Carithers, but Carithers has adapted his look much more over time.

    I used to be SUCH a French Country fan, but my taste has definitely evolved over the past decade. However, I still appreciate the look - great post.

  10. ohhh, i love him! I have all of his books and he even inspired me years ago to open my first website, The French Country Portal. I had to close it but it was the funnest project ever. I used to study his books for hours at a time and have learned soooo much from him. He is the first designer ever to peak my interest in antiques, thank goodness he decided to do his books, they have changed sooo much of my life!

  11. I have loved Charles Faudree for years. He and Traditional Homes had me hooked before I had ever heard of French Country. I still have pages torn out of the magazine that feature some of his work. Great Pick for #5.

  12. How absolutely beautiful each and every room is. Thank you so much. I wish I could enlarge the pictures to see even more detail. I have a feeling I'm going to break my promise not to buy more design books. I really want these.

  13. That one architectural looking Swedish secretary has left me DROOLING!!! yummy!

  14. I just got the second book on ebay...there is one more.

  15. That one "anonymous" post with the auto-pilot comment was completely uncalled for. To do this look well requires true God-given talent. He is a master at the mix. For those of us who love them, there is none better. If you can't say something nice, please keep your mouth shut.

    Thanks Joni!

  16. I had never heard of Mr Faudree until recently. He is obviously a master at what he does.

    I must say though the cover of his new book does not do him justice. But now I have seen this I will most certainly put it on my list.

    I'd love to know what anon 8:39 pm does for a living, wouldn't you?

  17. I've always loved Charles F.'s works so much. He totally delivers! These were great pics and a wonderful tribute to his style.


  18. His layouts in Traditional Home inspired me to make my first interior design decision in our first house-- to recover my grandmother's dining room chairs in a red toile. They've since been covered again in a KWID fabric, but I always savor his rooms. I wouldn't need a TV if he designed a room for me because I'd just enjoy looking at everything all day long. My favorite pic from your post is the study vignette with the grey painted mantel and shelf. And that library. And...

    Thanks! I hope you know how much your readers appreciate you!!!!

  19. Joni, If I am not mistaken that house you featured with the 2 dogs belongs to Tracy Lorton Salisbury. She has a shop next to Faudree's in Tulsa. Those who may want to google, it is called T A Lorton.
    Again, a wonderful post. You never disappoint!

  20. you are the queen ! thank you for my wonderful west coast wake up ! your posts are amazing ! kristine

  21. Joni,

    I buy an incredible amount of shelter magazines and have followed Charles Faudree for over 10 years. I too love his move towards neutrals. I have also noticed his throwing in a few Swedish antiques here & there which have just enriched his interiors. I can't count how many tear out pages I have of his interiors. He is a master of layering. I struggle constantly with accessorizing and mixing patterns in my home, never thinking I am getting it right.
    Charles is a master of both of these skills.

    Beautiful photos, they made my Monday!

  22. Gorgeous! All o it beautiful down to every detail!

  23. Faudree is definately most gifted, but his rooms strike me like the woman that goes out wearing too much jewelry....remove a bit of the stuff! Of course, I love his inclusion of dogs, but most dogs will eventually relieve themselves on those voluptuous curtains, and many could not resist chewing on that tasseled trim!Also, if the dogs sleep with you, how do you wash those bedspreads?It is a beautifullook,but I prefer a simplified version,myself!

  24. Wow, what a visual feast! I live in the middle of Tuscanville and have no close resources for this beautiful French Country Look. Thanks for all the great design lessons, Joni. You and Shawn at "Country French Antiques" are my inspiration.
    Karen B.

  25. Breathtaking!! I love French Country Design and that was the theme I used when we furnished our farm house...albeit a much more casual and 'cheaper' version than the beautiful rooms you displayed.

  26. Thank you for your feature on Charles Faudree. In my opinion, NOBODY does it better!!

  27. I've been a Charles F. lover for years. I lived in Tulsa in the late 80's and worked for a luxury hotel. I was planning a 20's-themed party and needed a clawfoot tub to ice down drinks. Faudree had an antiques shop back then but was still an unknown to most. When I called his shop to inquire about a tub, he answered the phone himself and was mortified at my request. Once I learned who he was, I understood that clawfoot tubs have no place in country French interiors. hee! Great post!

  28. Hello!
    I'm the publicist for Charles Faudree and loved this post! Well done. I'm wondering if you might be able to include a link to Amazon so people might easily be able to purchase his books.

    Also, let me know if you'd like to review his Interiors book once it arrives.


