COTE DE TEXAS: James Radin - Something Gotta Give Designer

James Radin - Something Gotta Give Designer


James Radin designed kitchen, styled after the Something's Gotta Give kitchen

James Radin, the interior designer from Los Angeles is credited at the end of Something's Gotta Give with a "Thanks." There is no hint given of what he did to deserve the thanks, but savvy viewers in the know are aware of Radin's unique contribution to the movie - he is Nancy Meyers' ( the writer and director ) personal interior designer.  While Jon Hutman is listed as Production Designer and Beth Rubino is in charge of Set Decoration, it is Beth who has been truly credited with the house's design.   What was Radin's role in the house's design?    Apparently, Meyers so loves her own home and it's designer that she asked Radin to help out the production team.  The big question and one that will probably never be fully answered is who truly designed the Hamptons House? Who came up with the interiors of the Hamptons House?  In this article in House Beautiful, here is how Radin described his contribution:

DONNA PAUL: You've designed houses in two hit movies by director Nancy Meyers, Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday. Are you a set designer or an interior designer who also does sets?

JAMES RADIN: I'm an interior designer. I designed Nancy's own house, and she asked me to help the production design team with Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give. She wanted it to look professionally decorated, like Diane's character would have had.


So, at this point, it doesn't sound like Radin is the mastermind behind Hamptons House (and the house from the movie,  The Holiday, too - which I will discuss at another time.)     But, the question of who really designed the house becomes even more puzzling when you take a look at Radin's web site.   In his portfolio, which is not especially large, he shows photos from both the Something's Gotta Give AND The Holiday house.  So, by putting pictures of these two movie houses in his portfolio, does this not officially put the question of who is the true designer of the Hamptons House to rest?  Is James Radin the true designer of the beautiful Hamptons House, with its blue and white dhurri, its slipcovered sofa, the dark wood furniture, the beautiful slipcovered chairs in the dining room, the ironstone collection, the gorgeous farm kitchen with the black soapstone counters, and the peaceful cream bedroom with its soft, muted tones?  If Radin is NOT the true designer of the Hamptons House, should the house be in his portfolio? And if he is the true designer, of the Hamptons House - doesn't he deserve more than just a "thanks" on the credits?  How does Beth Rubino feel about the Hamptons House and The Holiday house showing up in Radin's portfolio?


Judging from his web site, Radin's work is truly reminiscent of the Something's Gotta Give house.  You can see the similarities in his other work in his portfolio.  Regardless of who is the true mastermind behind the SGG  house, Radin  is a true talent - he has a fresh, youthful look which is always calming and serene by his choice of colors.   Radin likes to use dark wood furniture, light upholstery fabrics, cushy, down filled sofas and chairs, and rattan and wicker accent pieces.  Again, he uses no dark colors, no velvets or silks, or chenille's (thank God!!) - Radin has a "look" which he stays true to, despite the architecture of the home.


While we may never know  who is the true brainchild behind the Something's Gotta Give house, one thing is certain though, Radin's name is forever tied to the home.  And even more so now since the house is  included  in his portfolio.   Judging from the overwhelming popularity of the SGG house, this will be very, very good for his business longevity.  



This close up of a living room reveals the house is on the beach, probably in Malibu.  Just beautiful!!!!  Blues and white, seagrass matting  over dark hardwood floors, wood paneling, Michael Smith fabric on the sofa's pillow.  Dark hardwood furniture.  Calm, serene, and casual  - everything you would expect a beach house to be. 


The dining area of the Malibu beach house:  I love the light rattan chairs with the dark table and the large lantern.  The two  areas are differentiated by large seagrass rugs over the dark hardwood floors.   Very similar to the SGG house in that the elements are here:  high contrast with dark floors and white walls, light colored upholstery, rattan furniture, dark wood furniture.  Very casual but still refined.


The Malibu house bedroom.  More wood paneling and  beautiful curtains.  Michael Smith fabric on the pillows and the bed appears to be Smith's  too.  Large rattan coffee table.  Transom windows, seagrass matting overs the dark hardwood floors are similar to the SGG house.   Again, casual in the Malibu style.



Another home in Radin's portfolio is again, similar in feel to the Hamptons House.   Soothing and calm, with blue and white ticking over the two chairs.   The appeal of the room is it's casualness - this looks like its a home with young children living there who are welcome in this room.  Though the pillow fabric is the same as used in the Malibu home, I don't believe this is the same house.  No captions make it impossible to tell for sure.


