COTE DE TEXAS: It’s Complicated in Traditional Home

It’s Complicated in Traditional Home

It's Complicated

Nancy Meyers new movie “It’s Complicated” stars Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin


I almost had a heart attack late last night,  racing like madwoman to buy the December issue of Traditional Home magazine.  A reader had emailed me, casually asking if I knew that Nancy Meyer’s latest movie, due to arrive in theatres this Christmas Eve, was featured in the magazine? 

“No, I didn’t know.  Are you sure – have you seen it?”   Oh yes, the reader informed me, she had not only seen it, but the issue had been out for a week already.   That was news to me since I subscribe to Traditional Home – where is my copy??!!?     At the store, I had to pay more for this one issue than a two year subscription, but who cares?  There was no way I was going to wait patiently for my own magazine to arrive - I wanted to see those pictures NOW!

In case you are new to Cote de Texas,  I am slightly obsessed with Nancy Meyers, the film writer/director behind  classics such as Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, The Parent Trap, and Father of the Bride to name a few.   Meyers is something of a design aficionado and in her last two movies, Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday,  the movies houses were almost more of  the star of the show than the actors.   The promise of a new Nancy Meyers movie has kept design lovers anxiously waiting with this question:  will her new movie’s house be as great as the one  in Something’s Gotta Give?  That one – the beach house in the Hamptons -  started a national trend of white kitchens with subway tile backsplashes, black countertops, and dark wood floors.   The Something’s Gotta Give house is probably the most favorite movie house ever – overtaking Tara for the top spot.  




Something’s Gotta Give’s famous living room with it’s slipcovered furniture, blue and white striped dhurri, Mora clock, white walls, dark hardwoods and Hamptons style architecture is probably the most loved movie house of all time.  Despite the movie now being over six years old, magazines still feature houses that are designed in what they describe as a “Something’s Gotta Give” style.




The dining room – with the linen floral slipcovered chairs, sisal rug, and white ironstone filled shelves was a particularly attractive room.



something1 A rarely seen shot of the famous SGG kitchen.  The countertops were not really slate, but were just painted wood – in this picture you can see evidence of that movie trick for the first time. 




The new movie from Nancy Meyers:  It’s Complicated – stars Meryl Streep,  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.   For Meyers fans - the most important credit is the pairing of Production Designer Jon Hutman with Set Decorator Beth Rubino.  This is their first movie together since Something’s Gotta Give.  Rubino was absent during the The Holiday shoot. 


 image The movie is a love triangle between the stars, but this scene seems oddly familiar!




The famous bedroom scene from Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.   Director Nancy Meyers is shown working her magic.   



The star of It’s Complicated:  a 1920’s Mediterreanean house in Santa Barbara that Meryl Streep remodels with the help of her architect turned lover Steve Martin. 


 image It’s Complicated – the main living room

Film writer Nancy Meyers says that since so much of the movie is filmed inside the house, she wanted Streep to look good in it.  Thus, the interiors were done in creams with punches of orange – to play up Streep’s peaches and cream complexion.  Meyers was heavily influenced by the trendy Belgian style and that was the starting point for the interiors.  Certainly, the oversized, comfortable slipcovered furniture shown in the living room above reflects the Belgian look, as does the large x-motif coffee table with its slate top.   I love the pillows on the sofa, but the blue ones don’t do much for me, I’m afraid.  The rug looks interesting – a textured style with a stripe running through it.  I love the window seat and the steel windows and I particularly like the furniture arrangement with the four chairs – two pairs, two odd ones, circling the coffee table. 


image In this picture of the living room, taken from the movie’s trailer – you can see the large slipcovered sofa with the assortment of orange pillows – solid and patterned.   Behind the sofa just out view is a bleached wood console with lamps – further reflecting the Belgian vibe.  This scene is when Streep announces to her shocked friends that she is having an affair!


image And across from the sofa is this large limed wood French armoire.  In this scene Streep wears an outfit done in browns and oranges that perfectly coordinates with the interiors.  The colors of the walls and pillows look much more muted in the trailer than in the Traditional Home pictures.



image Here you can see thst behind the sofa is a long, Belgian styled console table topped with two lamps.



image Off the entry hall is another bleached wood console – surrounded by white plates hanging on the wall.   Those lanterns look like the ones from Vintage Vagabond.  In this scene  - who knows what is going on????





