COTE DE TEXAS: For Long Time Readers–A Special Treat!

For Long Time Readers–A Special Treat!


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love Houston interior designers  - they are the ones who inspired me all those years ago and still do today.  They are ones who make me feel so insecure, but at the same time, give me the confidence to design.   They are the ones who introduced me to English Country House design and then led me back toward French design.  Somewhere along the way we added Belgian Luxe and Swedish into the mix.  You know their names – they know their names.  I’m sure they are sick of me constantly talking about them and showing their work, but I can’t help it.  Their aesthetics are the basis of this blog and it would be hard to separate the two. 

One designer, Carol Glasser, has been particularly discussed here – so much so – that I’m embarrassed to even say her name.  Behind the scenes, she has been SO gracious to me – I can’t tell you how nice she is – how nice ALL the Houston designers are.  Truly, truly, a nice bunch of very talented ladies. So indulge me Carol, one more time, but I’m sure you knew it was going to happen.

Carol’s newest house is for sale.  There have been rumors of private showings but the house has never been on HAR before now, that is.  And – WHAT A TREAT!!!!   We finally get to go upstairs of her gorgeous ivy covered Georgian house – we can see the exteriors too  – and WOW!  The outside is serenely beautiful and the upstair bedrooms, well, there are a few surprises!!!  Yes!!  I adore surprises!!!

I loved and still love her former house – a much smaller one – I once called it One Perfect House.  And it was.  But honestly – this newer one is even more perfect.   The kitchen is better, that’s for sure, and so is the keeping room.  And there are so many more rooms to love.  The dining room is also definitely better – there wasn’t really one before!! 

The house was built in 1956 and it has 5-6 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths in 7,231 sq. ft.   Listing price is $7,695,000.

Some of the rooms you will be familiar with, but some are totally new that you have never seen before.  So – as a special treat this weekend, while you are off spending some quiet time away on your own – enjoy this.  I know I did.  

And Carol, thank you again, as always!!!!!!


Drinking Game Word:  Perfection

Get out a glass a wine and take a sip each time I write Perfection.  Just don’t drink and drive though.   OK, got your wine ready?




The first outside view of the house.  The original part of the house is shown here, covered in ivy.  The house was added on to at the back and then another building was added at the side of the garage, which is seen on the right.  I love how Carol grew the ivy on the house.  The landscaping is basically all box and ivy.  The dining room is seen to the right and the living room is on the left of the front door.



The house is located on the most prestigious street in Houston, the grand boulevard River Oaks.  It’s off the street down a small cul de sac which makes it a bit more private.  Here is the side view.   Apparently, the back yard is at the side, since the house was added on to at the back of the original house. 



And, an even larger view of the side yard.  At the very back, you can see the newer building – where the media room (in white slips with blue striped shades) is located and a bedroom is above it.    The garage is on the other side of the addition.   The stair hall is where the three French doors are.   The blue study is to the left of the stair hall.  The living room is to the right of the French doors.

The house looks so grand from this elevation.  I had so idea how beautiful the property was!  OK OK – I’ve driven by and snooped, of course!  But you can’t see this part of the house, only the very front from the cul de sac.   Of course I’ve snooped!!

Actually – the property looks very Belgian to me.  It looks like a country estate in Belgium, not Houston. 

Ready to go inside?



Now this is interesting because for some photoshoots, Carol has changed the furniture around a bit.  I love the Swedish antique bench on the side – I’d never seen that before and I LOVE the console, mirror and Santos on top.  The colors in the front of the house are apricot, persimmon, yellow and aqua.  Notice how the rug brings in all the colors. 



A close up of the beautiful console.



The view into the living room.



For this photoshoot, Carol moved the settee from the stairhall.   It looks good, but I prefer the way it really is set up.





The gorgeous living room!  I love, love, love this!  The apricot velvet sofa, the blue linen stripes, the checks – and the floral curtains.  Talk about a study in fabrics.  And those antique Swedish chests against the wall – those lamps – all to die from!!!!  Perfection!!!




From a magazine shoot, a little tighter view.




Close up of the mantel and gorgeous mirror.




Her accessories are very spare, but each piece is fabulous.



Notice this beautiful painted chair with gilt accents. 



And the surprise against the front wall – this armless antique sofa with a print fabric and pillows made of antique textiles.  Beyond fabulous.  Incredible.  Hashtag:  #don’tsayhoustonisonlywhitelinen




And across from the living room at front is the dining room all in aqua.  Love the shades and checks. 




I love the row of candles – so simple! 




