COTE DE TEXAS: HARRY & MEGHAN’S NEW HOUSE - pssst I found it, I think??! Wait, no, I didn’t, WAIT….!!!

HARRY & MEGHAN’S NEW HOUSE - pssst I found it, I think??! Wait, no, I didn’t, WAIT….!!!

The press written about the British Royal Family is very strange.  I probably shouldn’t steal the phrase “fake news” but it does seem that the way the Royals are covered in the press, it is definitely "fake news.”

Meghan looking fabulous at Ascot

Take for instance the newly married couple, the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, who are said to be going on a long honeymoon later this summer – probably to Africa.   The Royal Press claimed that Meghan & Harry took a few days off after their wedding and went to Ireland.  Unless you are reading another tabloid that claims the couple went to Canada for a few days after their wedding.  I actually read one story that stated they went to Ireland, and then further down in the SAME story, they claimed the couple went to Canada. 


I’m a little addicted to the Fab Four – the Cambridges and the Sussexes (is THAT how you spell it in plural??)  Kate has the cutest children ever and Meghan is proving to be quite the stylish one.  She reminds me of Diana – each outfit is cuter than the next one.  I’ll admit it, I’m more than just a little obsessed.

Meghan at Harry’s cousin’s wedding.

The next topic the Royal Press tackled was whether Meghan would now follow royal protocol and would no longer wear sleeveless dresses to royal functions.   They quickly had their answer when Meghan was the ONLY royal to show her bare arms and shoulders at the Queen's official birthday party - The Trooping of the Colors:

Major no-no:  showing shoulders and arms at royal functions.

Obviously the Queen was OK with it all.  A few days later, Meghan and the Queen spent the night together, alone on the Royal Train and the next day, they spent it smiling and laughing.  Wow! 

The new BFFs!!

One more photo of the two – just for fun.  Meghan has taken over the title of Best Dressed in the Windsor Family – bar none.  I LOVED this dress!!

While the Royal Press can't get it straight where the Sussex spent their mini-honeymoon, the topic of their new house is a bit more exciting.  It’s a shame the press really can’t get that story straight!

We know that while in London, they currently live at the charming but tiny, rose-covered Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.  Some tabloids claim the Sussexes are moving to Apt.1, next door to the Cambridges’ Apt.1A. 

                                                                                                                 Apt. 1 is where the elder Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have lived forever.  The Gloucesters are going to move out to allow the Sussexes to move in – or so the Royal Press says.

Proof of work on Apartment #1 was given as this:

A giant white tarp covers the entire Apt. 1 & the tall Clock Tower.  The tarp was in place before the couple was even engaged.  The tarp was removed when the engagement was announced and presumably, the apartment is being renovated right now.  Apartment #1A is where William & Kate now live.  Notice all access to the front of their apartments is now closed off by walls and bushes.  Before, anyone walking in front of Apt. 1 & 1A could look over at their apartments.  Now, there will no longer be any foot traffic on the path in front of Apt 1 & Apt 1A.

You can see the brick on the chimneys of Apt. #1 have been repointed.

Here’s an aerial photo of Apt. 1 and Apt. 1A (where William & Kate live.)  These two apartments were once just one apartment but were divided years ago into two.  The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester have lived there for years – the Duke grew up in the apartment and now they are reportedly moving out for Harry & Meghan.  As you can see, Apt. 1 has a wonderful walled garden out back, perfect for children.

There are only a few photos of Apt. 1.  Here is one from decades ago at the Gloucester’s engagement.  You can see the French doors and in the main hall – a shell niche, just like its twin apartment #1A where William & Kate live.

A later view of the Gloucesters in the main hall with the shell niche, now painted peach – hey, that rhymes!  Beautiful crystal door handles – does this look like Meghan’s style?  Hmmm – not really, but I love   it.

Apt #1’s back door opens to the garden.   Here is the Dowager Duchess who passed away sometime ago.  These Gloucester children seen here are now all married with children of their own.

It does look like the perfect house for the Sussexes to bring up their own children in – it is right next door to their cousins, George, Charlotte and Louis.

While this house is getting its own renovation, where will the couple live during all the turmoil?  Of course they will need a country house.  The Cambridges have Anmer Hall which they spent years fixing up:

Photographs of Anmer House are few and far between. The tiled roof is new, as are the windows and in the back – a kitchen and glass roofed conservatory were added.  The future king lives very, very well.  It will be interesting to see if the Sussexes will live quite as nice.

As for Harry & Meghan’s country house…

The rumors have been rampant.  Almost every week the Fake Royal Press comes out with a new country house that Harry & Meghan have either bought or rented.    It was claimed early in 2018 that Harry had chosen Cotswold for his country house, nearby where his father’s Highgrove estate is.  His aunt Anne and his married cousin & close friend Zara also live in  Cotswold.


But, was Prince Charles really the appeal of Cotswold???

Nah…who wants to live near Daddy and his step-mom anyway?

There were reports that the couple had purchased this house, Luckington Court, in Cotswold and even I wrote about it HERE!

But this house is going to another unknown couple.

A round of rumors that Harry had looked at country houses in Cotswold before he was even engaged were mostly ignored.  But those reports appear to have been somewhat true.

While he WAS looking in Cotswold, it wasn’t the appeal of daddy and the step mom.   Harry was looking at a different area of Cotswold than where his father lives.

The appeal of Harry’s Cotswold is, in fact, the Soho Farmhouse and the Soho House gang, as well.

Chipping Norton

The actual area where Harry & Meghan are said to be living is called Chipping Norton where nearby is a huge 4000 acre farm called Great Tew. 

Harry’s favored area at the Great Tew estate is about an hour from his father’s Highgrove estate.

The Great Tew Estate, 4000 acres in Cotswold near Chipping Norton.

Great Tew was once ancient Roman land, where after the Normans conquered the area, William I gave this land to his half brother Odo.  Its history is long and rich.