The kitchen and dining room.


This kitchen plays an important role in the movie as it is remodeled by Streep and her architect.  I love the island – it looks like it is made of a vintage steel piece with a thick slab of Carrara marble on top of it.   There is a double range to the right of the sink, and to the left are exposed shelves.  Underneath, is a linen skirt instead of cabinet doors.  I love the zinc pendant lights and the large dining room table.  The dining room is separated from the kitchen by a thick arched wall – and the flooring is different in both rooms.  Again, these rooms are bathed in creamy tones with orange accents.  It all looks so charming and authentic – no word yet if the house was constructed for the movie – or if the interiors were built on a sound stage.  All those details will probably come out after the movie.     This picture comes from Traditional Home’s December issue. 




image Meryl Streep’s Bedroom.


The bedroom is a cozy and warm space – filled with an assortment of antique furniture from different styles.  An English chest is paired with a French Louis Philippe gilt mirror, while a large wood desk serves as a night stand.  The headboard is upholstered and the bed is made up with khaki and white linens and an orange shawl is used as a coverlet.  At the end of the bed is an antique bench.   Linen curtains are hung along with textured blinds.   One of the movies funniest scenes takes place in this bedroom.  




The Master Bathroom.


The bathroom also looks charming with its cast iron tub and limestone floors mixed with the house’s original steel windows.  It appears that a Ghost chair is holding an assortment of towels.  The shower curtain seems to made out of the same linen as the bedroom curtains.   This is a publicity still issued by the studio.   



In this scene –  there is a party, maybe to celebrate the remodeling.  Inside the building, it looks like it was once a garage that has been turned into a family room – with  high ceilings and rafters.   This scene looks so funny in the trailer.   I can’t WAIT to see the movie, it looks so good, plus I want to check out all the interiors up close.  But, I have to say – judging from what I have seen so far, the Something’s Gotta Give house’s crown appears to be safe – it looks like it will remain the favorite movie house of all time.


To read how to get the Something’s Gotta Give look for your own home – what design elements of that house are important to incorporate if you want the same look – go HERE.   To read all about the house in It’s Complicated – pick up the December issue of Traditional Home.


  1. Hi Joni,

    Hope you are keeping well. It has been a while. I have been keeping up with your posts and always enjoy them. This home looks devine! Love the living room, all of the furniture etc., and love Meryl's bedroom. It was while I was reading this post that I wondered if you had ever seen the movie with Michelle Phieffer and Harrison Ford. (Sorry, can't remember the name of the movie)but the house is to die for. I think the thread of the movie is Michelle has had a car accident and they moved to this house for her to recover and Harrison turns out to be someone not very nice!!! Anyway, it's one of those movies that I seem to always miss the start of and always seem to tune in at a certain point of the movie....let's face it I am drooling over the interiors. Anyway, I will have to keep a look out here for the December issue of Traditional Home...I think I would spend the 10-12 dollars they are asking for here just so I can drool over the pictures. Thanks, as always for taking the time to share this with us. Keep up the good work and stay well!!!

    Tasmania, Australia

  2. So funny. I only went to see Something's Gotta Give to see that house! I ended up enjoying the movie very much, but that beach house was sublime. I also loved Kate Winslet's little cottage in Holiday. I had no idea Ms. Meyer's had directed Parent Trap. That explains why I adored that delicious London house with the orange entry hall!

  3. Oh I love your little "obsessions" because you are right on! I adored the home in Something's Got to Give. Another one I feel like I should check out again is Diane Keaton's house in First Wives Club- but maybe just the Diane connection has me confused. :-)

    Thanks for a great post! I've not seen the Dec issue out yet- so will probably wait for mine to arrive via snailmail.

