The London Perfect – giveaway was a huge success!  Thank you to all who entered.  Truthfully, I was a little worried about what the response would be since the prize was a vacation way across the Atlantic!  But so many of you did entered – I was thrilled! 

I did have several friends and family members who asked me if they could be the winner, but I had to tactfully decline their outrageous requests!!!   LOL!!!

There were so many entrants that I had to actually use a calculator on the internet that gives you a “random integer” that chooses the winner.    At least the winning number remembered to give her email address!!

If you are reading this and think you won, I’m so sorry, but you didn’t.  I alerted the winner on Sunday afternoon, and she already knows she’s the lucky winner.


I’m sorry!  BUT, in all seriousness, if you are planning to spend a few days or a week or two or even a month in London this summer, be sure to think about renting one of London Perfect’s townhouses and apartments. 

So, which rental did our winner choose?

She chose the beautiful Victoria.   The 4 bedroom townhouse is located in Kensington, right off Gloucester Road.

It makes for easy stalking for our winner if she wants to see the Duchess of Cambridge in situ, or, the newer Duchess - of Sussex.

The winner will probably have breakfast here – or perhaps…..

she’ll have coffee out here.  Regardless, she is sure to have a wonderful time in a gorgeous setting.

A big thank you to London Perfect for the giveaway!!!


I put together a collection of things I would pack for a trip to London…enjoy!

women's the downtown field jacket - women's jackets

HERE  from J Crew.  I love this twist on the white denim jacket.  It seems a bit more dressed up and chic.  Plus, London can be cool when it rains and at night.


HERE And a classic trench with modern lines, another must for London or Aspen or even California when the                                       winds off the Pacific can be very cool.

pdpImgShortDescription HERE  I love this bag – it’s big enough to take on the plane and stuff a pashmina in it, yet it’s so darling, I would wear it everyday.

pdpImgShortDescriptionHERE  The perfect pashmina to stuff in the purse above.  The color is great and would look beautiful with white, black or blue jeans or pants. 

women's ruffle-neck bomber jacket in gingham - women's blazers

HERE Another modern take on the denim jacket and jeans.  I would wear this and so would Elisabeth, 36 years younger.  I wouldn’t wear the earrings though.  Or the glasses.  Actually, I hate white glasses – I think they make the person look “surprised” and “comical.”  IMO!!!

HERE  A nice white suit for dinners or plays.  I love a white blazer!!!  I’ve always had a plain white suit in summer. 

women's point sur faux-wrap dress in sparkle floral - women's dressesHERE  A cute breezy dress for shopping, dinner, plays, or art galleries.  AND it’s great if you are going to Rome and meeting the Pope.  It has long sleeves and it covers the shoulders and knees.  It would also be perfect in an Orthodox temple.   I think I’ve covered most religions with this dress. 

HERE I love this outfit and the necklace too.  Love!

HERE Pair this with a white sweater tied around the neck.

thompson street - sam handbag,
                        color, Primrose

HERE  Aww…Such a cute bag.  I know Kate wasn’t the designer at her brand anymore, but this is definitely her style.  I love the yellow.  Many people don’t look good in yellow – so this is a good way to get the trendy color without turning green.  Blondes and redheads look great in yellow.  If I’ve totally scared you off of yellow – check out the other colors the purse comes in.

Maja Suit Jacket,
                        color, Ivory

HERE  An oversized white blazer good for pairing with jeans.

Tie-Dye Girlfriend Crops

HERE  Love these tie dyed pants from Chico’s!

 HERE  And their striped t’s come in several colors.


HERE  A staple of summer.  These are short.  Check out the link, the jeans come in more styles.

Lionessa Escape One-Piece Swimsuit

HERE  A Miracle Suit from Chico’s.

Lionessa Kiara Tankini Top

HERE  Another style of the Miracle Suit.  Need to hide a roll or biscuit?  This is so cute!!!

Until next time!….I’m going to go hide a croissant. 


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    I feel like a winner, too, because now I have gorgeous photos from London Perfect in my IG feed.
    What is miraculous about these suits? They should have chosen a model who wasn't buff and beautiful--this one has nothing that needs hiding! A suit really can make a difference, though. I went to the beach with one of my friends, who had a few extra pounds. Her bikini did her no favors. But another day she wore a one-piece tank suit that made her look va-va-voom fabulous. (Personally, I wear board shorts and a rash guard because I want sun protection.)

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  2. lucky winner! thank you Joni for a moment to dream!

  3. You can pack for me ANY time!! Luv "Chicos" and "Soft Surroundings.!" franki

  4. Congratulations to the winner too! I thought you would read the responses, but I guess using a random number works too.

  5. Woohoo, that'll be so fun for the lucky winner.

  6. Amazing opportunity, give-a-way Joni! Congratulations to the lucky winner! Happy Duchess stalking....

  7. I laughed out loud over your roll and biscuit comments! I liked the white sunglasses commentary as well. Thanks for that! Judith

  8. Congratulations to the winner! I have been to London but would love to transport the beautiful Victoria to Texas and live in it! I did enjoy all the photos of the lovely rentals. Thank you for the contest and loved your comments about the dress.

  9. That townhouse is stunning! I hope the winner has a fabulous time.
    Thanks for sharing all the clothes choices too. The striped bow bag is so summery!!!

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