Today, the large Great Tew estate is owned by Nicholas Johnston, an Etonian.  Johnston has been busy revitalizing his farm which once filled with derelict outbuildings - he has been creating romantic dwellings out of these that he either sells or rents out.

The Great Tew’s Falkland Arms where tourists and locals come for ale and food.

While the Great Tew was once the main attraction of the area, today it’s the Soho Farmhouse which is drawing a certain set of celebrities and royals to this area of Cotswold. 

Soho House is the famous “members only” club started by Nick Jones and found in premiere locales around the globe from Los Angeles to Istanbul.  One of the newest clubs, Soho Farmhouse, landed in Great Tew, a short 90 minutes from London.

Several years ago, Soho House and Johnston teamed up and 100 acres were carved out of Great Tew for the new Soho Farmhouse, a cross between a private country club and a hotel.  They built over 40 wooden cabins along the river’s edge for clients to sleep in.  There’s an indoor/outdoor pool, a gym and a spa and great food – everything you could want – an everyone who is anyone apparently loves the farm.

Meghan and Harry are both devotees of the Soho Farmhouse as are many of the best friends.


Before she was even known to be dating Harry, Meghan instagramed herself and friend, actress Millie Macintosh, at the Soho Farmhouse – riding bicycles, since the farm is car-free.

Meghan’s good friend is Markus Anderson whom she met when they both lived in Toronto.  Anderson is Soho House’s Nick Jones right  hand man in charge of membership. It is thought that Markus introduced Harry and Meghan.


Markus Anderson at Meghan’s Toronto apartment with her dogs.  Her ties to the Soho House group are close.  No wonder she wants to live close to the farmhouse as opposed to close to her inlaws – her best friends are close by.

And here all dressed up,  Markus with Izzy May at the Royal Wedding last month!

The Matchmaker!!!

Meghan had her Hen Do at the farmhouse (spinster party to us Americans) and she and Harry are often seen there with friends.    In late 2017, Harry was said to be looking at a house close to David and Victoria Beckham’s farmhouse which is also on the Great Tew estate. 

So what exactly IS the Soho Farmhouse?

The site plan for the Soho Farmhouse, the private club and hotel located on 100 acres on Great Tew.   There are forty guest cabins located along the rivers.

The barns made of the local stone hold different areas of the club.

Above is the main “barn” where guests congregate for drinks and mingling.

Soho Farmhouse is a cross between a rustic farm and a sophisticated country club.  It’s private, but people without membership can rent out one of the 40plus cabins or tents.  The only issue is getting a room in the summer – it’s often sold out.  When the farm opened a few years ago, the once lazy, quiet bucolic neighborhood became a star-filled destination where they raced around the one car lanes at dangerous speeds, riling up the locals.

Another view of a barn from the upstairs loft.

The decor is a mix of English Country Manor and early Restoration Hardware.

Love the decor!

In the summer there is horseback riding and in the winter, there is ice skating. Old fashioned milk trucks (called floats for some reason) drive around the farm, ferrying guests from one side to the other which comes in handy since the farm is “car-free.”  Other milk floats carry drinks and food to guests so they don’t have to wait for long for room service.  What a great idea!!!  

Guests are issued “wellies” when they arrive, along with cute vintage teal-painted Foffa bicycles – with wicker baskets, natch. 

The  Cowshed – beauty at its finest.

Spa tub out by the river.

The farm’s movie theatre.  I love the tables with lights between the seats!  No more having a stranger invading your personal space.

Here is the outdoor and indoor swimming pool on the river.    Children have to be “junior members” to use the pool which has caused great dissent among patrons!

The heated indoor swimming pool that opens to the outdoor pool, seen above.

Guests wear brown fluffy robes from the spa to the pool to the hot tub.   Yoga sessions are done on surfboards attached in the water.  A Japanese grill serves fresh fish and sushi while the bar stays open all night.

Dine by the river in the Japanese Grill.

Outdoor fire keeps guests warm.  I love those sofas!

Each cabin’s decor is cuter than the next.  They have metal bathtubs and Le Creuset cookware.  Their kitchenettes are naturally stocked with fancy foods.

The bicycles rest by the back porch.

Inside one cabin.  Wow!  LOVE that sofa!!!  The farm has the greatest collection of upholstered furniture!!

The kitchen behind the sofa.  The rooms have the cutest tiny farm sinks.

Could not be any more romantic.


Another guest cabin at Soho Farmhouse.

This cabin is in the trendy gray tones.  I’m not sure how much cooking the guests do, but their kitchens are very functional.

A gray toned cabin bedroom.  Love the old fashioned phones.

The outdoor bathtub.

Cabins around the river.

Soho Farmhouse has become a very popular locale for weddings and social events.

Besides the 40 cabins there are a few original farmhouses available for rent.  

The living room inside the farmhouse seen above.  Love the fabrics. 

On the other side of the fireplace is the dining area and kitchen with its duck egg blue cabinetry and black countertops.  Brick walls painted white add texture, as do the brick floors.  So English!!

But, the anchor of the Soho Farmhouse is the original honey stoned house, turned into one large hotel room.   It was this house that Meghan rented out for her spinster party.  Love the blue trimmed house with its gravel walk lined with purple flowers. 

Old fashioned outdoor furniture.

The teal green bikes issued to hotel guests are everywhere – since the farmhouse is car-free.

The farmhouse’s living room with the blue fabric walls and red accents.  To die for!!!  LOVE!!!!

I want to live here!!!  Can I?????

This is one decorative combination we don’t see a lot of here in the U.S. – light blue with red.   It’s so English and here you can see how great the two colors are together.   

Another room with blue velvet sofa and candy striped settee.

The dining room in the farmhouse.  The kitchen is on the other side of the fireplace. 

One of the bedrooms – love the walls.

Close up of the tub with the Soho Farmhouse issued robes.