From the magazine shoot – you can just see the china cabinet in the mirror.




An early shot of the two engravings over the buffet, I love these, maybe even more than the mirror.  And I just realized, these chandeliers were once in Pam Pierce’s house.  OK, OK, I can’t help it.  I didn’t go looking for that information!





Close up of the linen fabrics and the twin mirrors and demilunes. 




The Swedish demi lune and oriental pottery. 




Through the entry hall is the grand stair hall – two stories high.   The oushak repeats the colors found throughout the house.  A Swedish demilune table sits in the middle of the room.  The kitchen and dining room are accessed through this door on the right.




A new view – never seen before – shows the putti on the upper floor.  I had wondered where those went to!!!   The master bedroom is through the open door upstairs.




From another photoshoot – showing the study through the open door.




And here is where the settee usually sits – in the stair hall!




The study/library as seen in HAR.  Wow!  The walls are painted aqua and the furniture is deep apricot.  I love the long desk.    And the faded rug!




The view from the stair hall into the study.



Anther view shows floral curtains.  Love the antique tufted chairs, the mirror, the accessories.  It’s all just perfection! 



The kitchen and keeping room is located on the other side of the stairway room past the dining room.  These rooms overlook the driveway side of the house.  And in this brand new picture, we see the right side of the room, finally – the shelf filled with antique wicker covered bottles and baskets.  I would guess the large beam is where the original house ended at one time?  Is this kitchen in Houston or the Cotswolds'?   It is, of course, PERECTION!!   Mostly in aqua, the one fabric seen throughout is a Bennison print.   Notice the old doors she installed along the right side of the room. 



And looking the other direction towards the keeping room.  You can see the old brick floor here.



 From the magazine, the keeping room.



A close up of the keeping room with the Bennison fabric covered furniture.




Another view of the keeping room.





A different photoshoot – wonderful console and beautiful lamps.



So pretty.  I love the kitchen chairs.



Close up of Carol’s styling.  Perfection!





Close up of the range hood.  Through the doorway on the right,  you can see into the dining room.





The china cabinet.  Notice the stair hall is accessed through this doorway.





Upstairs the main house is this master bedroom with the sitting area and fireplace.  Done in green and cream – the ceiling is pitched with a beautiful chandelier.   This room is located at the back side of the house.




Another view – in a different photoshoot.





Close up of the sofa and curtain fabric mixed with checks. 




These two French chairs came from the last house’s living room.  Love the mantel!





View of the bed and the French bench.




A view of the French armoire in aqua peeling paint.  The stairhall is through the open door.




One of the master bathrooms with a marble tub and wonderful French day bed.




Another view of the bathtub with its tiny chandelier.




There are old shutters instead of doors here.





And the marble shower in another bathroom with heated towel racks.




And for a total surprise – all new bedrooms never seen before!  I love this one!  And look at the fabric!  The Bowood linen which covers the chair and the French headboard!!  Love the French armoire.   Well, what can I say?  Perfection!!!!



And this bedroom – so perfect in lilac and white with French iron beds and a wonderful desk along with a Swedish gray secretary.  Wow!!!  Love, love, love!!!




Now, we will go to the back part of the house that is connected to the main house through the keeping room.





Between the two areas is this wistera covered pergola.  Carol has set up an outside eating area here - perfect for late night drinks and cigars – if you smoke.   To the left is the study and to the right is the large media room. 



And in the newer section – the large media room, done in all white slipcovers and denim pillows with striped blinds.  I remember my first glimpse of the new home was a picture of this room and I was so surprised!  I thought Carol had gone all white.  Knowing how colorful her house is, this is really funny to think of today.




Another photoshoot of the media room – notice how it opens to the poolside.




A close up of Carol’s wonderful styling – confit pots filled with white roses, a must, along with antique Santos.




And in another new photograph – the covered porch off the media room – overlooks the side yard and swimming pool.  Looks like a Belgian house from this view!



And!  Surprise!  What a shock!!  Another new photograph of the suite above the media room in the newer section of the house.  The room is furnished in the Bennison Roses fabric that once filled Carol’s master bedroom in her former house.    I was so surprised – I hadn’t realized she saved all this fabric, but why not?  It is made to last a lifetime and more  and you can see how wonderful it looks here.   Perfection!!



And off the Bennison bedroom is this balcony, which overlooks the yard. 




I hope you have enjoyed this final look at Carol Glasser’s Houston house!   I know she lives part time in Santa Barbara, so I’m sure this home is just a bit too big now. 