  4. Well being that my own home is full of creams, browns and touches of orange, I am loving this house. I wonder if my green will show up as well? I can't wait to see the movie, love m.s. and s.m. but I am not a fan of a.b. so it will be a interesting mix I think. Thanks for the post, I have not got my T. H. yet either...

  5. Running to Kroger to get my copy.Joni.... the slipcovered chairs in the dining room are just like the chairs you did for the Tanglewood home! I remember someone commented on how cheap looking or tacky... i guess they're eating their words now!! Fab Fab Fab!! Take Care. SAL

  6. I love the way the shelves in the living room look! They look like someone who loves books and has style lives there. Wish I knew that technique - can you give us your take on the book shelf?

    Also, have you seen the original Parent Trap movie (1960's) - great house too!

    Awesome post!

  7. Joni- this is such a great post! I loved reading all about the rooms in the new movie. Can't wait to see it!

    And I'm DEFINITELY going with a galvanized light fixture in our bathroom now too. (Inspired by the pendants in the photo of the kitchen)


  8. Great post ... I agree that this one doesn't take the crown from SGG. I love the pops of red in the blanket in the chair, and also the grouping of chairs and the couch around the coffee table. So cozy!

  9. Joni,

    Thanks for the great post. I can't wait to see this movie. It looks hysterical. So excited to see the interiors. The interiors in Nancy Meyers flicks always seem to be sophisticated yet relaxed. I can't remember the name of the set designer/decorator but he does a great job. Funny, I just specified those Dessin light fixtures earlier this week for a client over an island! I've got to send this pic to my client so she can see them in action.

    Thanks again Joni!

    ~Angela in WA

  10. You scooped me!!!! And I also have a subscription to Trad Home - where is it? Hmm.. guess it's retribution for the fact that we never mentioned the mag in our SRT chat on magazines and who's left?

  11. Wow! Joni I never know what I am going to wake up to read about on your blog! I love it. Meryl has turned out to be one of mt favorite's actors of all time! I can't wait to see the movie and more details about the house!

  12. I'm actually a little disappointed in this house... SGG was just SO much better. I mean, she definitely has some amazing elements, but I don't know... Maybe it's too dark? Am definitely going to see the movie though. Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

  13. I cannot wait to see this movie, (hey you should put the preview at the bottom of this post it's so funny) of course you would get the scoop Joni, this does not surprise me :)

    Great post as always!

  14. joni, i agree with you, s.g.g still reigns!
    the new movie, though lovely, is not inspiring new trends nor a fresh look.

    may i add my whine about email subscriptions? i am a subscriber....where is mine????
    am i dreaming or wasn't there a day when subscribers received their issues first!?
    5th and state

  15. "I love the island" me too. You can see through it. So many islands make the kitchens so bulky and overstuffed.

  16. Now I know that there is a return to great style with depth a foot. Heather at Habitually Chic just posted another movie with great home interiors. Can't wait.
    Thanks for the great post.

  17. Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed these rooms. Particularly the living room with the slipcovered chairs and that kitchen. Love to peek into that garage turned living space! My Traditional Home magazine came a few days ago. I tossed it in the basket and haven't looked at it yet. Now I'm anxious to do so! Don't you hate it when you find your magazine in the stores before it comes to the door. Doesn't quite seem fair!

  18. I love the pops of orange for Meryls complection... but that bathtub scene, with all of the grey does a number on her skin tones. Not so nice.
    Great design just not flattering.
    What is your take on that Joni?
    Courious minds want to know!

  19. Fun stuff, Joni! :) The first thing I noticed about the living room was the furniture arrangement, too. Loved that the chairs were only "partly" matched. I have a question, though. In magazines and here in this photo of the living room, the furniture is SO CLOSE TOGETHER. Is that just for staging the photo do you think? Or are people really comfortable squeezing between the coffee table and the chair to sit down? If you're more than 5'5" you couldn't cross your legs in that LR arrangements without kicking the coffee table all the time. I've been wondering this for a while. Photos look so great with the furniture all in tight around a fireplace, but I think we'd all have bruised shins if I tried to actually make us live like that!!! :)

    And, this might be a first, but I tend to disagree on the blue pillows. If that cool blue were not there, I think the room would look overwhelmingly "warm". The blue gives just the right shot of the opposite hue and provides the edge that keeps the room looking real and interesting. Just my thought.

    Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing them :)


  20. Wonderful! Indeed I can really see our Belgian style in those pictures! I can't wait to see the movie! But it will need a couple of months to see him in Belgium I am afraid!!!
    Thank you for sharing Joni!


  21. Joni, thanks for the heads up. I don't have this Tradional Home mag either and I have subscribed, well for longer than I can remember. Love the comfy atmosphere of the living room. The four chairs is a someday for my living room. I can see why they used orange but no can do in my home, It is a family joke that once you become part of the family orange is no longer in your color vocabulary,hehe. Great Post as always!! Kathysue

  22. Just saw the trailer for this one last night, looks like a good one; pretty people, pretty story, & pretty interiors! 3x3 = winning combo!
    Thanks for the peek....Joni
    Where's my sub?? mag??
    That darn mail man!
    By the way, saw the Amelia Earheart movie last night.....a beautiful film, the interiors, the clothes the feel of the thirties.... loved it!!

  23. While I'm at it... :)

    I've always wondered how the lighting in the SGG living room was plugged in! There is nary a cord showing, yet there are tons of lights floating in the middle of the room. Did they cut a little slit in the rug and run the cord beneath? What's the secret there, and is that just a moving thing, too?

    These set posts are great fun :)


  24. I love a good obsession, especially if it comes with rooms attached....
    Lovely analyzed sets, Joni. I like your take and the way you compare the trends. Those blue pillows are not bad, I was thinking about it too, I like them. The give it a little unruly twist. More along the lines 'We have those pillows, use them there'!
    I do not like rooms too perfect, makes me cringe, it so not real!
    Anyway, can't wait to see the movie.

    I posted about match points, have a look, you might like it, below the pigs....


  25. Its great knowing I'm not the only one who often spends more time during a movie paying attention to the rooms in the shot than the plot itself! :)

    Toward the end of this post, the picture of the kitchen made me almost fall out of my chair. THAT is exactly what I'm planning for my kitchen re-do. -- combining two rooms into one large kitchen/gathering room. I now have a picture I can show to the designer to help capture my vision for the space! ;)

    Love this post -- off to get the mag!


  26. Hello,
    I always found your posts the most thought of and the most chic in the blogosphere. I usually skip through them, from lack of time. Today I stopped and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  27. Joni...the scoop queen!

    I love the outside...and the kitchen. The rest is nice but not wowza, ya know?

  28. I have always wondered why a magazine is on the stand well before I get my subscription copy. It seems that subscribers should be treated to the earliest look at the magazine, but they are always at the store before they are at the door. I think the standard has been set and it would be nearly impossible to top the interiors in Somethings Gotta Give. I love, love the exterior of this home. I'm afraid that the SGG home interiors and the picture of the exterior of this house set my hopes a little too high. I was disappointed in the interiors of this house. But I do LOVE that bathtub, and I love any movie that Meryl is in! Thanks for another interesting and beautiful post. laurie

  29. I love these wonderful actor! What characters!

    Swedish greetings from Agneta

  30. Joni-

    I was obsessing over the homes in Nancy's movies too! I swear I watch them over and over just to look at the decorating and the architecture! Thanks for giving us such great posts on the movies and the homes!

    have a great weekend!


  31. Joni,

    This post was so fun as I am a Meryl Streep devotee AND a Nancy Meyers movie house addict. I think I watched "Somethings Gotta Give" at least three times JUST to stare at the house. (I did the same thing wIth "The Holiday" just to see the cottage owned by Kate Winslet's character...of course, Jude Law SITTING IN the cottage helped!).

    I tend to agree that, although this house is very attractive (I really like the master bedroom), I don't think it has that jaw dropping quality that the SGG house had. But I'll withhold my final judgement until I see the movie.