Another bedroom, with yet another wonderful wallcovering. 

How fun would it be to have a family reunion and rent the house out?!?! 

The Soho Farmhouse has become the social center of this area of Cotswold.  And with David & Victoria Beckham building their farm, right next to the Soho Farmhouse and on the Great Tew, it further solidifies this as a hot spot in English country house land.

The gates to the Great Tew estate.

The bucolic countryside of the Great Tew, exactly how you picture the Cotswold landscape.

The stately house on the Great Tew.  The house has been abandoned, but it is now being restored with funds gained from business endeavors that Great Tew owner Nick Johnston has undertaken.  Johnston has restored over 30 houses found on his estate that he now rents out.  It was the funds from these houses that he uses to pay for the restoration of the grand manor.

Work has begun as you can see with the tarp placed where the roof is being restored.

Inside the house, the grand staircase.

The great library.  This will be so beautiful when restored!

A large window with an incredible ceiling.

Closeup of the window. 

The Daily Mail is the main source of all the rumors of where the Sussexes are going to live in the Cotswold.  They are definitely planning to live on the Great Tew – according to the Fake News Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail first stated last January that the couple were looking at buying or renting the “Round House.” 

The Daily Mail claimed the Round House was 4 bedrooms, tucked down a private driveway on a walled private estate (presumably the Great Tew.)

Later the fake Royal news claimed they came back from their honeymoon and are renting a barn from friend David Cameron.

Again, this 18th century barn was on the Great Tew. This barn has a split-level kitchen and sitting room in what used to be stables.

The language about their rented barn grew more flowery as each magazine and newspaper around the world picked up the story of where the newlyweds were reporedly living.

But, where on or around Great Tew are the couple actually living???

The Church at Great Tew estate.

The Chipping Norton area where the Great Tew estate and the Soho Farmhouse lie are hot, hot, hot news.  People with country homes in the area are called members of the “Chipping Norton Set” – which includes many well known English notables.   One major draw in Chipping Norton used to be Daylesford, an organic and very expensive luxury food farm. But while Daylesford was the magnet in the area for years, today it is the Soho Farmhouse.  And, while not all of the Chipping Norton Set are members of the Soho Farmhouse set, the two groups definitely mingle.    

One attraction at Great Tew are the Beckhams.   Where else can you drive pass Victoria and David Beckham’s country manse while checking into your hotel?  The Bechkam’s farm is located right by the entrance to the Soho Farmhouse. 

And where the Beckhams go these days, the Sussexes are not far behind.

The Beckhams are obviously very close to the Fab Four.  First, they attended William & Kate’s wedding (left) and then, the couple showed up at the Sussexes nuptials (right.)  Victoria did not smile at either event.  She looked pretty at both events, but David looks outstanding when he wears his morning suit.  He did make a major faux pas with his OBE – Order of the British Empire - that he was awarded by the Queen.  He had the ribbon on his right lapel but later, inside the church, he switched lapels – probably told by a friend of his huge mistake!  Love the award though. 

The Becks bought this gorgeous white $31 million townhouse in a very pricey area of West London, Holland Park.  They hired the fabulous designer Rose Uniache to design it, but photos are very scarce. Mostly, everything we have seen inside the house is from Instagram.  Read my story on Rose’s house, which tells the origin of it.   HERE.   The Beckhams spent three years and $10 million on their renovation.  Rose does not come cheap.   The house has four floors, courtyards, a gym, wine cellar, cinema, indoor pool,  a catwalk  style runway, triple garage and two acres of an apple orchard in London.  WOW!  

A foot accident gave us this view of their stone staircase and marble flooring.

In another Instragram photo there are glimpses of gorgeous wide plank gray oak floors and a crystal chandelier, the kind that Rose likes in her own home.

But it’s the Beckham’s farm on Great Tew that garners all the attention these days.

Here is the Beckhams’ proposed renovations to the set of three barns they purchased on the Great Tew estate.  They are adding a row of bushes to provide some privacy from the traffic of guests going to and from the Soho Farmhouse.

An aerial photograph of the Beckhams’ renovated barns.  There are  three barns – and a garage with an extra outbuilding.

The barns were bought in 2016 for 6.15 million pounds from Nicholas Johnston, owner of the Great Tew.  Once the barns are completed, they will have all new interiors and the family will the added security of being inside the gates of the Great Tew estate.

A close up of one of the renovated barns.  Tall shutters and double height windows.

When Posh put this photo of her daughter’s new treehouse on Instagram, her neighbors were irate.  The treehouse wasn’t approved by the area’s committee.

But, it obviously was worked out – the rustic treehouse still stands.

The question now is – are Harry & Meghan are living nearby?

I looked at Google Earth and found the Beckham’s farm.  You can see how close the Beckhams are to all the action on the Great Tew.  Their farm is #1 and the Soho Farmhouse is #4.

Guess who is rumored to live in both #2 and  #3?

A few weeks ago, the Fake Royal Press added to rumors.  The Daily Mail wrote that while Harry & Meghan are renting a barn in Great Tew for two years they are in a holding pattern until they could move into York Cottage on Sandringham – a wedding gift from the Queen.   Sandringham is where the Queen’s Winter mansion is and where the Cambridges live in their fabulous redone house.  But, the Cambridges have a different “set” of friends.   Many of William & Kate’s friends have houses near Sandringham and they certainly are not the Beckhams. 

Harry seems much more socially inclined than William.  He is in charge of the Invictus Games and has to do lots of fund raising and social awareness for the games.  His new wife is Hollywood.   She came with her own elite friends including Markus Anderson, who works for Soho House.  They don’t seem as suited for Sandringham as William & Kate are.

The Norfolk landowners who make up the Cambridges’ friends are called the “turnip toffs” – a nickname which doesn’t sound like something Victoria and David Beckham would be called.  Why would Harry & Meghan want to live at York Cottage on Sandringham, located on the cold, windy North Sea?