The most exciting thing?  Where will she be going next?  I only hope I’m still here blogging away when her new place is published!!!!  Hurry Carol! 


A huge thank you to Carol Glasser.  She can be reached HERE.

For more information on purchasing this house, go HERE.



  1. A beautiful home and post. I love that kitchen. Her influence in your work is quite obvious. I'd even move from Sugar Land but... I hate those jumbo mortgages.

  2. Though I'm not a fan of the decor (though I recognize it's done well if you like the style) the house and gardens are lovely. For once, not a pumped up Mcmansion. I would take it if I "needed"
    a mansion and had the cash. Gorgeous.

  3. Perfection is sipping coffee while perusing this perfect home via perfect Cote de Texas - thank you Joni!!! - pure perfection.

  4. What a treat. Seeing Carol's house through your blog post is better than any magazine on the market today! Thank you for giving me a wonderful reprieve/

  5. This house is "perfection" in that it not only looks amazingly stylish, but also comfortable and easy to live in for its lucky residents. Best wishes!

  6. Such an amazing house!!!!! All the rooms are soooooo gorgeous.....I just ADORE her dining room though! So amazing......
    Thanks for sharing :o)
    Happy Easter!

  7. Your favorite Houston designers, have become our favorite designers! And Carol Glasser's homes, I could never get enough! Wonderful to see rooms we haven't seen before, and the outside of the building and grounds, gorgeous! Keep them coming! Easter Blessings to you! Laurie'

    1. Quickly, I was just thinking who wouldn't want to buy this home, but for me, I would want all the furniture and decor with it, or it just wouldn't be the same! It would be like buying the Father of the Bride House and finding out it was just a facade'. Well, hopefully the new owners will hire her to decorate it. More pictures for us! :)

    2. Joni Blessings to you on the 5th day of Passover! Laurie'

    3. Thank you all and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

  8. To achieve Carol's look, check out this upstart company and new website which seeks to put buyers together with artisans to create luxury home goods at affordable prices.

  9. Yes, I'd love to see what she does next!
    Keep blogging, Joni!

  10. A beautiful home! I just wish I could live there! Thanks for the great post.
    Blessings My Friend,

  11. Joni, One of your best posts in a looong time as I was missing the more "French" style of Carol and others and tiring a bit of the faux-Belgian, everything white, no color houses! Loved it, and the house is gorgeous, obviously. I do have one comment though.... you have GOT to put a "Pin It" button over all your photos! Because yours are sooo big and they take so long to load, it takes forever just to pin one!! And in this kind of post, I'm needing to pin almost all of them! I'll be looking for that soon:)


  12. I love your enthusiasm, Joni! It's always such fun to find a new post from you in my inbox. This house is beautiful - wouldn't change a thing, other than the price!

  13. I agree! Beautiful house; beautiful taste! Do do the pinterest thing!

    Your blog is beyond!! LOVE IT!!!

    I think I recognize the dining table from one of my very favorite antique stores in Montecito!!!

    1. Her second house is in Montecito - so that might be possible. You need to go visit her and meet her!!!

    2. I would love to meet her! It would be so fun!

      to address another comment......when I became "temporarily insane" and put our house "on the market" I was told to "remove all of 'YOU'" It is very good advice! If there is too much (my house is the "poster child" for "too much me"!!) Fortunately; in our case, we decided not to sell it.......and I was spared a heartbreaking experience!
      Perhaps this house was stripped of it's personal things for that reason! It makes sense; and it is true!

      Excellent advice if you want to sell your house! (all the comments about the lack of 'personal" items' may have been because she put her house on the market!

  14. What would it take to get the paint colors from her? They are amazing, every single wall. Would LOVE to know. ???

    1. I just happened upon this post guess is they are all custom advice is to use European paint! "Paints of Europe" or "Farrow and Ball" American paints last barely 3 years...inside and out! it is sad!!

      Don't do it! (most of the cost of painting is the labor! Buy expensive paint! it is nothing compared to the labor....20 years instead of 2!!

  15. Everything about this home is simply gorgeous. I have heard though, that ivy growing on a house is bad for the brick. Anyone else heard this too?

    1. as long as you dont' remove it! we took some off and there was little cup like remnants - hard to describe.

    2. You are the funniest! those little "cup like remnants" are the the way "Boston Ivy" (and maybe others) stick to the walls!

      Deciduous ivy does not harm brick or stucco! Evergreen ivy does!

      so there you have it! (if you remove ivy; those little "cup-like remnants" (we adore Joni); have to be "sanded off"!!!