This room appears to be the formal dining room of the house above.  Without captions it's hard to really say. 



The eating and kitchen area of the living room above.  Love the way he used a vintage rattan sofa as a banquette around the table.  The pagoda chandelier stylistically matches the sofa.  Room has the same high wood paneling or wainscot  as the living area with the walls above painted a chamois color.


This bedroom is wallpapered in natural textures.  The painting is just amazing.




Another home in Radin's portfolio:  the architecture is a departure, but the furniture is not. 




From the portfolio, this family room again has a Hamptons House feel to it.  I love the wicker and rattan chairs and sofa.  The colors and the curtains are similar to the SGG house, as is the art work.   Very casual, but in a sophisticated way.



Radin's portfolio included this picture from the SGG house.  Actually - this is a different angle of the room which I hadn't seen a picture of before, so that is pleasing, in and of itself.    This view really highlights the importance that the books and bookcases played in the design.  Notice how much warmth the books add to the room.  Also, this is a great view of the windows with the transoms and the flowing, linen curtains.


Radin's picture of the SGG dining room shows a larger view of the chandelier.  But still, it's not enough to fully see the curvy lines of the light fixture.  On a personal note, from doing these posts and staring at these pictures, I am going to slipcover my dining room chairs exactly like these and maybe even in the same fabric!   I am in love with these chairs!!!!


This picture of the kitchen shows more on the left side than has previously been published before.  Again, by posting the pictures of the SGG house on his web site, Radin insures that his name is tied to the movie, forever  - a great business decision for his future.


And, the last pictures included in the portfolio are the two homes from the movie, The Holiday.  Here, is the living room from the Brentwood home in the movie.   More contemporary than Radin's typical work, it shares elements with his more typical designs.


The beautiful kitchen from The Holiday's Brentwood home.  The lanterns are such a strong design element.  Notice the floor is painted light gray, not dark for a change.  I love this kitchen.


The Holiday:  Iris' small English cottage, the charming cozy cottage that steals the movie.  Completely different in feel from SGG in every way, by putting this house on his web site, Radin leaves no doubt that he is the creative genius behind Nancy Meyer's movie houses.    Right?  He is, isn't he?


Left off the web site is this beautiful L.A. home that was in House Beautiful last year.  The owners definitely wanted the feel of the SGG house, but not a carbon copy.  Radin delivered on both fronts.  I love the rug here, similar but not nearly as bold as the Hamptons House rug.



Cropped shot of the living room mantel with its blue and white vases, sconces, and black and white photography.   Beautiful carrara marble on the mantel matches the carrara in the kitchen.   I love the simplicity of the antique fire screen.  Noticeably the Hamptons House has no blue and white porcelains, something that I would have included in the design myself, but no one asked me!


The family room with its blues and creams and tans blending with the blue and white striped fabric.


Raoul Textile fabric covers the arm chair.  The couple had a beautiful collection of antique spongeware which Radin was not even aware of until after the house was completed!!!!


This picture taken from the web site is a real surprise.  In other photographs of the closet, the picture is cropped without the bathtub included leaving the suggestion that this is only a closet and not the bathroom.    At 500 sq. ft. this room is just stunningly beautiful.  Imagine a closet with french doors covering the clothes!  And how open and easy is the fact that the closet is a part of the bathroom?   Just absolutely gorgeous!!


Below are photographs from a builder's web site, showing earlier work by Radin.  This first home, a contemporary Malibu beach house, is decorated with country antiques.   This house shows just how much Radin has grown as an interior designer:


And one other home from Radin's older work.  Again, it shows how far Radin's work has come.  Or, perhaps we can blame the owners for this mess:



Regardless if James Radin is the true interior designer of Nancy Meyers' last two movies sets, he is a new force in Californian design.  His future is very bright due to the Something's Gotta Give connection and his web site is proof of his abilities.

Be sure to check out Surrounding's blog for her exhaustive research on Nancy Meyers and Something's Gotta Give here.


  1. Joni, loved this post.I have read the House Beautiful article you referred to. They do such good interviews. I have to say, your work is even better!! Tell me, what is the fabric on the DR chairs? We want pictures of yours when you are done.