Sandringham Estate – York Cottage.   The “Bachelor Cottage” on the estate.  In 1883, it was given to Prince George (later King George V) as a wedding present.  George and Mary lived here for 33 years until Queen Alexandra died – at which time they moved into the big house on Sandringham.  Today, York Cottage is used as the Sandringham Office and the visitor path leads right in front of York Cottage offering no privacy.    There seems little chance that the Sussexes will be moving to the cold, windy estate, even though William and Kate’s country house Anmer Hall is just a few miles away.

While the Daily Mail insisted that the couple have been given York Cottage by the Queen as a wedding present – there has been no official announcement.     A Royal blogger visited Sandringham and talked to a security guide who said No Way were the Sussexes moving to Sandringham.    

After all, if you could live in Cotswold, why would you live at dreary Sandringham - unless your Grandmother gave you a multi million dollar mansion, I guess. 

Regardless, a week later the Daily Mail changed their story, yet again, about where Harry & Meghan were living.

Is this the house that Harry & Meghan rented? Besides the Round House, this house became “the one.”

BEACONSFIELD  FARM:   This house was first said to be what Harry was looking at last November before he was even engaged.  The fake Royal news, the Daily Mail, again claimed just this month that this was the house the Sussexes were renting for two years.  Others claimed the lease was actually for five years,  which justified its long renovation. 

But why would they rent a place, instead of buying it, when it would take years to renovate?  That made no sense.

The back side of Beaconsfield Farm, with its large pond.

But there are so many mud filled barns like this on the property.  And it doesn’t look like this property is ready to be rented. 

Perhaps this is what Harry & Meghan bought and are restoring?

After a few hours of searching the map, I finally located this house – right next to Beckham’s newly renovated barn.  But, I just couldn’t believe this was the house they were either buying or renting.   So many mud filled barns to deal with.  And knowing the English – you can’t just tear down a barn or two because you don’t like it.  All the buildings are graded and listed and any change has to be approved by a committee.

During 2018, Daily Mail who is the leading source for all things Royal, listed a host of houses that the newlyweds were going to rent – never buy.   But they eventually returned back the mudfilled barn estate of Beaconsfield Farm.


AND there it is - Beaconsfield Farm is #3 – right between the Soho Farmhouse and the Beckhams.

BUT, is Beaconsfield Farm the same farm as Westfield Large, yet ANOTHER 18th century barn the Sussexes were renting??

AND don’t forget Round House, which is reportedly what they are renting while they wait to move into their “real” house.


This week was the worst of all the rumors.  The Fake Royal News, the Daily Mail, saw an ad that was placed in Country Life magazine, last month:

Last month this ad ran for a house to be renovated into a fabulous new country house, in walking distance to the Soho Farmhouse. 

The house – called “Beggars Lodge” is for sale.  If the Sussexes bought it as the Royal Fake News aka The Daily Mail claims, why would they run an ad to sell it – 1/2 year later??

Image result for House

This is an artist representation of how the house will look after it is rebuilt.

From the front.

The online planning commission shows the floor plans and elevations.  There will be a family room, a high tech media room, a large closet, and additional property for security, drivers and nannies.  The Daily Mail said this means the Sussexes are the owners.

And an aerial view of the property as it will look with the newly rebuilt house on it.

The Palaces refuses to confirm or deny this is owned by the couple.  The fake Royal News says the house was sold to the couple last November – so WHY was the property advertised in the magazine just this month?  Makes no sense!

The plans say the house will take a year to build – and if Harry & Meghan did buy this house – they are renting somewhere else while waiting.

AND there is their NEW house – #2.   Amazing!!

Is there ANY OTHER house in this corner of the world Harry & Meghan could rent or buy???


House #2 – to be rebuilt as Beggars Lodge, supposedly bought by the newlyweds.

So…are the Sussexes moving to a rented house while they renovate the muddy barns of Beaconsfields Farm or are they waiting while they build Beggars Lodge, even though it was advertised for sale just this past month?  OR are they moving to York Cottage on Sandringham?

Someone needs to tell our President that if he thinks WE have Fake News in the U.S. – he needs to look to England’s Royal Fake News to see how it really is done!!!

Keep posted for next week when we will be getting another house the couple are renting or buying.

And while waiting for the news this summer, why not visit the Soho Farmhouse?? 

To visit the Soho Farmhouse, go to their website for more information.  Remember, you do not have to be a member to rent a cottage!!   HERE

And, if you do go and you see either Harry or Meghan, be sure you ask them “Where ARE you living?!?!?!?”


  1. Joni thanks for the tremendous chuckle. Such a wonderful post. I'm pinning images like crazy. Truly great decor and gossip!

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  2. Fun. Note that the roof of Anmer Hall isn't that bright red now. I think that was an undercoat. You can see the top of the roof from the road.

  3. Love this entry as I have just returned from a visit to the Cotswolds and rumors about Harry and Meghan purchasing a house were all that I heard. But I have one complaint. Who calls it a "Spinster Party"? That is insulting. Maybe a Bachelorette Party, but to call an unmarried woman of any age a spinster is terrible. Signed, A 70 year old Bachelorette!

    1. I know. I'm 68 years old and I have never heard the term "spinster party" in my life. Who says that? And although I'm not English, I have heard the term "hen party."

    2. In 1993, when an American friend went to get a marriage license in England, the woman was described in the application as a spinster, the man as a bachelor. Also another friend's future wife was described as "a jewess."

      Very strange, yes?

      It's "the Cotswolds," by the way, not Cotswold.

  4. Who cares! This a gossip site!

    1. Correct...and I agree.....Meghan Sparkle is a social climber....and the dresses she is wearing look like someone made them from curtains yanked down off a window....why does this site "fawn" over these people ? Time to dump some tea in the harbor again...we had the American Revolution to get away from all this crappola....

