COTE DE TEXAS: The Holiday Houses

The Holiday Houses


Since it's been all about "Something's Gotta Give"  I thought that Nancy Meyers' follow up movie "The Holiday" needed a closer look.  Just as the star of  Something's Gotta Give was the Hamptons house itself, the star of the "The Holiday" wasn't really Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet, but their two homes, one in Los Angeles and one in the English Countryside, respectively.  And in another connection between the two movies,  the production team was led  Jon Hutman - but Beth Rubino, so wonderful on the set of SGG, was absent for The Holiday.  And just as with Something's Gotta Give, Nancy Meyers' personal interior designer has photos of "The Holiday" houses on his web site, but he is not mentioned in the film credits.     The Holiday, coming so soon after Something's Gotta Give received a lot of prepublicity hype concerning its premise:  two women swap houses for the Christmas vacation and both find love.    For lovers of the SGG house, a new Nancy Meyers movie about TWO houses was almost too good to be true !   


"The Holiday" Los Angeles House:



The exterior of the Los Angeles house is actually a well-known classic.  Designed in 1928 by famed architect Wallace Neff for his own residence, the home is located in San Marino, Pasadena.   The front gates close off the motor court from the street.  White, with a red tiled Spanish roof, this house was used only for the exterior footage.  The interiors were built on a sound stage.



 The beautiful back yard.  Notice the hanging balcony on the left - so charming!  The outside stairs go up to the second floor.  I love the window that is gated.  This Neff home is so representative of Mediterranean styled Californian architecture and is the perfect star for the movie.



The entry way with its large, contemporary styled stairway.  I love the seagrass runner, of course!  Note the basic elements of this house:  white, stucco appearing walls, dark - almost black hardwood floors mixed with slate floors.  I don't know if the walls were actually stuccoed for the movie set.  But in real life, stuccoed walls would be found in an older house like the Neff home.  Since, this house is supposed to have been built in 1928, the interiors are made to look as though they were completely remodeled.    Note:  instead of copious overhead lighting, iron sconces are used throughout.



The main living room right off the two story entry hall.  Note the table in the entry hall appears to be the same Rose Tarlow table used in  SGG's master bedroom.  In keeping true to the home's exterior and "age" note the thickness of the stucco walls leading from the entry into the living area.   Another authentic element is the metal French doors, painted black. 



The main living area:  a textured checkerboard rug was used in this room, dressier and more contemporary than seagrass.  The upholstery is a mix between traditional and contemporary designs.  Note the sofa has square arms and clean lines making it more contemporary than the chairs which are rolled arm wing chairs in white, tight fitting slipcovers.  The darker armchairs appear to mohair - another contemporary touch.  The tables are a mix of classic and contemporary - and they are mostly dark.  Flanking the limestone mantel are two painted wood pieces.  A criticism:  I think there are too many little accessories strewn about - larger,  more dramatic pieces would be more pleasing.  There is also an attempt to introduce organic forms into the room:  note the wood free form table between the two white chairs.   The most important element here is contrast, just as in the SGG house:   there is high contrast between the white walls and white furniture and black floors and dark upholstery fabrics, furniture, and curtain fabrics. 



The formal dining room brings a pine colored table with matching sisal rug.  Gray slipcovered chairs in a contemporary shape.  Dark wood console, white curtains, white walls.



Down this corridor or inner loggia which is differentiated by the slanted wood rafter ceiling is the family area and kitchen.   It appears that this loggia was once part of the outside and has been incorporated into the interior,  judging by the rafter ceiling and the load bearing columns.   Of course this is either Hollywood fantasy or the set decorators copied the interiors of the Neff house.  The design elements that started in the front part of the house continue through here and throughout the rest of the house:   black slate floors, white stucco walls, white slipcovered upholstery fabrics, dark wood furniture.  Again, there is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements.  On the left, there is an antique oriental console.    Traditional lanterns play a big part in this room.  I love the sofa:  mine is an exact duplicate!   Notice the ultra contemporary fireplace on the right.


In the same room as above, the area next to the fireplace in the family room - kitchen area.  Dark, wood, round table is circled by white, slipcovered armchairs.  Through the iron french doors, you can see the covered patio area, furnished the same as the interiors.



A view towards the kitchen area  from the dining area:    Large, french styled outdoor lanterns highlight the area.  The entire room has an extra high ceiling with white rafters. 


Looking back towards behind the kitchen to a contemporary butler's pantry.  Wicker baskets take the place of drawers in the built in.  The contemporary fireplace and raised hearth is on the left.  Instead of dark fabric curtains, the designers opted for dark colored natural fiber shades over the large french windows.