    On a related of my favorite movies for set design is "You've Got Mail." I think I've studied Meg Ryan's apartment 20 times. It's not show-stopping gorgeous, but their is a quality (much like the cottage in The Holiday) that completely charms me. It is such an inviting space. Is that a Nancy Meyer's set also? I'll have to look it up.

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it and will probably go back over it a few more times. :-)

  32. OM freaking G!!! I had a hunch after seeing the trailer that the home was going to be stunning!!

    I think I have probably said this before, but most of the movies that I personally own are for the amazing sets...The Holiday, SGG, Under the Tuscan Sun...I'll have to buy this one right looks amazing!! And the premise of the movie, and the actors can't hurt!

    You are so freakin current!!!


  33. What a beautiful home, Joni! I can't wait to see the movie...Christine

  34. I will run to see the movie and in the meantime I will enjoy your post and the magazine issue. As for the tub...what if Alec wants to have a bath too? (surely the tub could not fit two people but could it fit him alone?) Is that a bad picture's angle, is he extra large-tall or is the tub extra small? One of the luxury of modern living is a nice comfortable bathroom with functional elements. The rest of the house is quite appealing.

  35. Don't have my copy yet!! Drat! I've been haunting my own postbox waiting for my copy of TH -- where is it??? So annoyed when the mag is out in the stores!

    Tapping foot ... and trying NOT to buy it at the store!!!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  36. Joni, I have got to see this movie! Thanks for the heads up about it being in "Traditional Home". I love that magazine.

    I think that one of the things I loved most about "Out of Africa" was the way they had all of those wonderful colors of clothes on Meryl Streep... ivory and green and things that made her look FABULOUS. Hence I love how the interiors in this movie were apparently designed to do the same.

    My favorite room is the bedroom. I think it is warm and just plain stunning. I agree with you about the blue pillows in the living room. Why?

    I can't wait to see this, not only for the interiors, but because I think it's wonderful that they have love stories for people who are older! Who says that great actresses have to go out to pasture because they are older??? I think this is a master stroke! I love Steve Martin and Meryl Streep. Baldwin is a bit of an iffy proposition (he irritates me, don't know why), but he can put in a good performance when need be. She is divine and could look good acting opposite a pet rock! ;-) The word "acting chops" was invented with Meryl Streep in mind. She is every bit as talented as any of the greats in Old Hollywood, so I can't wait for this!



  37. It's -- as in "it's complicated" --means IT IS.

    It's can also mean IT HAS -- as in "it's been a hard day."

    BUT to say "... famous living room with it's slipcovered furniture ..." -- as you do in this post -- is incorrect.

  38. Beautiful rooms! I haven't heard of this movie yet, but I'm sure it will be great with that cast. I love the main living room.

  39. Love your blog! Pretty rooms. I have a spread of Nancy Meyers home that was in In Style Home in 2004 I can send you if you like her rooms. Very pretty, also!
    You may have seen it.

  40. What a fabulous post, totally made me smile. I also love her movies, once in the while there is nothing better than a great"feel good movie" The interiors look so well lived in. Cannot wait to go and see the movie...also we finally have great love stories about age category....still hope for all of us.

  41. ...i still want to live in the holiday house...

  42. Okay, I have to comment on one other thing that I just noticed when I was studying the pics again...I really like the look of all the artichokes in that glass bowl on the coffee table in the living room. I wouldn't have thought to do something like that, but I like it.

  43. I am the author of this piece in Traditional Home -- for the definitive article (please see Trad Home's website later this month for an expanded version) and more shots that will not be seen until the movie's premiere, see my blog Cinema Style. Thanks for posting!
    Cathy Whitlock

  44. M West: YES!!!!! Email me! ok?

    I'm so glad everyone is still interested in her movies! Glad I'm not the only one!!!!!