    2. I'm obsessed with her right now. I'll get over it, I"m sure. I probably won't write about them again for quite a while, so don't worry.

    3. This is a diversion from all of the awful news of the current crap coming out of Washington! We need to have some fun or we will go mad!

    4. Yes! Exactly. I scream at the TV all day and night. SCREAM. Obscenities too. lol. Honestly, politics is such entertainment these days, except for motherless babies. That is just NOT funny at all. OK. OK. I will shut up.

  5. The Beckham's barns (with the double height windows and shutters) remind me of the pool house that Gil Schafer did several years ago, that was featured in AD in 2017. So pretty.

  6. I love those huge shutters. I need to find that Shafer house!!

  7. That blue and white toile dress Megs wore to the wedding was a mess. Does she even have a mirror? The $5,000.00 rag was about 6 sizes too big. What a waste of money. Who would wear a dress that ill-fitting for gawd's sake? She looked ridiculous.

    1. @Anon June 20/1:18pm: 'The $5,000.00 rag was about 6 sizes too big". Personally I feel the dress was very pretty but sadly have to agree with you, that the poor dear did look like she was lost in it. -Brenda-

  8. Meghan looks great in most of those pictures, but doesn't Harry's smile often look a bit sinister?

    1. I think Harry's expressions are a direct result of how protective is his over Meghan! After seeing everything he went through as a child...losing his Mother...and even as a young adult...I think Harry has every right to have a look on his face. There has been so much "egging on" with the press comparing Kate and Meghan against each other that one can only feel for these 2 boys who have been through so much!

  9. Markus Anderson is not "elite." Funny though.

    1. Well, he thinks he is and I guess he is now.

    2. Maybe he thinks he is, but he isn't. That's not how it works. He's a working stiff who rubs shoulders with the tacky nouveau riche. He certainly isn't elite.

  10. This blog has become a colonial outpost of The Daily Mail.

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  12. Well, I quite enjoyed finding out about the Soho Farmhouse. Love the interiors, especially the cabins, as I live in a cabin and my tastes tend towards rustic English country. They CAN mix!

    1. Wait - a cabin????? HOw romantic!!!! Wow. That makes me jealous.

  13. Wow, would I love to stay at the Farmhouse! I have to disagree about Meghan's style - I think she looked totally blah at Ascot and absolutely dreadful at the wedding in the RL dress. Talk about unflattering, ill-fitting and shapeless :( I should also say that I didn't love her wedding dress - again, a shapeless bodice that did her no favors. She looks so much better when she wears more form-fitting dresses and suits like at the Trooping and in the photos where she is laughing with the Queen. On the other hand, I don't believe I've ever seen Kate make a really bad fashion mistake.

  14. While I enjoyed this post, I miss reading and learning about various houses in Houston that have been decorated by some fabulous local and not so local talent. Have you taken this blog in a different direction?

    1. oh God. I'm sorry. There just isn't much going on in Houston right now that excites me. It's all so contemporary and it all looks the same. Huge white boxes with metal windows and tufted sofas with odd accent chairs.

      For instance when I showed Kathryn Ireland's new house - I loved it, it was such an opposite of what is happening in Houston. Her back yard was wonderful.

      But, it's not everyday that an American marries someone who is so close to the throne.

      I will TRY to show some Houston houses. I promise.

    2. They don't even have to be Houston houses. How about Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston or Toronto houses?

    3. Or St. Louis, (central west end, Ladue, Clayton)

  15. Although Soho Farmhouse is a hotel of sorts, it's not really for old people or people who aren't really "hip."
    I fear you would feel out of place, although I'm sure the staff would still be nice. Be sure to wear expensive clothes that look thrifted.

  16. You will have a much better time at a much cheaper price if you stay at a small charming hotel in a village nearby here and hang out at the local pub.

  17. I'm as interested in the Royals as anyone, but please stop. First, it is "the Cotwolds" and not "Cotswold". It is an area, not a town. Second, stop with the fawning over Meghan. It is ridiculous. Meghan is in way over her head...the blue and white toile dress looked like a bathrobe made out of Laura Ashley curtains.

    1. My sentiments exactly; you must be reading my mind.

  18. lol!!!!!!!! I HAD it as the Cotswolds. then thought I was wrong. so, ok got it.

    I LOVED the blue and white dress. It was flowing and spring and beautiful. Not everything has to be skintight. I loved it. So there.

    OK, let me practice, The Cotswolds. That's what happens when you edit a blog at 4;00 a.m.

    1. The dress wasn't just not skintight. It was huge with large amounts of fabric just bagging all over the place, including the sleeves and bodice. It was a disaster.

  19. Love this fun post Joni! I am a huge fan of the English kitchen and all the comfy furniture. I think the sofas and chairs might be George Smith actually. I personally think Miss MM will become bored with all of this over time, but it's fun to read about. Especially when you do all the work ;)

    xo Kelley

  20. The obvious double standard shown towards MM is "interesting:" I do not recall KM being referred to as a social climber. Yet, SHE is the British commoner who married into the royal family. She married the future king no less. If that's not successful social climbing at its best. I do not recall the mass objection to the fawning over of KM by this blog or by the US press in general: "KM wore wedges today." Stop the presses! "KM sported bangs," "KM wore sneakers," etc. I DO recall the never ending obsession with the comparisons of KM's fashion choices to that of her late mother-in-law (started from day 1 and continues). One commentator wrote that they have never seen KM get it wrong in terms of her fashions. Two responses: 1. you were not looking hard enough and 2. when you copy one of the world's best dressed woman, it's hard to get it wrong. Oh, and KM is aging like milk! MM, though the same age as KM, presents as fresh-faced, organic, HAPPY, ORIGINAL and content. KM not so much. KM and her husband look miserable. I can go on and on about the obvious double standard being applied here by some commentators. Just be honest. Some of you are upset that a woman who identifies as Black, has a mother who is unquestionably Black (in terms of her phenotype), a woman who proudly "claims" and adores her Black mother--- married into the British royal family. Get over it! Or refrain from commenting. Why? Because you are failing miserably at masking your TRUE issues with MM. Joni, thank you for the MM posts. Keep them coming! Post script: For all of you commentators who want something negative to say about MM (and for the record, it's not MM fault that her father and his ilk are driven by money and jealously) why don't you comment on her deplorable father and his despicable children? You speculate about MM's intentions and yet her father and his children have ACTUALLY shown you who they are and yet nothing...hmmmm, "interesting." I can go all night......