  2. Joni, do you provide CPR? My heart has the depth, detail & research you have gifted us with. LOVE Radin's touch! Thank you!

  3. Joni,

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into compiling your posts. My metaphorical image cup is overflowing.After looking through so many wonderful rooms, I have severe lust in my heart for the bathroom, with the marble, the doors, the space, the light...argh.


  4. Joni!
    love it all.
    who makes that bamboo bed in the malibe house bedroom!?? i need to know!!!

  5. I remember when I first saw "THE HOLIDAY" I was totally blown away by the beautiful Interior Design/Decoration of both of the houses!! I couldn't decide which one I liked better, because they are so different from each other, but both so beautiful! I loved the modern casual of the Brentwood house - the clean lines and simple colors. But Iris' cottage was so warm and inviting and cozy!
    I think I'll just take them both!

  6. Phewww!! I waited all day to see your new post!! and again!! WOW!! THANK YOU!! love it.. just saw The Holiday on cable the other eve.. was really paying attention this time to the interiors!

  7. I loved these movies, if for nothing else but the interiors. Great post, as usual!

    I say that if he had anything at all to do with the vision or carrying out of the designs for these movies, he is within his rights to use the photos in his portfolio, even if he was not the "lead". (there was probably written agreement prior to his agreement to be involved, I would suspect).

    Anyway...I am still curious about who was really the genius behind it all!

  8. Joni, please you are killing me, how can one person be so insightful, I LOVE YOU :)
    I remember reading that article about him and coming away with the same feeling, who really did this house. The picture of the french door closet, I immediately wanted, but without the bathtub, I would never want my clothes to be in my bathroom, french doors or not.
    I remember reading about the fabric on the dining room chair, the colorway in the movies is not available anymore. But I am sure somebody with your talent will be able to find it, good luck. As usual, can't wait for the next lesson in design from Professor Joni!

  9. Marybeth - I know it's been said the colorway isn't availble, but Lee Jofa sent me the sample and said it was. So......I'm not sure about that! thanks for the comment.

  10. Well, this is all very interesting. But, I find it especially interesting that he doesn't have any credits on his site, references the movies, or even has a bio? Did I miss it?

    As for the Lee Jofa fabric - I tried to get a sample from them, but the color way that looked the closest more gray/beige than blue/green. One of my readers found the fabric at a store in Western Mass and bought it to cover her dining room chairs. She thought it was a close out because the price was something like $30/yard. Definitely NOT a LJ linen fabric price. She sent me a cutting of the fabric and it looks right to me. I have a sample of the LJ gray/beige too, but it's not as pretty. That store is looking into where to get it and can they get more. So, Joni, let us know if you find a source!

  11. Wow! I've never sat and watched The looks like a so so movie. But now I will rent it just to look at the decorating...lots of freeze framing!! I love your postings I always learn so much thanks

  12. I agree with Dewy! I am going to need to rent it, too.

    Thanks for such an incredible and comprehensive look at SGG. You could do a PhD in SGG! haha

  13. you guys have me mixed up...are you talking about the dining room fabric from the last post or this one. I want to know what the name/mfgr of the great botanical toiled on the dining room chairs and the two club chairs in the main room.

    Joni, you've just given me the photo (living room with house painting above fireplace) I need to pick my colors of upholstery in my house to go with my new pale blue walls. Had been lobbying for ticking and a different toile, and here it is....

    what is it PLLLLLLEASE!

  14. All of the rooms are beautiful, but I really liked the simple tablescape in the Miami Beach house. So uncomplicated but beautiful!

  15. Great Post...again!

    I love the art...but particularly the piece in the grasscloth bedroom. Scrumpdilyicious!!

  16. What comes first the Chicken or the Egg in Hollywood ? It seems everyone takes full credit no matter how large or small someones contribution is or where they fell in the creative process. It doesn't surprise me theres still a question on the true identity of the would be nice to know if only to applaud him...Thanks for such detailed information and photos.

  17. Oh my goodness Joni - these posts are DIVINE! Loving your beach house series and well I too am one of the million trillion people who love the 'Somethings Gotta Give' house!! Thanks for your well-wishes for my trip! Talk soon!