Close up of the kitchen area of the large family room.  The kitchen is only one long countertop.   The  table serves as the island.  The refrigerator must be behind the two large black doors.  No overhead cabinets add to the streamlined look.   This is a kitchen built for a single woman, like Cameron Diaz who owns the home in the movie.  The countertops appear to be trendy concrete.



The loggia, looking down the opposite way, with the oriental console on the right.  Ahead is the media room.



The media room, dark and cocoon like to watch Hollywood movies in:  the ceiling retains the rafters, a reminder of the home's actual age and style.    The walls are a deep chocolate brown, but the curtains are a white to provide that high contrast, as the white built in does.  The floor is brown wall to wall carpet.  Instead of a sofa, there is a line of four slipcovered, white chaises with brown pillows - what a great idea for a media room instead of those phony theatre seats you so often see!!!   I love the black lamps behind each chaise and the brown cashmere throws.    Oriental styled console is to the left.   Also on the left, there appears to be that other over used theatre room prop:  a popcorn machine!




Upstairs, the white and brown theme is toned down with gray and white.  The sheets are white as is the shaggy flokati area rug.  The shape of the headboard mimics the shape of the upholstery pieces downstairs.  The light colored nightstands mimic the organic colors from the dining and living rooms.  Notice the curtain treatment:  the roman shades are made out of  a slightly darker fabric as the curtains.  This is repeated on the bed:  the bed is upholstered in the light gray and the pillows and spread are a deeper charcoal gray.  The slight variations in the gray colors keeps the room from being boring.  The shelves in the nightstand are piled high with nighttime reading, just what you would expect from a high powered film executive that Cameron Diaz plays.



The sitting area of the bedroom has a contemporary daybed piled high with cushy down pillows.  The two Oriental round decorative objects are used as coffee tables.  To keep the room from being too slick, a rustic, black console is added to the mix.



Across from the daybed are two white slipcovered armchairs and dark wood table, just as is found downstairs.  The color is off in this picture for some reason - the gray appears blue!   What is wonderful about the design of this house is that all the furniture is interchangeable from room to room.   There is a continuity to the design throughout the house.  If Cameron/Amanda ever decides to move, furniture from one room would work in another room just as perfectly - it all blends, it all meshes, which is a wonderful way to design a house.   Notice the rafters in the ceiling and the iron windows which maintain the authenticity of the Mediterranean house.



I suppose this bathroom is supposed  to be one of the back rooms with a balcony.  Maybe this is the room that the outdoor stairs leads to!  Here the egg bathtub  takes center stage. Rafters, chevron shaped hardwoods painted black, trendy medicine cabinets are used for storage instead of built in cabinets.   The same shades used in the kitchen are used here.  The curtains are cream and are trimmed on the lead edge in brown, along with a brown skirt on the bottom.  This house fulfilled it's requirements perfectly as Cameron/Amanda's home -  a successful single woman who is controlling and unfeeling.   The home is not particularly warm and cozy, yet it is beautiful and impeccably dressed, just as Cameron/Amanda is.  Though it is Christmas time, the house is hardly decorated at all, further describing to the viewer how cold and detached Cameron/Amanda really is.     Many people favored this home over the Something's Gotta Give Hamptons house and though the two houses share some design elements, the feel is very different in each.


The English Countryside Cottage:


The Los Angeles house could not be more different than the cozy cottage of Kate Winslet/Iris!   The facade of this house was built for the movie, though it is almost impossible to tell, it is so authentic.   Isn't this just the most charming house and everything you would think you would find in the English countryside?   A low stone wall encircles the house and a small gate with bells lets you into the property. 



A small front porch and the front gate played parts in the movie and added to the country charm. 



Inside the front door, an antique bamboo coat rack is piled with umbrellas and jackets.  The set is so authentic down to the last detail  - n0tice  Kate/Iris's doggie dishes.  Wellies stand next to the coat rack.



The ceiling is authentically low with wooden beams.  The furniture is covered in the typical cluttered country home style of mix and match fabrics.  A large tufted, blue velvet ottoman serves as a coffee table.  The drapes are a linen flowered print, perhaps Colefax and Fowler.  The pillows, or cushions as the English call them,  are a jumble of mixed prints.  The armchair is slipcovered and a drum serves are a side table.   Charming as it can be!



The side wall of the cottage with the stone fireplace and bookshelf piled high.  An old, threadbare oriental rug covers the brick floor.



Looking towards the back of the cottage, a glimpse of the small, tiny stairs with its striped runner. 



A close up view of the antique suzani on the back of the white chair.   And on the sofa behind it, a Robert Kime fabric covers the lumbar pillow.  In front of that sofa, an antique tole tray on an oriental stand doubles as a coffee table.