    1. *women, *comparison and any other typos. I was on a roll.

    2. You have a very short memory then, because Catherine and her family were very definitely raked over the coals for the entire nine years she dated William, and after.
      I'm tired of people like you who want to make everything about race.

    3. Your post is nonsense! Complete and utter nonsense! You do not have to tear down the Duchess of Cambridge in order to elevate Meghan. Women do not need to be pitted against one another. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of photos showing Catherine laughing and smiling with William and with their gorgeous children. As to Meghan, I did not know she was mixed race until Harry went and made his silly pronouncement. No one cares. The reason people haven't taken to Meghan is because she comes across as a hypocrite. To pronounce yourself as a "humanitarian" and then wear bespoke gowns costing tens of thousands of dollars....all while ignoring your sick crass, not to mention tone deaf. Meghan is fake and phony and it shows.

    4. Oh, please do not go on!!

    5. I don't know why your defense of Meghan has to be fueled by a negative comparison of Kate (I presume most people here that are tired of "Meghan posts" mean royal family posts in general.) Based on my close following, Kate and William look perfectly happy and relaxed together, so not sure where you're getting this "miserable" perception. They have been together over 15 years and are in the trenches with 3 young children. That ages you. It's laughable to say Kate has "aged like milk." I think the world would agree she looks fabulous - wrinkles and all. What a mean-spirited comment. We'll see how Meghan looks in 7 years of being scrutinized in the public eye and with children in tow. And of course Meghan is looking fresh faced and energized... She's a newlywed with no kids who has only known her husband two years - talk about a honeymoon phase!

      Bottom line - Meghan and Kate are both gorgeous, warm, charismatic women who are uniquely different. Both worthy of "obsessing over" in my opinion. I despise how women are comparing them as if only one can be "the good one."

    6. Whenever I've seen Kate together with William at a function, they are always smiling and laughing together. You can tell that they really love and care for each other.

  21. Great post, as always. One thing, that’s not the Beckhams London home. They live mid terrace at Number 23, on what, at a stretch, is just under a half acre. Interestingly, they are directly opposite Simon Cowell.

  22. Joni, I haven’t read your blog in so long...I just loved the Royal Wedding, so peeked I in on your home update...looking for a respite from the Orange ‘FAKE PREZZY’ with Cotton Candy hairdo and whiteout around ITS eyes who eats Immigrant Children for giggles over Roman 13 quotes by SnMSessions, spitting out their broken lives and wanders away belching and farting lies, THE NEW ‘OLD MINOTAUR’....just like a character in Batman but there IS NOT a plug to pull to turn IT off. Sadly, I notice your comment section has not changed for the better with civility, respect and honor but worse, a noxious cacophony of out of tune of trolling trollers who were let loose from under the obscure bridges of from which they dwell. Your twisting and turning too appease so many ANONYMOUS - whose aching, troubled, envy-swollen, heathen-fingers are so reminiscent of recent graduates from Drumpf’s Moscow TROLLS OF OLGINA, sad to read after so long...nothing has changed, but gotten worse. Yes, your right...absolutely correct about THE DAILYMAIL.COM, TMZ, FOX NEWS, BREITBART, ANN COULTER, LAURA INGRAHM, and so many others...FAKE NEWS’ , more complicit traitors rattling around in John Kelly’s EMPTY BARREL for Putin and his minion KKK, NEO NAZI ALTRIGHT demons. Soho farm has been on the radar for a few years now...just have too know where the flashing Daisy Buchanan Green Light on the radar is...and I’m with you, JADORE MWM

    1. Dear Swan, you are one sick puppy. Seek professional help.

    2. She reads The Daily Mail on the reg.

  23. Well there are some touchy folks here today. Joni, thanks for the much needed distraction. I love the stories about the royals. Kate and Meghan married into aprivileged and complicated life and I think they are doing their best. Who among us could weather the intense scrutiny they do? I wish them well and can't wait to see where they end up living.

    1. Megs will most likely end up living in Malibu.

  24. Love this post and love the decor at the Farmhouse!! Live in Houston and Joni, you are so right about many of the new homes. Agree with previous comment that seems to be more stylish or creative homes published from Atlanta, Boston, Toronto, Austin and yes, our arch rival, Dallas! The current Houston formula seems to be an ugly white stucco box on the outside with boring interiors consisting of a weird accent chair and/or and a piece of look art that looks like a child painted it with a black magic marker.

    1. I DO think we have some lovely homes here in Atlanta - although our share of hideous McMansions, too :(

  25. I love your blog and enjoyed this post, but every time you used the term "fake news" it reminded me of this insidious creep of loaded words, working their way into our daily speech so that loaded words become "normal."

  26. I have been following your blog for years. This is my favorite post EVER!! I believe we should arrange a field trip!! XO!

  27. This was another fab post. I wouldn't think of telling you what to do or how to do it concerning your blog. Each new post always is a surprise and you take us in all sorts of directions. Brava to you! (feminine Bravo for those particular people).