  18. hey joni-

    just wanted to congratulate you- you are now an award winning blogger!

    please see my latest post to find out what honor has been bestowed upon you! ;-)

  19. I read Linda Merrill's link from your post and the dining room chair fabric is Lee Jofa "Borddeaux Toile" in smoke. I guess she just thought it was more blue not gray. Best of luck with the chairs, I am very jealous you will be making your lovely house even nicer. xoxo

  20. Hi Joni
    I wanted to let you know that I was obesseding over the Lee Jofa's fabric all weekend! If you find a source I would love to know. Thanks for all your hard work.

  21. just a short comment, that closet/bathroom is AMAZING -what a dream-room that is! I think it would be really more amazing if the back of the closets were mirrored with antiqued mirror -and the glass in the doors was an antiqued glass - WOW

  22. Thank you SO much for all your research on this! I, like thousands of other women, was so curious about it. He's a lovely designer, whether he offically takes credit for the set or not.

  23. Joni,
    Thanks for another informative, beautiful post about this most facinating subject.

  24. Joni -- I think I have read your post on the SGG house five times now. Love it.

    Check out my blog for this horrible house I promised you!

  25. James Radin is a genius! I could move into any one of the homes that he designed (recently) and feel perfectly at home.
    My husband and I will soon be inheriting his grandmother's vintage rattan furniture and I am in the midst of creating a design board for his new office. You can bet that Mr. Radin is providing plenty of inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing!

  26. Hi, I love your posts and hope you know how appreciated all your hard work is!!!!!!!! What is the color (or a similar one that you know of) of that A+ kitchen imitation of the SGG house from the Maine magazine? That very, very pale blue is exactly what I'd love. And can you list some of YOUR favorite paint colors for your loving readers who admire your taste and help? Thanks!! LOVE YOU! What does your kitchen look like?

  27. Hi, I love your posts and hope you know how appreciated all your hard work is!!!!!!!! What is the color (or a similar one that you know of) of that A+ kitchen imitation of the SGG house from the Maine magazine? That very, very pale blue is exactly what I'd love. And can you list some of YOUR favorite paint colors for your loving readers who admire your taste and help? Thanks!! LOVE YOU! What does your kitchen look like?

  28. Hi, I love your posts and hope you know how appreciated all your hard work is!!!!!!!! What is the color (or a similar one that you know of) of that A+ kitchen imitation of the SGG house from the Maine magazine? That very, very pale blue is exactly what I'd love. And can you list some of YOUR favorite paint colors for your loving readers who admire your taste and help? Thanks!! LOVE YOU! What does your kitchen look like?

  29. Joni, after that last post it has come to my attention that we have never seen your kitchen. By the looks of the rest of your house it should be wonderful. Please show us!

  30. You won our blog award! woo hoo (see our latest post)

  31. You won our blog award! woo hoo (see our latest post)

  32. Why make a big Nancy Drew mystery out of it? The guy's contact info. is right on his website: mailing address, fax no., and email address. Just write him a short letter asking politely, "Many of my readers are very interested in the set of Something's Gotta Give, and we hope you can give us a more precise idea of what you contributed, as opposed to the production designer and the set decorator."

    Come on Joni, you've clearly got the time. If you've can sit there and scan in 25 pictures of rooms that all look more or less the same, then you have 10 minutes to hammer out an email or a letter. Anyway, it's not fair speculating on what the man did or didn't do when he himself is available for an on-the-record response. He deserves his say, on the record.

    Contact info:

  33. Ouch! ANNOY O'Miss.
    I felt that sting clear across the Colombia River!
    Sorry Joni.Forgive my 2cents.I wanted to drop you an Email with a question
    but my Comcast mail couldn't go through. Do you have another contact address ? I just didn't want to post my epistle here.

  34. I am truly smitten with the Holiday cottage!

  35. What a fabulous post! It took me forever to soak up all the bits and pieces, I'm sending it to my boyfriend's mother who is in love with this house.

    I couldn't find an email address and I want to send you an invitation to participate in the blogger's home tour. There is info on the sidebar of my blog as well - as a designer I would love to see your submission!

  36. Anon - I can speculate on my own blog all I want and for your information the question was asked directly of him by House Beautiful and answered. His answer doesn't compute with the pictures on the web site. I don't see why that's so hard for you to understand. And I didn't scan anything fyi- all you have to do is hit copy - it takes exactly one second. And please don't post here again. I'd appreciate it.