  45. *** Darlin' Joni~

    The SGG home just SOOOO MAGNIFICENTLY "SPEAKS TO"/"WORKS FOR" me best~~~ it's just ALWAYS gonna be my FAV, me thinketh, no matter WHAT new movie-set home comes up!!! (Does that mean "I win it?!?!" OOOOOHHHHH!)~~~

    Annnnd, AS for Alec Baldwin in my bathroom, let ALONE in my B*E*D??? O.M.G... Yeah, right... when pigs fly!!! (Ewwwwwwww!)~


  46. To M WEST~~~~ Ohhhh yes!!!! What a TREAT to see the home of Nancy Meyers!!! Pz D*O mail Joni, so she might share with us! How FUN!!!
    Thanks, Linda in AZ *

  47. (BTW: Just went to Cathy Whitlock's blog as she mentioned... nothing there...(?) L

  48. JONI, you're RIGHT! I went BACK to C Whitlock's blog and it was THERE this time (obviously I've just PROVEN how computer illiterate I really AM, I guess!)... ANYHOOO, looks soooo goood--- sooo interesting... gotta run now... want to go back and devour it all!! (Thank you, Cathy!)~ XOXOXOX, Linda

  49. Shoot, Joni, where the heck is my issue?? Now I NEED it. I love the Nancy Meyers movie houses. Everything is so RIGHT in them.

    The Holiday, You've Got Mail, and of course the Something's Gotta Give house...all perfect. Now I might have to go buy a copy unless mine comes really, really soon.
    xo Lidy

  50. It's the complete fantasy...great design,good,smart women and some fun thrown in...Nancy is great at pushing all the right buttons and entertaining with smiles...I love her interiors and her films!

  51. 'something's got to give' is one of my all time favorite movies.
    i cry and laugh through the whole movie.
    my ex said that the character diane keaton played was a dead ringer for my personality....
    i thought he didn't like me...
    anyway, i can hardly wait for this one.
    i love m. streep.

    ps too bad i couldn't get away with just painting a clients counters. ha ha

    xx love

  52. joni, remember my Mar. post, "House Tales", my sister's horse recently died... for some crazy reason, I just wanted you to know.

  53. Joni,
    I love these movie posts!! You amaze me with your research !! My favorite is the kitchen with marble island. Great fun to read!!

  54. Joni ---- what a fabulous post -- I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into these deliciously long and informative posts. Now, I ask --where oh where is my copy of Traditional Home -- hopefully in the Monday mail.
    Can't wait to enjoy the movie!
    ~ Michelle

  55. You do such creative posts. I love the kitchen island in this house. I, also, love that dining room table...great shape and wonderful wood top. Can't wait to check out the movie.

  56. Hmm, for the most part I think I like this house better (although I really the shelves in the dining room in the SGG house) but I think the reason I like this house better is because it looks smaller. I'm always drawn to xmaller rooms.

  57. Can't wait to see the movie... I'll enjoy all the juicy details... Fay

  58. OOOOOS and AAAAAAHHHS. Why doesn't my house ever look like that?!! It could be that the children drop their shoes and backpacks and books everywhere, or it could be that the dogs think nothing of jumping on my white linen slip-covered furniture.
    Thank you for the photos! Beautiful!

  59. What a fabulous post!!!!! I truly enjoyed all these movies as well....thanks for sharing with us!!

  60. Does anyone else out there think that Mr. Baldwin is truly, actually a mean guy like his ex says? (oh...that was off topic) Yes! Ms. Meyers The Magnificent. I adore her work; her production design. Marvelous! (why did she cast him...sigh)

  61. Well now I'm crabby! I am a TH subscriber too, and like you, I've yet to received my issue as well!

    I love the sneak peak of the set for it's complicated.

    Not really loving the kitchen. The oversidzed stove shoved up against the wall on one side and the sink on the other. No counter space, that would make me mental.

    One new trend I spotted in the photos is the marble top kitchen island. That seems to becoming more popular than granite these days. I had one several years ago. It is very pretty and is great for baking. Down side is that it is very porous and due to it's light color stains really show. So it's up there in the maintenance category. Love the harvest table with the rounded ends.

    Love the living room. The seating arrangment is great for gatherings! Love the French aimoire! The room is so warm and inviting!