A close up of the slipcovered chair fabric - I'm just not sure whose it is.  Does anyone know?  And notice the top book on the basket tray is called "The Iris Book" after the Kate/Iris character.  The stair runner is probably a Roger Oates piece.



Cameron/Amanda in front of the living room fireplace in Kate/Iris' house.  Notice that Iris didn't forget to decorate for Christmas!  Of course she wouldn't, she is more caring and emotional than Amanda.



Across from the living room is the kitchen with the eat in area.  Blue painted cabinets with painted wood knobs are again an authentic English cottage touch.  The fireplace is topped with blue and white transferware and white ironstone.  A modern Ikea style rack is on the left.   Notice the teeny tiny range.  And also be sure to notice on the right, the authentic skirted, metal sink.   Seagrass covers the brick floor.  The home is messy and cluttered exactly what one would expect the Kate/Iris character to own.



A close up of the charming red wicker dining table and its antique wood chairs.



Another view of the charming eat in kitchen.



The upstairs bedroom with its ceiling open to the rafters.  A large, white painted iron bed is piled high with warm blankets and cushy pillows.  An antique bamboo table  holds warm, cashmere throws.  Wicker baskets throughout the house hold firewood.  Included in the mix is a red painted chest and a blue painted desk. 


"What am I doing here?  I want to go home!"   Amanda says, freezing in Iris' bed, before she meets Iris' brother Jude Law - at which point she begins to have fun and chooses to stay for her vacation.  Hey, if Jude Law was after me, I'd stay too!


The oh-so-charming bathroom with the authentic metal tub.  It's hard to believe this is a movie set!  The floors are gray with painted black diamonds perfectly worn down.  A white chest fills in for a built-in.  On the left, notice the door's hardware. 



The library - I"m not sure exactly where this room is.  It appears to be on the bottom floor, in a lean-to addition.  Or, it could be next to the bedroom on the second floor.   A lovely antique Edwardian chair sits next to a faux bois table on the left. 


If you like this style of home, it would be relatively easy to duplicate.  First you would need a small, charming cottage made of stone!  No, seriously - it would take a mix of upholstered and slipcovered comfortable and squishy furniture covered with English linens and cotton tickings by Colefax and Fowler and Bennison, all in muted shades of red and green and blue.  Creamy colored walls painted with Farrow and Ball in Dorset Cream.  You would need accent antique bamboo and tole pieces, a large upholstered ottoman, gateleg tables, a mixed of landscapes and animal prints in antique frames.  Lots of collections of smalls and transferware, ironstone, silver, candlesticks, walking sticks, tartanware, and porcelains.   Threadbare oriental rugs in blue and red shades and seagrass matting, wall to wall.  You don't need a designer for this look, you just need to collect and add to the clutter year after year.


Which house  do you prefer, the English cottage or the L.A. Mediterranean with the contemporary interior?


The good news:  Nancy Meyers is working on a new screenplay about a long term marriage, divorce, and relationship which she says will be completed this August.  The starring roles call for one woman and two leading men.  Sounds interesting!  James Radin, her personal interior designer reports he is gearing up for a new movie set - is it Meyers new movie?  I hope so!!!


Be sure to visit Linda Merrill at Silver Screen Surroundings who is also profiling Nancy Meyers this week.


  1. This post is soooo gooood!
    I will steal some pictures!

  2. Wow! Another amazing post. Don't know where you find the time but I'm glad you do. I love both of these houses and as usual your descriptions of them are spot on.

  3. Its so nice when to find a kindred spirit, who loves houses as much as I do. The homes and decor portrayed on film have always interested me as much as the movie itself, (sometimes even more.) I've been visiting your blog for a couple of months now, and just love it! Thank you for all the eye candy!

  4. I love this movie! When watching the movie, I was very drawn to the California house. I even searched for the barleytwist console on the front hall (not pictured in this post). Now that I have seen your deconstruction of the house, I think I was attracted to the open spaces and lack of clutter rather than the specific style.

    Although the cluttered English look is so familiar (represents the homes of my English relatives quite well!), I really do not like it. But, I think it is charming in its own way. I would love the rent a little place in the Cotswalds and spend a month of the summer exploring the English countryside!

    I did not see the skirted sink in the kitchen...where is it? I see cabinets below the sink.