    1. Oh good for you!! I was led here (Joni’s blog) in pursuit of a yummy “shabby chic” bedroom photo with every intention of “snatching” it to add to my file folder entitled “What lights me up!” two hours later, I’m still here reading!! and loving it! Who knew! Just had to jump in here! This is YOUR BLOG Joni!!!! I’m 61 and almost done feeling a need to EXPLAINNNNN MYSELF! Damn hard to get over since I have always thought I needed to! I don’t!! If I decide to shift direction, oh well!! No permission or EXPLANATION NECESSARY! That being said, thank you! I have throughly enjoyed my time here and feel like I’ve just spent an afternoon with the girls,killing a couple pots of coffee, smoking to many cigarettes and “jawing” about everything! Ha!!! Aloha from Kauai, Cathy

  28. Enjoy your posts, Joni....they are fun! People should lighten up. So nice to see happy people - look at the smiles on the Queen's, Harry's, and Meghan's faces.

    Love the decor in these places as well - comfy and cozy. I have friends who live in the English countryside in a converted granary - it has all the touches you see here - stone walls, colorful decor, fitted kitchen furniture ... so nice to be reminded of visits to their lovely home.

  29. Oh Joni...I swear you and I were sisters in another life! I am SO OBSESSED with The Royal Family!!! I squealed when I saw your post this morning (although I am still pouting that I didn't win the London giveaway). I spend shameful hours learning the history behind The Royal Jewels! It is amazing to find out who commissioned the pieces and how they are passed down. I love to visualize The Vault that houses the millions of dollars of jewels. The Queens Jewel Vault blog is great as is The Court Jeweller and The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor are just a few I get "lost" in! There are none that I have run across that have the history about the homes that you so wonderfully research and find us "Royal Stalkers" inside pictures of!!!!! This made my day!!!! The Givenchy dress that Meghan wore was HEAVENLY!!!! My favorite thus far!!!! After reading that she rode on The Royal Train I had to go back and re-watch the episode from The Crown where The Royal Family is on The Royal Train just a few episodes before King George dies. What little I could see of the real Royal Train with Meghan and The Queen looked gorgeous!!! Much love to you and your family!!!

  30. YOU make this SO FUN!!!! Luv'd it!! franki

  31. Your obsession is ours (mine)! I keep looking for photos of Meghan and Harry to see glimpses of her style. Ascot and Royal Train were my faves! Love the Soho Farmhouse style. That looks so much more like Harry & Meghan's style.

  32. Joni you have done it again. Always look forward to your posts & they never fail to entertain me. I will be peeled looking to see where they weekend. What fun to watch the royals. This week at Royal Ascot & all of the upcoming events. Keep them coming. Thanks! Sherrill

  33. Loved the Soho Farmhouse-and the history. Where's the harm in posting about the English countryside? It's almost identical to Virginia's Middleburg, horse country, wine country and former home of Elizabeth Taylor when she was married to Senator John Warner. As for Meghan's social climb, well, someone had to do it, and time will tell if it lasts. Agree with one poster, that, "Harry will live wherever Meghan tells him to."

    Tally ho!

  34. Well, all of this makes me want to say that I appreciate everyone's desire to express themselves. Joni, thanks for writing this blog, I enjoy it every time, no matter the topic, as you put things together in a new and substantial way. I appreciate the courage it takes to write what you want to write about even if some commenters take issue with it. I wish we could all take a chill pill and learn how to express ourselves without the negativity against the other. Critique is an important thing we humans do and it can make for lively, fun, and stimulating conversation. I was raised with parents who delighted in conversation and making cases about all sorts of things, some of which they knew little about . . . but when it came to the important stuff there was always respect for others and a belief that we can engage in conversation even when we disagree. Ad hominem attacks are not well formed arguments! If what we want to say has good logic and sufficient evidence, then we should not need to attack the humanity of others just to make our point! All this negativity against others defeats the very purpose of expressing ourselves since pretty soon we won't have any conversations anymore since we will all be too afraid to do so. I like reading the comments of folks who disagree with something Joni wrote so long as it's respectful. Those comments often make me think and learn. I encourage us all to try our best to resist the overwhelming negative yelling culture we apparently are in now (it feels so sudden to me but I guess it's been brewing for awhile) and instead engage in a more authentic way with one another. Joni is a great model for us and has the courage to put herself out there without really putting people down in the course of her writing and research. Her expression is open for comment and if we join her courageously we will all benefit from the process. Resistance does not have to look like war: it's actually more radical to greet others with love and acceptance. OK, I'll be quiet now! :-) Paola
    (PS I think so many of us comment annonymously since at least for me that's the only way it works.)

  35. Dear Joni,
    WOW....the negative and rude comments here are really so mean spirited. Do these readers understand that this is YOUR blog? On YOUR blog you get to write about whatever you want. Please do NOT apologize to anyone for liking Meghan, posting about Meghan or for saying she is stylish. Your blog Your opinion. If they have a different opinion, they can express it on Their blog! You put so much work in to your posts and it shows. Keep up the good work.

    Janet Metzger
    The Empty Nest

  36. If someone says they don't care for a certain dress a public figure is wearing, it doesn't mean they don't like the person; it just means they don't like that dress. Nothing more.

  37. I really enjoyed this post. Love the style of Soho Farm. Love hearing more about the royals. I don't read about the royals on a regular basis, so it's fun to get summaries from you!

  38. Thank you Joni, very fun! The photo of the Tews Cottage with the thatch roof, climbing roses, English cutting garden, stone - swoon. The reuse of the "main barn" is amazing; the space design is brilliant; small pockets of conversation areas here and there, made to feel like private sitting areas. I noticed seagrass rugs! I don't think I've typically seen English use seagrass. Interesting; velvet, cut velvet damask, linen feed sack pillows, sea grass, all together. Are some of the sofa seats upholstered in Oushak rugs? I'll be looking over the interior images - over and over again. The English are known for their layering. I've never seen it quite like this - many of the rooms have a modern edge. Very Interesting!

  39. Love your English posts! Keep them coming!

  40. Thanks for this fun post! The area is known as 'the Cotswolds', not 'Cotswold' just for the sake of accuracy. I lived there for eight years and it is a beautiful place!