    BTW love your silver domes you shared with us in a previous post! Drooling buckets over those!

    Thanks for another fab post!


  62. I am so going to buy this mag and see this movie...looks fabulous! Thanks for another amazing post - who needs to read movie reviews - this is so much better! Tracey xx

  63. Loving the 'odd man out' orange chair in the living room! It's got me completely rethinking the use of a orange accents. Thanks, Joni, for your continued over-the-top posts!

  64. So much hot air on a home that most designers would call "rumpled looking" at best. The first thing I would want to do is clean if I walked into this place. I just don't get it. The place looks like a dump.

  65. I didn't realize that she also did the set design on "The Holiday." I have been mildly obsessed with Cameron Diaz's house from that movie and haven't been able to find stills showing enough of the decor. Have you ever seen still photos from that set? Where can I get my hands on some for motivation?

    Thanks for my ah-ha moment of the year as I realized why both of those movie houses appealed to me so much. Now "It's Complicated" is a must-see!

  66. I ran out and bought the mag after reading this, but their story does not compare to yours. I know they have reduced page counts resulting in fewer and smaller pictures, but we're all spoiled by the care, attention and thoroughness you give every post. And the research -- oy! So many pictures, so much thought. Thank you for everything you share with us all.


  67. I cannot wait to see this movie... looks like a PERFECT chick flick!
    Hope all is well with you!!!!

  68. i see the previews for this when i saw julia & julie. looks so good! can't wait to see it. i love the main living room... and all those pops of orange everywhere! thanks for posting. pam

  69. oh wow i just loved this post. can't wait to see the movie & again, just love the vibe of this hosue. it's so different from somethings gotta give house but there's just something there that makes you love it. of course i'm loving the belgian thing & all the textures & layers & warmth... perfect fall house.

    anyway, have to go find that magazine!!

  70. Joni!

    I won't rest until I find out whose chairs those are in the kitchen!! So darn cute!

    My darn Oprah Magazine(subscription) is also late this month! What gives?

    Susan S

  71. What I like the most about this house is it doesn't look decorated. It has the feel of acquired pieces and most of the accessories are not props but serve a purpose. Classy but purposeful and comfy - a perfect energy in a room.

  72. i am chuckling to myself at what you must have gone thru to run out... get the issue.. peeling thru it and then reliving it in this post to all of us... well bravo... and thank you for the chuckle and the amazing post.
    x pam

    i LOVE everything she does and never tire of her movies... look forward to this one...

  73. Just another quick comment to say that I have not received my copy yet -- so I emailed the TH offices! AND sent my husband around to Walgreen's to pick up a copy! Lovely issue -- and wonderful homes! But a THIN issue at best -- hoping that TH survives!!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  74. Oh, I love it when you feature these movie set houses!! I notice SO MUCH more in the rooms when you're giving your wonderful guided tours.

    Nancy Meyer is certainly talented. She has quite a knack for designing stylish, "to die for" houses where you could actually imagine someone living.

    Thanks, Joni!

  75. Argh!!! This is the second or third month that a magazine that I subscribe too has hit the stores before it's hit my mailbox!! What happened to the good ol' days when I would at least get it the same week??? I get so nervous, like "What if mine got lost?" and "Should I buy this one from the store? What if mine comes tomorrow??"

    This is another beautiful house by Nancy Meyers! I LOVE all the orange touches, although I'm not as crazy about the living room as I am about the rest of the house.

    Thanks for sharing, maybe I can see for myself when I get MINE in a few weeks. Hopefully before Christmas!

  76. My copy hasn't arrived yet either, so I stopped at the store yesterday to pick one up.

    The movie set is very pretty, but I think I like the first featured home by Cindy Rinfret better. I curious--what did you think about that one?


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  79. Loved this post! Thank you. Went to see the movie yesterday, just for the interiors. Thought the house didn't have the 'wow' factor of SGG, perhaps because she was getting it re-modelled? Still stunning in a shabby-chic way. When it comes out in DVD I'll watch and re-watch just as I did with SGG. I see pops of orange in my future....

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