  5. Joni, You must be Mrs. Santa Clause. Everyday you post is like Christmas morning, scrolling down is like opening presents and you must have hundreds of elves running around doing all this work because one human could not possibly be able to accomplish this. How ever you are able to do it, I thank you for it all. Once again loved and learned alot.
    xo MB

  6. There are elements of both that I like, but I prefer the less cluttered, more open space of the LA home (especially the staircase). The cottage would feel a bit claustrophobic after a while. I do think, though, the LA house is a little TOO orderly and coordinated to feel homey (but that fits the character in the movie exactly). The pictures you showed of the cottage make it look much more inviting than it looked in the movie (more light, I think). And hey, one second or not, I appreciate your very detailed posts with LOTS of pictures. Many times you post pictures I've torn out of magazines, but you point out details I never noticed. I always look forward to reading your blog!

  7. Love the English cottage! It is absolutely charming - I always go for comfy, cozy, a bit cluttered...I could live there in a second. I've never seen this movie. I guess I'll have to watch it!

    Thanks for your always interesting posts.


  8. I dont know if I could choose... but if I HAD to... probably the English cottage. Joni, you seriously blow me away, how in the world do you do this? I posted some of your pictures, I could not resist... I had to share. You are unbelievable! I got goosebumps looking at these pictures, I bought this movie so I could watch it over and over and pause it for closer looks.
    You are a blogger rockstar!!!

  9. Another fab post! I prefer the cottage over the L.A. home.. the L.A. home/movie set seems like a movie set...almost too contrived. If one compares it to the SGG house, the SGG house FEELS like a house... is this making any sense?!! The L.A. home feels way to sharp and softness except for the floor covering in the master...The cottage FEELS like a home, nothing seems "on purpose"... Anyway, you're a blogstar!!! Thanks for another super read!

  10. Oh my goodness, these last few posts have my head spinning!!!!!! You are too good! ;-)

  11. i'm spinning too ! absolutely BRILLIANT ! thank you- it's time to do some shopping !

  12. Of COURSE I prefer the English cottage seeing as how we lived almost 10 years in the UK! The original house was in the lovely village of Shere, in Surrey, one of the most picturesque villages in the county! And far from the Cotswolds I might add - it's near Godalming and Guildford south-southwest from London outside the M25 motorway.

    The fabric on the slipcover may well be Sanderson - they are a mid-to-upper quality seller of mass produced home linens - duvet covers, bed linens, draperies, slipcovers, etc. I'm surprised there's not a dash of Liberty prints in there somewhere as almost every home has something from there!

    They did a good job obtaining the "well-lived in" look that is the hallmark of most British homes - "new and perfect" are considered "too contrived" and tacky in taste by most.

    I was disappointed to note that there wasn't an AGA in the kitchen - most older homes have them and decades old at that! I wanted one in our home in Houston but (a) didn't feel like spending $10-15k for something that (b) stays on all the time making the kitchen toasty warm! Not a good plan in the hot south! But they are LOVELY and represent childhood and hot chocolate and baking to a lot of Brits.

    Even the large houses now being built in the Surrey countryside keep with the same tenets of design - well lived, well loved, standing for ages. One of my fellow American expats once remarked, "Can't they build something that looks NEW?? Why does everything have to look like it is ancient??" I just stared at her with mouth agape and KNEW she would NOT be happy living there very long!

    I've seen the Victorian bamboo hall trees at auction before. Not my taste (I'm more of an "Edwardian girl") but they are very nice in the right setting. And you can never go wrong with the traditional blue and white. I prefer the softer, more muted blues of Burleigh "Asiatic Pheasant" over the more mainstream Spode and their ever present "Blue Italian" which is almost cobalt in "colour". :)

    Something that both Brits and Yanks (what they call us even if we ARE from The South) like a pottery that is worth a look - Emma Bridgewater. They sell it stateside but the original UK website is much more informative. One pattern that is a favorite everywhere is their "Black Toast & Marmalade" which you can see at

    Really enjoyed this post! More English style please!!

  13. I do find it interesting that the set doesn't follow the footprint of the actual house - the window in the kitchen would be over the sink but there doesn't appear to be any light coming from that source in the photos (although you can't see directly over the sink). And the interior is MUCH larger than the interior would be from the exterior shot. The triple window in the "front reception" would have been right next to the door but there's a good 6-8 ft. between the door and window in the interior shot.

    Also meant to mention that instead of an "eat-in" area, the kitchen would have originally had large working table with shelf near the floor - it would have been the precursor to our islands being a work space for kneading bread, prepping food, etc. The tiny "cooker with hob" is typical - even for some London kitchens where space is a premium.

    I wish they'd shown what I'm sure is a small "loo" under the stairwell - that's where most of them are located and something I tried to duplicate in our house here.

    Sorry for the double "comment" but this is a style near and dear to my heart!

