Here is Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter Holiday!!  

I’m working on a new blog story that’s not quite ready, but until then…Artie, The Cross Bottle Guy, wanted everyone to know that he is having a Flash Sale! 

flash sale blog button extended

Up to 40% off on his beautiful inventory!!!  Be sure to hurry, the sale ends Monday.


To reach his shop  - go HERE.


Looking for vintage Hermes?????  I mean, who isn’t?



I’ll be back asap.  I’m hurrying!!!!!


  1. I don't think many people realize how much time it takes to research and write a blog post - all of the pictures take a lot of time to process and categorize! Looking forward to your next post, take your time. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the links Joni! I love Artie's Cross Bottles.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  3. No need to hurry...because your posts are ALWAYS worth waiting for!

  4. I tried the Artie's link but got an error. Anyone else having issues?

  5. I can't wait - always worth waiting for, and in the meantime, I'll take the Hermes belt!

  6. I agree with Things that Inspire.... I can not begin to imagine how long it takes to write one of your legendary posts! Oh, and just bought the $12,999 Hermès Barenia & Toile Birkin .... ha, I wish!!! :)

  7. Yes, your posts are so comprehensive and well-researched, they are worth the tome required. Kudos to you for not taking the easy route!

  8. Dear Joni, I have thought a great deal about writing this and am trying to do it in a kind way. The use of religious prayer articles, such as the rosary beads and thumb rosaries, can be seen as disrespectful to those utilizing them in their faith traditions. If you were raised a Roman Catholic and respect those articles, I cannot imagine using them as a decorative agent. I don't think it is appropriate to have them displayed as a purely "wow" piece. It would be like displaying phylacteries as an interesting "pretty." I agree that these bottle pieces are gorgeous and incredibly interesting, but I don't know that that justifies their use.

    My father prayed the rosary every day from the time he was 18 until he died at 93. It had deep personal meaning for him, and he was buried with it entwined in his hands. It was in horrible shape, had been repaired many times and many of the beads were almost worn through. He used it through WWII, early years as a teacher, running a farm, 9 children and burying his 52 year old wife after 24 years of marriage. I hope you understand why it is difficult to see such pieces used decoratively instead of as an aid to one's spiritual life. It is like trivializing their meaning.

    Thank you for your blog posts. They are comprehensive and wonderfully done, and I really appreciate all the amazing work you do.

    1. Maybe contact crossbottleguy directly with your thoughts?

    2. I know many devout Roman Catholics who decorate freely with crosses because they enjoy being surrounded by precious iconography. Also picking on someone's small business, things that are clearly handmade and carefully labored over, is an odd choice vs the eight bajillion crosses for sale at home goods that were carelessly mass produced in China. Should we contact the alphabet committee and have them remove the sacreligious letter t?

    3. ok, just saw this - Well, I don't kow what to say. Artie is a friend of mine and this is his business. Honestly, I didn't even realize anyone would be offended by this. You should probably discuss it with Artie because you are asking that he change his business and the name of it? I just couldn't ask him of that. But i"ll tell him to read your comment and see what he wants to do. Tahnks!

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