COTE DE TEXAS: Velvet and Linen’s Brooke Visits the Skirted Roundtable

Velvet and Linen’s Brooke Visits the Skirted Roundtable



Brooke’s wonderful Oxnard House – where she and her family spend their weekends on the water. 


Interior Designer Brooke Giannetti of the blog Velvet and Linen visited us at the Skirted Roundtable this week and the time just flew by.  The three of us, Linda, Megan and myself, were mesmerized just listening to Brooke talk about her business, her family, her design aesthetic – even how a beautiful room is an emotional experience for her.  I think the three of us just wanted to hear every word she said – we all admire her so much.   I told Brooke that the first time I had ever heard of her was after Villa Anna posted pictures of her Oxnard house.   Even though it was a year ago, I remember it very, very clearly.  The picture,  above, of her weekend house sent me into a jealous tailspin!   OMG – WHAT a darling house!!!!!  Look at that clock!  The slipcovers!  The fireplace!  The tufted chairs!   I loved everything in the house and had to find out who owned it and what she was all about.   It was the beginning of a true love fest for me and I  became obsessed with everything Brooke  – her portfolio, her Santa Monica house, her shop, her husband’s work, their web site – you name it, I wanted to know all about it.    That first night I spent more than a few hours on Brooke’s web site poring over all the houses she and Steve had designed together and apart. 


image The breakfast area at Oxnard – with antique shutters, wicker chairs, and wonderful oil paintings.


What I did learn though, was besides being fabulously talented,  Brooke is a nice person.  This past year, she and I have exchanged countless emails, and every time I’ve asked her for help or advice, she has always come through for me,  always lending an ear.   Many times she’s just been there – a good friend I’ve never even “met.”



image I mean, what is there not to love about a girl who tears down the wall between her bedroom and bathroom and puts up curtains instead, and who even has a bathtub we all have lusted after? 


So, naturally, I was thrilled when I learned Brooke was coming on the Skirted Roundtable this week.   She talked all about interior design, how she started out, and everything in between.   She is such a doll – inside and out.     To find out everything about Brooke you didn’t know before, be sure to listen HERE  - I think you’ll be as glued to your seat as we were!


  1. TeeHee that was so fun!!! I loved loved loved listening to that interview and hearing all your accents :)

    Anna :)

  2. I can't wait to listen! Brooke is so incredibly talented. She also is so very generous. She has helped me countless times, from locating beautiful items to helping me keep my calm and perspective. Her design style is as beautiful as her heart! Great choice for a Guest Speaker!!

  3. You always come up with such beautiful images, I take back a little about what i said yesterday on my having a more masculine approach to designing.....the white living brought out my feminine side. I will try to go and see her store when I am in LA. (I have ben ignoring my store there, and my son just started college there as well this fall, so i am due for a visit...jet blue here i come..)

  4. ooops....I guess i will not going to see her shop. i assumed that it was in Santa Monica, and looking at her blog, I realized that she is located quite a little further away in Australia, that will be for another trip, I hope.

  5. I just loved my time with you, Megan and Linda. When Megan e-mailed me to ask if I would be interviewed I literally screamed with excitement.
    Thank you for all of your support during the last year through our personal e-mails as well as through your gorgeous blog. You have been (and continue to be) a great friend and one of my main sources inspiration. I look forward to actually meeting you in a couple of weeks.


    Oh, and Francine - Although I love my Australian blogger friends, I am actually located in Los Angeles. So, come to the shop for a visit xob

  6. Brooke's blog is the ONLY other one (besides yours) that I bookmark and read. She is organized, interesting, relevant, and always ORIGINAL. Her blog is *her* in the same way her rooms are her... it's never copies. I also corresponded with her once and she is a genuine person full of grace and intelligence.
    I will find a pair of headphones to listen to this Skirted Roundtable this week (I'm not a fan of listening as much as reading). You hooked me now!
    Maria in Lexington

  7. you are right, someone who tears down a wall to replace it with curtains is inspirational!

  8. What great style. Bold move with the bedroom and bath. Beautiful.

  9. Oh this is exciting! Can't wait to hear it- I too love Brooke!

  10. Joni ,
    thanks for yet another morning of pure inspiration.
    I was following Brooke about a year ago and even exchanged some emails, then got a new laptop and lost track of her somehow.
    this was a day i will never forget.

    missn u

  11. I am so glad you did this interview with Brooke!

    Thank you a lot!


  12. Hi Joni. I mentioned your delightful blog on my blog today.

    I'm in the process of painting an old antique dining table with a creamy white finish, similar to one shown in your previous post.

    You know how very much I love your decorating style because I've told you before!

    Thank you for sharing such awesome decorating ideas!!!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Her blog is always so interesting...great post!

  14. Gosh I just love the Skirted Roundtable, and adore Brooke and everything she I cannot wait to listen to this episode!! You guys are the best, thanks for all the hard-work and inspiration!

  15. Joni- I can't wait to listen to this as I adore Brooke's work!

    I also have to tell you how excited I am to see your reproduction ironstone find on your side bar. I'm fortunate to have the real thing (large margarine dairy slab) but I've been looking for the square shape forever. Don't think Ginger is buying them anymore for her shop. Thank you!!

  16. Joni, I thought of you yesterday when I wrote about one of my favorite places to shop here in Grapevine, TX. Funny how your blog readers feel like we know you personally even though we don't. I guess we feel like we know you because of your amazing blog entries and the way you write.

    Thought you might enjoy reading what I wrote about Grapevine Antique Mall. If you ever visit Grapevine, I'll take you there personally.

    Thanks for being so inspiring and for giving us tools like the "Skirted Roundtable" to help us get even more excited about design.

    Ruth Staalsen

  17. Love her and her style. Can't wait to hear the Roundtable discussion!

  18. Hi Joni. Love the bathtub within view of the bed...and imagine it must be wonderful being up to one's neck in bubbles looking back at the bedroom (love the archeological fragment over the bed). Agree... Brooke is so talented and nice. Off to listen, thanks, Trish

  19. Ok, busy Mom I am - but I am getting the headphones out now! Joni et al. you pick the most interesting topics and people. BRAVO! To all of you!!

  20. Brooke is just the best,isn't she? So very talented, and her graciousness shines through clearly! Edward and I are fans!!

  21. Brooke's home is divine! Love the contrast between all the frilly stuff with the ship paintings, surfboards and seaside retreat. Can't wait to hear the interview, I'm going over now to check it out!

  22. I absolutely LOVE that wall of shutters! Thanks for featuring Brooke... here and on SRT. Her work is so beautiful.

  23. Joni, I can't wait to go listen right now. {Please visit my blog today, so that you may vote on Martha Stewart for Terry Grahl, an interior designer who has shifted her business from private homes to charity designing of shelters for abused women and children.}xo Lidy

  24. Joni. I simply adore this light design. There is an almost vintage yet elegant feel to much of this set up.


  25. Oh, just beautiful and I love the image of the ship paintings on the shutters in the breakfast area.

  26. I am looking forward to finding a time when I can listen to this without disturbing someone else in my home. Brooke and her husband are an amazing team! What a great guest to have on TSRT. laurie

  27. Dear Joni,

    I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, especially now. The last few months of my life have been very eventful (separation anxiety for our firstborn child leaving for college, mother is very ill, father-in-law is sick).

    Reading your blog is a mini vacation for my mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Don't know you, but I love ya.


  28. When I read your post I know what you are talking about because I felt almost the same about Brook's beautiful style when I first discover her great blog !
    Thank you to share with us your passion for decoration.
    Tania Grange de charme