  14. Adore the English Cottage!
    I feel right at home there!
    I'll have to watch the movie as I've never seen it.
    Merci for your always wonderful posts!
    You just keep raising those standards don't ya!

  15. Joni, I love, love, love these recent posts. I think I would definitely choose the English cottage, especially since it's rooms aren't really as small as they should've been. Another thing I love about the cottage is the colorscheme. It's my favorite, red and blue. Such great information, thanks for all the hard work. And here's one "YANK" that Loves Emma Bridgewater pottery.

  16. Well, shoot. Now I'm gonna have to go rent that movie again just to see the houses. Or not, since you've given such a great overview of them. Great post as always. Thank you!

  17. Joni-
    I was seriously about to try to tackle this EXACT post but was sidetracked by client work- WONDERFUL job. The array of pics is stunning! I am so in awe! My faborite little thing I noticed in the modern LA house was the large painting by Patricia Jo Peacock of a red dress....I represented her when I worked at a Boston gallery and I am DYING to own one.

  18. Congratulations for your blog, I visit it every day from Argentina, and the last surprise Nancy movies sets!!!! I love all of them ,spend a lot of time looking for images and now you posted the bests
    Thank you!!!

  19. Another killer post. I'm going with the english cottage. The hollywood house was a little sterile and over-thought for my taste. Plus I have the low ceilings and threadbare orientals, so easier to pull off.

  20. This was a fascinating post, Joni. I haven't see this film, but your post has motivated me to watch it. Jude Law is extra bait as well! ;>)

  21. OK -It's cottage for me too, although I adore Wallace Neff. After the children leave home, you are just going to rattle around in a big house!And,as I have a multitude of dogs,the English Country look is an easier way to live, and can be pared down if so desired...the look is still the same ,as long as everything is "soft".

  22. I'm so happy that you posted these houses, which I felt were SOOO much better than 'somethings gotta give'. I ADORED the California house, I could move RIGHT in (with a few homey touches, I'm not a withdrawn career gal like cameron was and I certainly decorate for the holidays!).
    I think the English cottage is adorable and so well done, but personally could not stand it for move than a week's vacation. I can imagine that it would be extremely cold in the winter and filled with bugs hiding in all the nooks and crannies! and get the picture.ew..
    You are the best blogger, you must spend a huge amount of times on your post, so impressive! You're an inspiration, Joni!

  23. Joni, you are brilliant.

  24. Thank you for this great post. I have just watched the movie a few days ago, and I loved the interiours as well. I would like to recommend the movie Secret Window with Johny Depp, I posted something about it a while back. The interiour is awsome, although a bit masculine. I will immediately add you to my list of favourites.
    I am so glad I found your blog. :D
    You are welcome to visit mine.

  25. English! The LA house is too sterile for me, and waaaayyyy too big! The cottage reminds me of little houses that I have known. I used to stay in the castle's gatehouse sometimes, and it was a wee little place like this. But it was simple and gorgeous with the typical UK features.

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  27. Joni, you are my hero! This is a wonderful collection of stills. Different angles, detail, some rooms never even appear in the film.

    I have a split personality because I love both of the houses! I think the look of L.A. house is a little easier to achieve for some because of it's simplicity though...


  28. Another simply wonderful posting! And another wonderful movie -- warm, fun, funny and some gorgeous homes! The L.A. home is lovely, cool and elegant indeed! But the English cottage is quirky, warm, charming and very welcoming. I'd love to look and live like the house in L.A. BUT in truth (and all of its consequences!) I look and live more like the cluttered English cottage! LOL!

    Jan at the very cluttered Rosemary Cottage

  29. Great post, Joni! I just LOVE the Neff house.

  30. Joni, I could live as snug as a wren in that English country cottage, with a couple of exceptions. I don't like iron beds...In fact, I could live in the country house, and use the LA house as a get-away.

    The worst part of that movie was Jack Black. Did anyone believe he and Kate Winslet were lovers? Anyone? Anyone? Feh!

  31. Ooooh! The English cottage DEFINITELY!! It has "me" written all over it! If only it were on a beach somewhere... that would be even better! Thanks for your lovely posts! I love your blog!

  32. oooh you have really outdone yourself here! This post was soo good. I tried to do a post on their houses once and could not find ANY photos on the internet-so glad I finally got a real tour of both their houses..I would pick the cozy cottage for sure

  33. Wow! What a post! But that's why we all keep coming back. We are all addicted. It is so fun to see the talent of this he mastered both styles so well.

    I would have a hard time choosing, but only because I grew up in Pasadena, so these sorts of homes say "home" to me. At least the extriors. But I am really drawn to the coziness and liveability of the English house, especially if I was a single woman like in the movie. The other would just be too big.