  37. I am so happy to see all the pictures of the Holiday sets! I LOOOOOVE the LA house! It's pretty close to perfect in my opinion. Thanks for finding all the great pictures, you are so resourceful!

  38. I absolutely looooove the cottage! The LA house is too "sleeky" for my taste. I like cozy and comfy. Joni, do you know what the blue fabric on the sofa throw pillows is or do you know of something similar that I could track down? I am learning so much from you...thank you!

  39. Kimber- I don't know what blue fabric that is - but I know that Ballard Design has some good blues (indigo) on their web site.

    I'm sorry I don't know which fabric it is - does anyone recognize it??

  40. Lime & Sage 990073 323
    Smoke 990073 116

    This is the SGG dining room chair fabrics. Surroundings says its the smoke, but I've seen both and would swear it's the lime and sage.
    From Lee Jofa, bourdeaux toile.

  41. Oh, I need to update my post. Definitely not Smoke, which is too dull - kind of a greige. I just ordered lime and sage from LJ to see if it matches the sample a reader sent me.

  42. That blue tufted sofa room is so lovely. I believe the bamboo bed is by Michael Smith. I used it many years ago. It must be about 9,000 to 12,000 net.

    I knew Jim many years ago. A living Cary Grant if there ever was one!

  43. Clarification: This is the bed I used which is by Michael Smith. I remembered that it didn't have a pediment headboard. Just as nice though.

  44. I kept looking at the SGG kitchen and trying to think what it reminded me of... and it hit me (although I'm tired, and it's the end of a long week, so it could be that my synapses are misfiring) Christopher Peacock kitchens, which were written about in the NYTimes in April, but have, it seems, white counter-tops rather than black. Still, it made me wonder if they were intentionally going for a similar visual riff in the SGG kitchen. What do you think?

  45. That bathroom/closet is an absolute DREAM!

  46. OMG, I'm dying over the bathroom/closet! WOOWW. I would Love to have a huge bathroom/closet together like that! Stepping out to be able to pick out your wardrobe. The fabrics are fantabulous!


  47. ME: Cary Grant - really? how wonderful! And a person who reads this blog researched the bed - it's not M.Smith even though I claimed it was - she bought it for a client, 6k!

    Meg: no - I do not think C.Peacock is imitating the movie in any way shape or form. He's a total original! don't you think???? I mean - he's been doing white kitchens with black and white countertops for ever. Maybe the movie copied HIM! hahah!!!

  48. Dear Joni,

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Out of all the ones that I visit, yours is my favorite. I'm in the interior design field and have been wanting to do a blog of my own for some time and finally made the leap.

    My question is... how did people find your blog? Once I created my blog.... ... I did a search on google for it, thinking I would at least be in the top 5 or 10 search pages, but to no avail! What's the secret to getting started?

    Please check out my blog and let me know what you think! I'd appreciate your opinion, because I really respect what you've done with your blog!

  49. Joni, a little tid-bit on this house: I drove down Gin Lane/Meadow lane beachfront today in Southampton and spied the real house used for the exterior shots. The address is 576 Meadow Lane, Southampton. Taking pictures tommorrow and will post!

  50. Thank you, thank you! I loved The Holiday and it was such fun reading your article and looking at the pictures. I reference will be made soon to you blog and this article on

  51. Always a pleasant surprise when a search engine brings me back to your site...hope things are well for you. Working on a Parade of Homes house in WA and needed a little inspiration for some all white rooms. Thanks for all your posting/blogging.

  52. I love the beach house. I’ve trying to find some of the artwork from the movie, especially the beach scene in the living room. I can’t find anything. Can anyone help?

  53. Beverly - go here:

    she has all the info on the paintings!!!!!

  54. Beverly, I found a place to get the Rockaway oil painting and some of the others. They’re called canvas replicas. Love the beach house!

  55. PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to find the light fixture over the kitchen island in the top picture. I'm in LOVE! Ha!

  56. Wow thanks for posting I really like it. : )

  57. I am having no luck in finding the matellase coverlet in SGG main bedroom. It is a natural background with white design. Every matellase I see in stores is stiff, where in the movie it is not. Help.

  58. Simple to the point and informative...your style inspires me so do they interior is....thumbs up for your creative skills...

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