    Jennifer King

  29. Joni, It's like you're inside my head LOL! CF - King of French Clutter! I love it, and he has certainly fueled my addiction collecting over the years. I have been waiting for him to appear on your Top Ten! He is a major talent for real, and an original. Sure it's easy to NOW say la dee dah with a yawn and a wink - but when he started showing this point of view, no one was doing it. Pioneers and geezerettes should be appreciated and adored! He and Mario Buatta are twins seperated at birth; one was given up for adoption to some country English folks, the other adopted by French farmers LOL

  30. Joni- I think Faudree was an excellent choice. Although the Country French look is not my style, I admire Faudree's work because he does it well. And, with the exception of some tweaking here and there, he has stuck with a look that he loves.

  31. Joni, thanks so much for your article about Charles Faudree, a favorite of mine for many years. Beautiful post, as usual!


  32. Hi Joni:
    Thank you so much for your wonderful post! I knew Mr. Faudree would be somewhere in your top ten. I can't wait to share your post with one of my best friends- who is also a huge fan of his. His new book that has not yet been released is actually her b-day present! If you happen to find out the release date I would love to know. Thanks again!

  33. Joni,
    Did your Starbucks close? When I heard they were closing so many shops I thought of your drive bys. LOL Hope it stayed open for you!

  34. thanks for all the great, supportive comments. I thought i'd get some negative anon ones criticizing my choice - but so far, it's been mainly positive.

    And NO- my Starbucks hasn't closed, thank God!


  35. Another great post, love all the rooms and those dogs just are too precious.

    Thanks Joni! I appreciate it!


  36. Mine either Joni. We were sweating it!
    I think what you said about the "pretty Faudree look" is right. Everything is perfect. No one would leave you nasty remarks! However, that cat's tail did look like you did last time someone dissed your skirted tables......Ducking......
    Another great post. Love the neutrals and creams with the ticking and blue checks. I see a lot of inspiration from him in your own home. The soft yellow and the pates.
    Good job!

  37. I am a devoted fan of Mr. Faudree, and not just because he feels about his dog the same as I do! I was lucky enough to hear him speak about his design work a couple of years ago and found him to be as charming as the comfortable, elegant rooms he creates.

  38. Thank you for another great read/post! I have now begun starting my days off by stopping off at your blog spot! I feel like I get a refresher course or some new education each time I log on...gets me inspired to start the day!!! This post was just pure eye candy!

  39. Love this look -- and have admired his work over the years too! Of cours I have all of his books too! Love the fact that his rooms are very "livable" with comfy chairs, tables places where you can actually use them and artworks that add to the whole room's charm! Thanks for the great choice -- and another wonderful posting!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  40. Hi, I just looked at that article the Houston magazine did and I LOVE your house! Especially the family room and your scalloped slipcovers. Can't wait to see your new layout. What magazine will it be in? Your house is gorgeous, but looks very comfy, too.

  41. By watching at these pictures ! It seems I'm somewhere in FRance ...

  42. Ha! Great post! Your blogs have caught the attention of a large decorating forum out in cyberspace---carry on and pass the popcorn, please!

  43. Exceptional! I have the first picture cut out and placed in my inspiration notebook. So wonderful to be introduced to more of his work. Today's post was worth a handful of magazines. I'll review it regularly.
    Many thanks.

  44. Joni, Love the post, as always, now I know one more decorator that I love and whose style I will copy, since I would never be able to hire him!!! I have to go buy his books. This is starting to cost me alot of money.
    xoxo, MB

  45. god, people that say things like "it's an easy look to do on auto-pilot" just kill me! i can't imagine anything being easy about his work- except he's obviously very good at what he does, so it might come easier for mr. faudree than for others (like me- who could never pull off something like it, even if i tried).

    c'mon, anon- it's not my look either, but i can certainly recognize masterful work when i see it and respect the talent of the maker.

    great post, joni- lovely, lovely rooms.

  46. Joni this is such a great and detailed information about C. Faudree and his works. I am seriously drooling over the antique country French furniture in his rooms, they are so very lovely, I just have to take a look at them closely and longer to satisfy my interest and admiration. And I do love his reds and toile creations of years ago because they have such warmth and the French country feel.

  47. If you don't mind..I would like to pick your brain for a moment..

    My basic question is what style of house (exterior) do you think we should build that would "go with" the barn on our property? We have 26 acres, so they will not be side by side, but I still want them to look like they belong together.

    This question arose from what a neighbor did..built a red metal barn and an Italian Stone house beside it...Okay - I am not a designer and I know this looks horrid!

    I do have some "Dream House" pictures posted on my blog and they are almost all white homes with black a few different styles.

    My Mother was an interior designer. I miss her terribly. Design came so easily to her. I don't think I inherited that gene though!

    I am not looking for an elaborate answer - just some general direction. Thank you so much.