    Thanks Joni! Always a complete pleasure. :)

  34. Joni, how do you find these photos? I love all the stuff you find. I could just live here. In the English cottage, of course. Such a happy mix of things, not sterile or perfect but utterly charming.

    You are amazing, always finding the best of stuff!

  35. I cannot believe I've not seen this movie. Must get it. Quick!

  36. Joni-
    I love when real life is portrayed in a movie and as an artist, my desire for a "cottage" far outweighs living in a perfect minimal sea of beige, but it is nicely done in a "hotel-ish" sort of way. A bit too antiseptic for me.
    August will be here soon and that movie will be on my list.

  37. Girl! You are on fire! Another fab, fab, fab post! You hit the nail on the head with asking which one do I prefer - it's like the real me loves the cottage (and that's how I have been decorating all my life), but the me in my mind's eye, the alleged sophisticate, who should be able to design her way in and out of a paper bag, longs for the pale chic LA house. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Stay tuned as I embark on doing over my living room - I wonder what hot mess will be the result!

  38. Oh, the English Cottage -- cela va sans dire! I can actually remember gasping when I first saw the movie. That cottage is so ME!

    I do love the facade of the LA home, but the rooms just leave me cold. They seem more like a hotel than a home.

    Great post, Joni!

  39. Melissa {The Inspired Room blog} just gave this link to your wonderful blog. I'm sure I'm not the first, to tell you this.

    I'm a lover of sets, from way back. Love, love, love sets. More than the story line, I love sets. Even on tv shows! So your blog is a dream come true.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  40. Oh the English cottage! I prefer the English cottage!!!

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  41. Joni, once've made my morning. Oh, to settle into the English cottage for a spot o' tea! Lovely. You are Super Woman!

  42. I wanted to watch the movie again before I commented. I rented it last night and took a good look. The English cottage is sooooo small and cramped and cluttered I was getting claustrophobic just watching it. I would take the LA house for sure. I especially loved the big wide stairway. However, neither house compares to SGG!!!!
    Excellent post, as usual!

  43. I would choose the English cottage, because I don't like big houses, however, I would love the cottage to be located in LA's warm climate!

  44. I own the DVD and we (my girls and I) watch it together all the time. I just love the English Cottage. Can you believe that? !!! It's true. What about the tent part with the little girls. Oh, How I wish I had a photo of that!

  45. I love this closer look at these two "homes". Of the two, I would be most comfortable in the English home.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Joni!


  46. Though I'm sure you don't need any more blog publicity ~ I love your blog so much that I simply had to link people to it, in my blog.

    Pay no attention to my entry Title. It has to do with my decision to post smaller sized pics, because of people still on dial up Net connections. :-) Your blog has nothing to do with 'Smaller being better.' :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  47. No one has said anything about Jude Law's house. It was a show stealer with the tent for the children. What we saw of it was beautiful.

  48. I have so enjoyed reading your entries about SGG and The Holiday movie houses. I have to say though, in the movie The Holiday, my favourite house is Jude Law's house - nice and cozy but not as cluttered as Iris's cottage. Do you have any shots or thoughts on that house?


  49. Pretty! I could study these photos all day.

  50. nordavin - what is your blog address?

  51. MORE great sets! I popping over to SSS... have to see more!

  52. Oh my God, I haven't seen that movie, but now I must. I loved both houses, and obviously who wouldn't want all the space in the L.A. house, but I like the English Cottage hands down. Too small, of course, but the look is divine. Amazing that it is not a real house, but a movie set. What fun that must have been!

  53. Cheri: interesting comments - I'll post this here for everyone to see - I'm not following exactly what you mean about the English footprints - it seems to follow -the interior to ext proportions - to me. There is def. a window over the sink - in the movie remember they are at the sink and she looks out at Jude on the phone with Olivia. Don't forget the interiors are on a sound stage so when they took these pictures - the "light" may have been turned off outside the window. But there is a window and it matches up with the exterior. AND - the triple window on the ext. is not right next to the door - it is much further down. look again at the exterior!!!

    I do agree that the interiors may be bigger than the exterior but don't forget they built both the int and ext for the movie - so they should be a good match. The one in LA is WAY off!!! But that's because the house in LA is real!!

    GReat comments!!!!


  54. Syliva - no pictures from Jude's house - I've never see any. I think they must build just a few rooms on a sound stage for those kinds of shots - not a whole house which is so unique for the other sets - The LA, TheEnglish and the Hamptons House.

  55. Ok...climbing out from under my rock. Haven't seen the movie either. But what a great post...I am loving the soulfulness of the English cottage. I love the outside of the other one...but some of the inside shots leave me a little dry.