      My house is completely enveloped by a deciduous ivy (Boston) and people say...."why did you even pick a color for the stucco?"

      However; when the leaves are can see the color! We bought the pigments in Rousillon
      France; (they are mined out of the earth); and mixed them with the plaster! Gorgeous! (if I say so myself!!) the same color as the earth and stone in Santa Barbara!!! Where our house is!

  16. I love the lights Pam Pierce designed in the Dining Room...Do you know where to buy them?

  17. houston designers are the best + as is houston + thank you + happy easter

  18. I did enjoy a glass of wine while reading this and well, if you would have wrote "perfection" one more time I would be able to type this post! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Something to learn from every photo. I started to list, but then I realized my post here would be too long.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Joni.

  20. So pretty! What a wonderful treat Joni thanks so much. I have always been into checks and Carol's selection of fabrics are always tasteful.
    I love the entry wallpaper too. Honestly what's not to love about the design. Lastly the ivy adds character and texture to the exterior I love it!

  21. sip...sip...sip!
    Such a beautiful post for a day when I finally had a chance to pay a visit.

  22. Beautiful times a million. :)

    Heavenly decor indeed. Xox Terri

  23. Very traditional but very pretty! I'm slightly obsessed with the exterior.

  24. That velvet sofa!!!!!! I am in love with this house. Love the airy, yet warm feel. Thank you!

  25. Thank you for this post Joni. Very enjoyable. Like most, I love Carol Glasser's designs. My favorite part may be that wallpaper in the front hallway. Does anyone have an idea about the name and maker of that paper?

  26. Joni, great post. Any ideas about where I could find dining chairs like the ones in the kitchen / keeping room?

  27. Loved the smaller home more than this. So much more intimate and interesting. Big house main bedroom so sterile. Small house perfect.

  28. The kitchen and attached family area are really beautiful. Even more beautiful because the walls appear to be only 8 feet tall. That is something we almost never see these days of MacMansions.

  29. A lovely, well appointed home. No question, there are many choice pieces in every room. However, somewhat predictable in the overall design theme and a bit too much of a "been there, seen that" décor. If this type of environment makes one happy, then that is all that matters. Want to simply say that just because a "designer" creates a showroom appearance within their rooms, they do not speak for all who have a defined sense of style and taste. Personally, I prefer a more carefully collected home that is edited and individual. Not a fan of the excessive ivy covering the entire exterior either. The bottom line however each his own!

  30. I have always loved Carol Glasser's aesthetic via magazines. I always associate her with checks whenever I see them! It was fun to see that, like the rest of us who hire designers, her personal spaces evolve and yet she hangs onto a few favorites either because she likes them or invested so much in it (like the Bennison) that she repurposes it. My favorite rooms are the kitchen and media room. More than anything (don't laugh) my focus for this story was on her floor coverings. I recently made an offer on a house she designed. There was so much seagrass installed wall-to-wall in that house, which I personally love (except the bathrooms....yep even around the potties...there would be a sign in my bathrooms "Sit or Aim well" ) So I was especially interested in seeing her use of rugs in a non wall-to-wall setting. I'm NOT a designer so I learn to avoid purchasing and order mistakes by: 1) hiring a designer; and 2) showing them lots of pictures of what I love about a space and just as many pictures of things that BUG me about a space (magazines, pinterests, HOUZZ etc.) Carol's entry, with that piano. Great have a rug you it ok to have half of the piano hang off and part on the rug... apparently. Soes it look good. Yes. Then, you have amazing flooring installed and you actually want to SEE some of it (like her brick floor in the kitchen/family area with the smaller seagrass rugs), or her dinning room with amazing floors but a large enough rug that accommodates the table and chairs (moving in and out from the table.) My favorite all time articles on flooring was YOUR BLOG on seagrass vs sissal and the "rules" of custom carpets (you showed pictures of the good, the bad, and the ugly) and compared care, wear, and tear. It is also how I first discovered your blog. Thank you for sharing this story and we never get tired of appreciating the gifts of others so no apologies...please!

  31. A special treat indeed!
    I want that sofa, the demi lunes, those carpets… Carol Glasser has become one of my favorite designer as well, thanks to you!
    I personally love the ivy on her house!


  32. Joni, I had the privilege of meet her.... I visited her at her Montecito is gorgeous and she is the sweetest lady!

  33. Thank you for the best , most thorough posts around.

    1. I completely agree!

      And Joni! More "Sklrted Roundtable " Maybe I am way to small to volunteer! I would love to talk to You all! (remember; my mother was from Alabama!!!)


      ps I love telling my stories......and I am really thinking about a book!