  41. Please avoid using the term "fake news" in the future. First, it reminds people of Trump (many of whom don't want to think about him). Second, it has the connotation of deliberate, false recounting of news. The newspapers' reportage on Harry and Meghan may turn out to be inaccurate, but they are not intentionally trying to spread misleading information.

  42. Joni,

    Thank you! You are quite the sleuth! Enjoyed all the interesting backstories and photos of the The SOHO Farmhouse with understated English layers and textures. In keeping with English tradition, it appears that fine furniture tastemaker, George Smith, is evident throughout with sofas and chairs, especially the kilim-cushioned sofas. GS has used the exquisite tapestries in upholstery for years and it is a trademark of the house.

  43. Thank you for this great post. I cannot imagine the time you must put in each of your blogs. They are all so interesting and so so informative.
    Thank you,

  44. I must be alone in thinking that the décor of SoHo Farmhouse is not really all that special. Don't get me wrong; it's certainly nice enough, for sure, but nothing to ooh and ahh over. The place seems over rated.

  45. What a fabulous post!!! I sent your link to both my daughters and my Sister. Forget the tabloids... I coming to you for the royal scoop. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. It's all from the tab The Daily Mail.

  46. Enough with the royals. She pursued him, got him, now sit back and wait.

    1. I know! This is going to be fun. Dad is STILL speaking to the tabloids.

    2. I'm as guilty as anyone speculating on Meghan's motives (other than "true love"), but only she knows what's in her heart. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and wish them a long, happy life together!

    3. I don't need to wish them anything since I haven't met them and never will. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the show whatever it may be.

  47. A great article! Thank you so much for investing your valuable time for writing a good article to make, we, the readers cheerful every day :)

  48. "Be sure to wear expensive clothes that look thrifted.", best line EVAH !!! Most of my wardrobe IS thrifted, with expensive labels. Though not of the royal, or a few rungs below, expensive.

    Adoring the professional aspect to the landscaping in this post, at Soho Farmhouse. I know you aren't aware of having this layer. Working with a 20 year old neighborhood now. It's pitiful. Entry signage, landscaping, color choices, light fixtures, houses & their landscaping all scream, We Are Old & Out of Date Please Lower Our Property Value.

    More, the neighborhood has 3-4 acre lots, mostly 2 story homes with 4b/2.5b, ripe for updating. Significantly, location of the neighborhood has only improved, their county is exploding, the schools are excellent.

    All but 1 of the homes, my client, are maintaining their landscapes as pristine replicas of the worst of ca. 1985 foundation plantings, mow, blow, go, change annuals 2x/year. On the menu, new neighborhood signage at the entry, new color choices, new lighting, removing green meatballs and replacing with Farmesque, locally indigenous Farmesque.

    Oddly, a thread to apply to all of the homes, for flow, oak trees and oakleaf hydrangeas. Too much lawn currently, will replace with orchards, meadows, woodlands. Have already done it with my client. She has less maintenance, yet more Farm-to-Table from her own garden. Herbs, flowers, berries, along with hedges setting off the architecture of her home, adding privacy, making her acreage live larger.

    This client hired me to spiff their landscape, they wanted to move. My expert garden design advice was, Don't Move. Gave my reasons, schools/location, drew their 'Farm'. Her husband was dubious. That's long gone, he's one of 'my husbands' now.

    In addition, personally, saved those spare simple cottages to my Edwardian board. Our ca. 1900 Edwardian home on 5 acres is plenty big for 2. Once we get our pole barn built, will eventually build a cottage into it. Giving ourselves the choice to live in the cottage, rent the big house in the future.

    You write it, I read it, always. Thank you for your time/talents Joni !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  49. Hola que fotos mas bonitas.
    te mando mi blog por si queres criticar.


  50. Good luck in your travels to our once beautiful London. The moped gangs are attacking every day now. It makes me so sad with what is going on. Knives, machetes, acid attacks, and even guns now, too. What has happened to my beautiful city? Where is law enforcement?

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  54. This is an immaculate location for a party, wedding, or other special event. Incredible views and classy interior. I have been to a few parties at wedding venues NYC and they have been really well done. The hall was perfect for mingling. The courtyard was beautifully decorated as well.

  55. I love your posts and this is certainly another winner. I pass them all along to my British BFF and she loves them too. She'd just like to make a suggestion on the proper way to refer to parts of the English countryside: "Joni keeps referring to Cotswold when it should be THE Cotwolds. For instance, a Brit would say "a Cotswold restaurant" or "a Cotswold hotel" but they would always say "Meghan and Harry are buying a house in the Cotswolds."

    You might say 'A Cotswold restaurant' or 'A Cotswold hotel', but otherwise it's 'Harry and Meghan buying a house in 'the Cotswolds'.

  56. Enjoyed the post, Joni, but need to make a gentle correction- this is absolutely no rule that royals have to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with their shoulders and arms covered. Royal protocol simply does not set dress code at such events, despite the media incorrectly reporting otherwise. The Duchess of Sussex's suit for Trooping the Colour was thus, entirely appropriate. News reports saying otherwise were trying to stir up drama.

  57. There's a large difference between tabloid media and the US media at large, but you seem to be comparing them. Perhaps you're unaware of that?

    1. There is no longer a large difference between tabloid media and the media at large on the whole, and it's been this way for quite a few years now.

  58. Joni,
    As ever, I am amazed at what you have compiled for all of us to enjoy.
    With Gratitude,

  59. If anyone else is interested, I love these “royal” blogs:, and

  60. I did enjoy your post but I really miss your blogs with lovely homes where you point out exceptional design ideas. I have found those inspiring and I have used images from your blog to help me with home decor changes. I hope you will bring back your fine critiques and your refreshing point of view on interior design.

  61. And now it's Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor grounds! Not many pics to be had of that place tho...

    Long time reader, first time poster, fellow Texan (Lubbock). Love your blog Joni.

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