  56. I loooove the cottage. The LA house way too beige for me. Joni, do you know what the blue fabric on the sofa throw pillows is? Or, can you recommend something similar? I am learning so much from you...thank you!

  57. Thank you for your wonderful post on one of my favorite movie sets! I just love your blog.

  58. You know, I thought I was the only one that swooned over movie homes until I discovered your blog. Your photos are wonderful and I love your commentary. Your blog never disappoints!

  59. Dear Mrs. Clause. Thank you!

    I loved SGG but had no clue that The Holiday was by nearly the same folks. I want the English Cottage you may have Mr. Clause deliver anytime. I do like the LA home but there is something about a cozy cottage that makes one feel snuggly.

  60. Joni,

    You have outdone yourself with this post! The shots are absolutely fabulous along with your writing about the sets.

    I love both houses, but, ultimately I would have to choose the L.A. house b/c I prefer the uncluttered look. The Holiday is my go to movie when I'm feeling depressed.

    However, as much as I love the interiors, I just as intently examined the clothing the characters wore in the movie. Was I the only one who was fascinated with the amazingly soft looking sweaters that both actresses wore throughout the movie? They look like the best thing you could put against your skin. My sister-in-law, who has watched the movie countless times with me, laughs at how obsessed I am with the sweaters. I would love to know where to find sweaters just like those, they are light weight enough for Texas "winters".

    Also, I agree with anonymous (the nice one), I loved Jude Law's house in the movie as well. I would love to see detailed photos of that as well.

    Fabulous post!!!!!

  61. Dear Joni,

    I am de-lurking to tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts on the Holiday and SGG. When I saw the movies I instantly fell in love with the beach house, the cottage and the LA house. I personally want all 3!

    Like many of the other readers, I too want to see the Jude Law house. I also loved the clothes that both Diane Keaton and Carmen Diaz wore. They both may weigh 100 pounds together, and that is with rocks in their pockets.

    Woody Allen did a couple of movies set in England that featured wonderful homes. There was a library in Match Point that I craved, and I think Scoop had a wonderful town home.

    You are a gracious and insightful writer. You are a wonderful respite in my day.


  62. Joni, I really enjoy your posts! I would love to see you do some kind of lists with your favorite paint colors, fabrics, or room elements (obviously, seagrass would be in that one :)).
    I first got to your blog through the wonderful Stylecourt and have been a daily reader since! Thanks!!!

  63. This post is so amazing...I lurk around here quite a bit! I wish there were pictures like this of Sally Field's house on Brothers and Sisters. Just dreamy!

  64. Hmm. Well, to live in, I think I would choose the cottage, which has a warmer, more personal feel. But for a vacation, I would absolutely go for the coordinated, clean contrast of the fab LA house.

  65. Both houses are so gorgeous...
    But since we're talking about holiday houses here, I'd prefer the English Cottage, so warm, so cozy, and so fabulously charming.

    This is such a great post I'll include it in my blog's recommended design read. Thanks.

  66. ohhhh.....awe......oohhhh....

    so enjoyed my tea while resting in these places of beauty. thanks for sharing them.

    i think i want to paint some walls in my house :-)

  67. I think our hearts beat at the same time

    .....hands down the English cottage

  68. Joni, PLEASE do a list of your favs. We want paint colors, and fabrics and rugs and drapery styles etc.... PLEASE!! That would be like Christmas!

  69. Enough already........let us move on from this designer!

  70. Joni, wow! I thought this movie was very charming and really enjoyed the differences between the two places and homes. Thanks so much for the amazing tour!! Great inspiration! I also love what you've done with your blogroll on the left with recent post titles.



  71. Joni, wow! I thought this movie was very charming and really enjoyed the differences between the two places and homes. Thanks so much for the amazing tour!! Great inspiration! I also love what you've done with your blogroll on the left with recent post titles.



  72. Love this post!!! I am trying to find out where I might get a similar sofa to one in the English Cottage. The wood and basketweave one. If you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  73. Beth - I'm not sure where that sofa came from ! Does anyone on here know? I would guess it's from an English company though, maybe Laura Ashley. I have no idea!!!! Sorry!!!

  74. To ME: someone that reads this blog researched the bed and it's not M.Smith - I thought it was too and even said that! She bought it for a client - 6k. and this should be on the RAdin blog - sorry!!!

  75. Jill-yes!Woody Allen's movies always have wonderful houses. Check out my movie house blog last Feb. - I talk about his houses. I do want to write about those two Eng. houses, just haven't had the time yet. but I will. thanks = great comment, glad you de lurked.