  48. I absolutely love Charles Faudree. I can't wait to see who your remaining nine are!

  49. Joni, Are you at the beach in that hurricane?????? Please reply!

  50. Joni~ Enjoyed this post! Thanks! Charles is one of my mom's faves. He has a great deal of taste and style, but I'd hate to be responsible for dusting one of his rooms with all the tchochkes! LOL

  51. Joni,
    Never mind great designers, what I want to know is:
    Are you safe????

  52. I'm with M21! This designer has an obvious love and intense knowledge that allows him to bring this look together successfully. To say "autopilot" suggests that Anon may not have much experience.

    Great post Joni! You never disappoint. :)

    Hmmm. I choose Bilhuber...unless I said him already. Haha.

  53. Francois: thanks~ yes!! we are safe. We were supposed to leave for South Padre Island today, Wed. but a hurricane changed that. We're going Friday instead and hopefully - all is well. thanks for asking!!!


  54. Joni,
    I have been thinking of you while watching reports of the storm and am glad to hear that all is well.

    Charles Faudree is one of my favorites too. We are heading out of town for the weekend so I don't have time to read your whole post but will look forward to it when we return.

    Did you get an advanced copy of his new book, you lucky girl? His publicist contacted me a while back offering to send me one but I haven't seen it yet.

    Have a good and safe weekend.

  55. Joni,

    Again, you get an A++!!! What a lovely and well thought out post. I learn so much from you. I can't wait to see your #1 choice!!!

  56. As always fabulous post. What great inspiration. And that house and pool.. wow!!!!
    xx Trina

  57. Joni, Great post. I just saw a Napolean inspired decor done by him recently but I can't remember which mag and when...But it was charming.

  58. I really like his weekend house and I am sensing a modern, cleaner twist from him now. Oui?

  59. So glad so many others love Charles Faudree like I do! Thanks for sharing his work. I do have to correct you on one thing, however. Mario Buatta is the "Prince" of Chintz!

  60. I have all his books, and have pored over them again and again. His mix of old woods, colorful printed fabrics, beautiful antiques and accessories is masterful. And although my own inclination may be a little closer to English Country, I adore his rooms, and could happily live in one for the rest of my life! Gotta love a guy who appreciated plates... :)

  61. New name to me. A bit more done up than I'm comfortable with, but I'll take that last bathroom please. I could spend all day there.

  62. Wow love your C Faudree. Have always been interested in those Swedish clocks. I think I've seen them at Round Top, n'est pas?
    Thank you for your efforts to satisfy
    my hunger for all things french.

  63. I have long loved Charles Faudree.
    I am so excited about the new book! Wow was this post a delight for me! Thank you for always entertaining us and showcasing such


  64. A friend sent me to your blog, and I have been enjoying it so much that I haven't realized I have been sitting here for over an hour just looking at the beautiful pictures and reading such wonderful and entertaining descriptions. When I came to the work of Charles Faudree, I just felt I had to comment. As someone said in an earlier comment, I first noticed him in Traditional Home yrs. ago, and I have watched him grow and change and loved it all. Don't think you had it in this blog, but he was once quoted as saying, I change homes more than Liz Taylor changes husbands. I love recognizing some of his decor when it is moved from home-to-home. So nice to know that someone with his talent and financial resources doesn't go out and buy all new when he moves. I've left much too long of a comment for a first-time commenter, but I did want to say that I love your blog. I will be back frequently (hopefully I won't leave such a long note next time). Thank you for the beauty you are showing us, in pictures and in words. Laurie

  65. Laurie - welcome! I hope you subscribe to the blog!! Anyway - I know what you said about him moving alot - he does, but many times he does sell the house with all the furniture!!!! I think he has some key pieces that he takes with him, but then he sometimes ends up buying back a piece he sold with a house. I think he probably does that half the time - sell the house with the furniture!!!

    Must be nice!!! Thanks again and please come back to visit.

  66. I'm crazy about Charles Faudree. I used to buy every magazine that had his work in it, and after that his books. Everything from Charles Faudree himself with his adorable bow tie to his King Charles Spaniels to his interiors, where each new one is even more wonderful than the last, I love him. Thanks for sharing. I'm an English Country nut, but he made me a convert to French Country.

    Another Di-vine designer and probably in my top three!


  67. I'm crazy about Charles Faudree. I used to buy every magazine that had his work in it, and after that his books. Everything from Charles Faudree himself with his adorable bow tie to his King Charles Spaniels to his interiors, where each new one is even more wonderful than the last, I love him. Thanks for sharing. I'm an English Country nut, but he made me a convert to French Country.

    Another Di-vine designer and probably in my top three!


  68. The large Jack Arnold house just sold for $4 million plus. A stunning home!

  69. Mr. Faudree's style isn't my own, but his passion for his craft shines through. I disagree with a poster here that said to 'keep your mouth shut' if you can't say something nice . . .I like to see EVERYBODY'S opinion on these comments, not just robot-like, loving every single word, picture, whatever . .. how so boring is that?? You shouldn't be chastised because you have an honest opinion . . . .. lighten up already!!

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