      So funny! ( Did you read what Oprah said about getting an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival for her "body of work in film"? Gayle fell out laughing for 5 minutes or something! She could not speak! Finally she said........"what body of work?? Your minutes in The Color Purple 20 years ago???" Adorable. I think Oprah deserved it and every single good thing and award she has received! This is an angel walking around.

      (Oprah had made one movie......18 years earlier. "The Color Purple"! Her next movie was last year......."The Butler"! She got the "Montecito Award" or the Santa Barbara Film Festival!)

      I LOVED IT.........Within the first 20 seconds of seeing Oprah in that movie......(the Butler) ; I forgot she was Oprah!

      Now that is "acting"!!

      (I don't think I am biased......I love my neighbor; but she was amazing in that movie! I suspect ulterior motives in the people who vote! Who cares?! I do!! I thought she earned a nomination! Also Tom Hanks! Lordy!

      Oh well)



    2. do u know this is a design blog? just so there is no confusion it is. the made up story of the butler, is not part of design. i am so sorry i read ur comments. u must need attention.

  34. I agree that your blog is better than any magazine! Personally, I think the home needs more art. I love the mirrors; and I have a weakness for buying mirrors. However, art gives a home more of a soul. Also, I think the putti on the wall looks creepy!

  35. This is a beautiful home outside and inside. But I cannot wrap my head around almost 8 MILLION DOLLARS...when will this madness end and how will it finally end? Minimum wage is what - 9.00 hr...single working moms hardest hit...middle class dwindling away. I just can't ignore all these facts. It's very pretty and terribly overpriced for about 95% of the American population.

  36. incredible house !! so different than a french house !!

  37. That is something more than just a treat! I love that all. This is really a great valuable post for me inspiring for home decoration with the interiors of great style and quality. No doubt! Your blog is much better than a magazine. Thank you for sharing some lovely things here with the elaborated content.

  38. Really this is an amazing treat by you. I see pictures of what I someday dream my own home will look like. The snaps are fabulous. Waiting for your next post. Myrtle Beach homes for sale

  39. That house is really beautiful. I like the design of this house, It gives me a sense of friendly and cozy.
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  40. I would love to see an entry about boiserie.

  41. Oh my goodness Joni you made my morning! I have stalked her through you since early glimpses of her homes via Mary Emmerling! What a gorgous home! I enjoyed every morsel of this post!!

  42. I enjoy Carol Glasser's aesthetic and French/Swedish style. However, I wondered as I perused the photos whether this style really suits a Georgian house. Georgian houses are by nature stately and elegant, and the kitchen's brick floors and salvaged doors (as well as the door inserts in the master bedroom) are not. They would better suit the French-inspired construction so popular in Houston right now. I'm not sure that Ms. Glasser did the house a service by installing these rustic elements, much as she enjoys the style.

    I also noticed a couple of other things. The kitchen's marble counters are single thickness (as is the marble used in Pam Pierce and Jane Moore's kitchens). Interesting that these designers chose not to glue an additional edge on to make the marble look double thickness (a very popular practice, as seen in Joni's kitchen). I wonder why. Is a single thickness supposed to make the counter look older? Also, Ms. Glasser's shoe moulding is painted white to match the baseboards, rather than stained as most hardwood floor companies do today. A conscious choice or was it already painted when she bought the house? Do people still match shoe moulding to the baseboards or has staining (to match the floors) become the norm?

  43. Joni, her style is so beautiful. Every piece seems like it was meant to be in this house and was well thought out. I can look at these pictures and take many notes. I also love seeing the work of other Houston interior designers. Texas is great state filled with fabulous women and their talent shines. We have so many people moving here who LOVE the Houston design style. They make me proud to be a Texan!

  44. To me, the size and layout of the kitchen is just right - I really like the look of it also. But I would think most people with 8 million dollars to lay down for this house would be expecting some huge oversize football field of a kitchen with all the bells and whistles..this still seems to be the tendency for these people now days..more,more, bigger, bigger bigger! The new owners should leave it alone because its a beautiful kitchen, but I doubt whoever buys it will leave it alone, especially if they have a pack of kids - I'm sure they will gut it, double the size, build on - we see this all the time. Never enough!

  45. Wonderful post Joni....and so great to see the entire house. Interesting that this house appears as "Houston Town Home" on Katrin Cargill's website portfolio. Do they work together?
    Cheers, Kelley

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