  76. Wow... what a post!!
    When I saw the movie, I was torn between the two interiors - both appeal to me. However, seeing this post and pictures, Iris' cottage definitely appeals to me more. Maybe with just a tad less clutter!! ;-) But really, I think what I LOVE about it is the authenticity of the design. It wouldn't be quite the same in a 1970's ranch in Texas....

    I love the striped stair runner - and Roger Oates is a great guess! He does make lots of runners similar. But, I wonder if it isn't an old dhurrie or something of the same - it's extremely flat. And it's installed with TACKS!! That's such a neat detail!!

  77. Beautiful a bouquet of luscious flowers!

    you may enjoy my post on designer Nancy Toon...she mentioned she enjoys your blog!

  78. THANK YOU! This movie "The Holiday" has been coming on TV on the movie channels at least once a week lately and I watch it over and over again - I love the Califoria house, the English cottage is charming in its own right-however the Cali home reflects my style so much. The first time I saw it I wasn't even watching the actors but the scenes behind them. I first fell in love with movie homes in Father of the Bride (ok, ok I'm only 24 and am sure Alfred Hitchcock and other are beautiful as well - but that is the first movie set I remember so vividly) Again, THANK YOU!!! I think I'll have to get it on DVD to pause each scene and take stills. YOUR AWESOME JONI!

  79. THANK YOU! This movie "The Holiday" has been coming on TV on the movie channels at least once a week lately and I watch it over and over again - I love the Califoria house, the English cottage is charming in its own right-however the Cali home reflects my style so much. The first time I saw it I wasn't even watching the actors but the scenes behind them. I first fell in love with movie homes in Father of the Bride (ok, ok I'm only 24 and am sure Alfred Hitchcock and other are beautiful as well - but that is the first movie set I remember so vividly) Again, THANK YOU!!! I think I'll have to get it on DVD to pause each scene and take stills. YOUR AWESOME JONI!

  80. Goodness these homes are very popular! I just did a post on them about a month or so ago but nothing like yours. Your post on the homes is awesome. I would say I would have to go with Cameron's L.A. home and Kate's would be a great place to take a holiday! Daisy~

  81. Goodness these homes are very popular! I just did a post on them about a month or so ago but nothing like yours. Your post on the homes is awesome. I would say I would have to go with Cameron's L.A. home and Kate's would be a great place to take a holiday! Daisy~

  82. Joni, was in the mood for a cozy house as inspiration for my post today & of course googled Kate's house in Holiday & found your post already doing it much better than I would have!!! hahaha Such gorgeous pictures!!! (off to go find another cozy cottage! ;)

  83. Does anyone know where to get the contemporary daybed featured?! I saw it in a magazine two years ago and forgot to write down the designer and have been COVETING it ever since!!!

  84. ADORE All houses!!!

  85. Love the houses! Anyone have any idea where I could find bedside tables like the ones Cameron Diaz's character has??

  86. Awesome house pictures! Really really wonderful. Design and furniture are one of a kind.

  87. Can anyone tell me where to find the table and the painting that hangs above the table in the foyer of Cameron Diaz's house? The table has corkscrew legs and the painting is a white dress with a red background. I would love to know! Many thanks...and thanks for a great post!

  88. I've been in love with the interior designs of Nancy Meyers' films forever - especially The Holiday. Where did you find these photos? Please let us in on the secret.

    I prefer the LA house. I love the spaciousness of it. And I like the accessories - don't think they're too small. I know the bathroom was cut from the film, so it was nice to see it here.

    You are a new discovery of mine. Adding you to my blogroll! Thanks for this well written post about one of my favorite interior design films. I've been watching "It's Complicated", which just came out on DVD. I wasn't so in love with the house at first, but am finding new things to love. The set decorator's attention to detail is superb.

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  91. i'm french and i love this movie.
    i'm looking for all documentation about the cottage but I'm very disappointed that in fact, it don't exist !

    I want to say that it don't exist no more now in england for visit it or rend it ? it is so wonderful and so realistic!

  92. I noticed the black metal french doors, but does anyone have an idea what color is used on the french doors in the kitchen?

  93. I am obsessed with the white tall wingback sofa in the family room off the kitchen in "The Holiday" LA house. You mentioned you had an exact duplicate. Who makes this sofa and how can I get one of my own, or an exact duplicate? We are building a new home and its the one must have on my list!!!!

  94. Thank You a ton for writing such a wonderful piece of information. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

  95. Do you know who makes the fabric of the curtains in the living room in the cottage? So pretty! Thanks!

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  106. Love both houses does anyone know the style of chairs around the kitchen table in the LA house .
    Would love the slip over covers and they look like they do not take up to much space . Great Movie

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